ikea hack tarva dresser

5 DIY Ikea Tarva dresser hacks

How to hack and makeover the Ikea Tarva dresser ? You can find plenty of Ikea hack on the Internet and certain pieces of furniture are better than other for that. The Tarva dresser is one of them.

It’s a plain pin dresser that is sold unfinished. It exists with 1, 3 or 6 drawers. It’s quite sturdy and super basic in terms of style which means you can do pretty much everything you want with it. It’s just one of the best Ikea furniture hack. It allows endless customisation and decorating ideas.

Today I have selected for you 5 DIY Ikea Tarva dresser hacks. Vintage and retro style, colorful or ombre style, for adults or kids bedroom, you will find in this selection the best ideas to hack and makeover your Tarva dresser.

Ikea Tarva dresser mid century makeover

For our first Ikea Tarva hack I suggest we go slightly vintage, mid century. I found this DIY Ikea hack on the blog A Cup of Life. I’m quite sure you are going to love it !

ikea hack tarva dresser

For this DIY you will need white painting, wood stain (natural color) and eventually new dresser handles.

If like us you love this look, rendez-vous on A cup of Life to find all information about this DIY.

Ikea Hack : Ikea Tarva dresser colorful makeover

In this second Ikea hack I suggest we discover how to add a little bit of color and style to your Tarva dresser. This DIY is quite simple but super efficient. Anyone looking for a simple hack will love it. The idea here is to paint the dresser but only the legs and to stencil the drawer. You can of course customize the DIY with the colors of your choice !

ikea hack tarva dresser

What we really like with this DIY is that anyone can do it. Although it’s super simple the colored legs totally transform the dresser. It’s modern and punchy.

If you like this look, rendez-vous on the blog Livet Hemma to find all information about this DIY.

Ikea Tarva dresser hack for kids bedroom

The Tarva dresser works just perfectly for a kid bedroom or a nursery. You can paint it without having to use sand wash paper so once again it’s quite easy.

ikea hack tarva dresser

In this DIY you will find how to paint mountains on the dresser drawers. You can also paint the handles in matching colors to finish the look.

It’s a great DIY idea to transform the dresser and inspire your little ones for their next adventures. No doubt your kids will love it, just like us.

To discover this DIY, rendez-vous on Instagram.

Ikea Tarva dresser ombre makeover

Ombre painting (also called color gradient) is almost everywhere those days and we must say we are very into it. If you want to follow this trend you will love this DIY.

ikea hack tarva dresser

We will create an ombre painting that progresses from lightest to darkest.

The ombre painted style or whitewashing effect can be achieved by cutting the bottom color paint with white paint as many times as needed (number of drawers).

To discover how to create an ombre makeover, rendez-vous on Livet Hemma.

Graphic and colorful tarva dresser hack

The last Ikea hack we would like to suggest is both graphic, modern and colorful. You can easily adapt and customize this DIY. Just change the pattern or the color palette.

ikea hack tarva dresser

To discover this DIY, rendez-vous on Livet Hemma.

Our tip : The Tarva dresser is like a blank canvas and you can change it to any style like.

However, if you don’t feel confident in your DIY skills and are looking for an easy way to makeover the Ikea Tarva dresser or any other piece of furniture, just start by changing the handles. It always makes a big difference ! You have plenty of choice, one of our favourite are leather handles.

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