diy table decoration ideas

9 DIY table decoration ideas

In this article you will find the best diy ideas for your table setting ! Are you planning a dinner with your family or friends ? Are you looking for good ideas to decorate your table ? You want an have unique and homemade decoration ?

Well, I propose today to discover no less than 9 DIY ideas for your table decor ! DIY napkin ring, table number, homemade place mat these are the 3 main themes of the tutorials I selected for you!

DIY Napkin ring

Let’s begin by a selection of DIY napkin ring. You will love these small creations particularly easy to reproduce !

In the first diy tutorial, you’ll discover how to create a homemade napkin ring using fimo clay. What we loved with this model is the black and white speckled effect you can create. It’s super modern and graphic, perfect for a trendy table setting !

diy table decoration ideas napkin ring

For a fresh and elegant table setting, we really loved the those floral napkin rings. It’s natural, delicate, a perfect diy idea for a boho table decoration.

Last but not least, the last diy tutorial will show you how to create a bi-color and pastel napkin ring to decorate your table. Once again we will be using fimo clay (also called fimo paste). From our point of view, this napkin ring has a perfect style for a spring table !

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DIY Table number

After napkin rings, these are DIY table numbers that I propose to discover. If you start preparing for an upcoming wedding, these will be perfect to decorate your tables in an original way. And if it is homemade … it’s even better !

In the first tutorial, you will discover how to create DIY table numbers with a trendy natural style. At Shake you know it already, we love every kind of greenery, floral and plant interior design. To do this, you will need essentially a plexiglass photo holder and some fresh leaves.

diy table decoration ideas table number

Then, in the following DIY, you will learn how to make table numbers with glass bottles. You will love the watercolor effect of these. They will bring a small colorful note in your table setting. Really perfect for a summer table decoration or summer wedding.

We loved the latest DIY. It will show you to create table numbers with slate paint. Perfect for a romantic and elegant wedding !

Our tip: Table number are a classic for weddings, but not only it works also for receptions, cocktails, birthday parties ! Table number are not only a way to tell your guests where to seat. It’s a great table decoration accessory. So don’t be afraid to create your homemade table number, even for few tables and guests !

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DIY Placemats

If you are looking for DIY ideas to make homemade placemats, you will love these diy tutorials.

To begin, I selected a DIY tile placemat.. Use a mosaic plate to create an uncommon and trendy placemat. Note that you can also use the same technic to create DIY tile coaster.

diy table decoration ideas placemat

Then, I propose you to discover another DIY placemat. We loved the graphic pattern and it is made with paint. You can of course adapt the pattern and color according to the theme and style of your table decoration.

Finally, in the latest DIY, you will discover how to make a cloth DIY table set (you can also do it with napkin or any other fabric). We really liked the speckled effect that has been achieved but it could be a different pattern of your choice. To do this, a simple brush and a little textile paint will be enough ! Impressive result with a very easy diy tutorial.

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