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Beautiful Ikea Kallax hacks and ideas

Discover the best Ikea Kallax hacks and ideas. We love Ikea furniture ! Especially because they are so easy to hack and customize to make your own. One of our favorite piece of furniture is the Kallax cube storage unit.

Previously called the Expedit, the Kallax cube storage unit comes in so many different shapes and sizes and can be customized in so many ways. Discover in this article the coolest ideas to transform and hack the Ikea Kallax. Most of those DIY hacks are quite easy to do and will only take a few hours. Ready to look at the KALAX in a different light ?

Ikea Kallax hacks and ideas for the Living room

Shopping in Ikea doesn’t mean your furniture has to be similar than everybody else ! The Kallax storage unit is ideal to hack and you can create with it awesome and unique piece of furniture for your home. Hack the basic Kallax unit to transform it into a side table a midcentury sideboard or a TV stand !

Side table and storage unit Kallax hacks ideas

First, we really love the way the Kallax cube units have been used to create a this open sideboard. It is simple yet has a huge visual impact ! What is crucial here is to create an harmony of colors and materials. The chunks of wood create a nice echo with the wooden boxes. The magazines color combines perfectly with the other decorative elements.

ikea kallax hack unit storage scandi

Then, another smart way to use your Kallax unit is to transform it into a plant stand. Display mini plants like succulents inside and bigger plants on the top and next to the cube unit. The overall effect is a mini tropical jungle. We love it.

One of the easiest way to hack and customize your Ikea Kallax cube unit is to add some legs to it ! You can find plenty of nice legs online in wood, metal, plastic, …. By adding some legs you immediately give a more sophisticated twist to the Kallax cube and can use it as a small storage unit or a TV stand.

You can also use the Kallax shelves unit vertically, add some doors and long legs and transform it in a stunning mid century sideboard like below. A very stylish way to hack the Ikea Kallax.

Finally, we love the way the Kallax shelves has been used into a huge living room storage unit which integrate little houses (inserts) for the cats !

1. Scandinavian style storage unit Lisanne Vandeklift / 2. Plant stand for mini jungle Happy Interior / 3. Media stand with small wooden legs The Every Girl / 4. Kallax Mid century sideboard Toujours Paloma / 5. Kallax storage unit with integrated cat house Sarah Schwemmer

Customize your Kallax cube units with legs and color

Contact paper is also one of the best way to customize the Kallax. Indeed, you can find many different colors, effect, and patterns from online stores. Just make your choice and get ready to give to the Kallax a stunning new look !

ikea kallax hack side table wallpaper decals

Note also that there are a lot of shops selling precut stickers to cover the front dedicated to hacking of the Ikea Kallax ! We really like the marble contact paper used on the small computer stand below. You can also create the pattern yourself using contact paper !

As mentionned, adding legs to the cube unit totally change the look of the furniture. You can then use the shelve as a bedside table or a small entryway sidetable. The key if you don’t add boxes or door to the Kallax is to display harmounious stylish items and to keep them organized and tidy ! We love the minty and gold legs below, don’t you ?

Finally, discover on the blog The Pink dream how to create an awesome chic storage unit for your living room. You would be surprised to see how easy it is ! You mainly need doors, and brass knobs, glue and Kallax door overlays. It provides so much storage and it looks gorgeous !

1. Floral Decals to customize your Kallax Stickers Coloray / 2. Bedside Storage table with minty legs Refinery 29 / 3. Ikea Kallax with overlays and gold hardware The Pink Dream / 4. Kallax Mid century sideboard Toujours Paloma / 5. Hairpin legs and Marble Kallax tv stand Refinery 29

Unique uses and hacks of the Ikea Kallax cube

There are so many different ideas and ways to hack the Ikea kallax cube ! We selected below some of the most creative hacks and ideas, from craft room storage to mini cocktail bar, room divider and giant midcentury sideboard ! Discover also the best Kallax hacks for kids and kids bedroom ideas.

Creative Ikea kallax hacks and ideas

What we love with the Ikea kallax unit and shelves is that it is so versatile and provides plenty of storage. It can be used in every room of the house and hacked for almost any purpose. Below several Kallax cubes have been put together and mounted on wheels. Doors have been added to store and hide craft furnitures.

ikea kallax hack creative storage unit

Then, discover how to create this awesome cocktail mini bar for your living room. When we saw it, it was love at first sight ! So cool and so easy to do. The tutorial is on the blog the Every Girl !

We also like very much the giant midcentury sideboard below. With small midcentury wooden legs, it looks awesome. The Kallax is ideal to store all your books.

Another smart with to use the Kallax unit is to use it as a room divider. It will provide you with plenty of storage and thanks to the open cubes it will divide the room without cluttering it.

Finally, discover how to create a craft room storage unit on the blog of the Family Handy Man. We love the ingeniosity of this DIY tutorial and all the storage space you get with it !

1. Creative corner with white Ikea Kallax storage units Decor dots / 2. Cocktail bar The Every Girl / 3. Large mid century sideboard Roomor / 4. Kitchen storage and room divider Ikea / 5. Craft Room Storage Family Handy Man

Kallax hacks ideas for kids and kids bedroom

Last but not least, discover our selection of hack, DIY, and ideas for your kids ! We really fell in love with the customization of the Kallax unit cube below. Two doors and drawers have been installed to create storage space and some beautiful wooden rain drop knobs have been added. Adorable, isn’t it ?

ikea kallax hack unit storage nursery

Then, discover how to hack the Ikea Kallax to create a nice dollhouse for your small ones. The most important skill required for this DIY is creativity to decorate every small rooms of the house !

Our third and fourth DIY will show you how to hack the Kallax unit to transform it into a unique and stylish storage unit. We particulary love the crate lockers Kallax. A DIY tutorial to discover on the blog of The Little House of Four !

Finally our last Kallax hack explains how to transform the Kallax unit into a mini supermarket for your kid. If you have enough space in your kids playroom, that’s a must have. This Ikea Kallax hack is just so pretty and ingenious !

1. Storage unit with wooden drop knobs Little look / 2. Doll house Crate and Barrel / 3. Kallax storage for a kids bedroom Momo Design / 4. Crate locker Little House of Four / 5. Mini supermarket for kid done with the Kallax Ariane Brand

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