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Beautiful pillows DIY ideas

How to make a DIY pillow ? Are you looking for good DIY ideas to make awesome pillows for your living room, your bedroom or your children’s one ? Well, you’ll love the selection we’ve made for you.

Indeed, we have found the most beautiful tutorials to create pillows and add an original or colorful note in your interior. With textile paint, wool,… you just need a few supplies to make them. Let’s discover the most original and creative pillows on the Web !

DIY pillows for your living room or your bedroom

First, check out a selection of DIY pillows to add a creative touch to your sofa or bed.

DIY printed pillows

In this first selection, you will discover 3 DIY ideas to create printed pillows. Easy to make, you can easily add a personal touch to these creations to make it match with your interior style.

diy pillow printed gold

We really love the first DIY pillow found on the Design Love Fest blog. The idea is to create a gold handbrush pattern on a pillow cover. To make it, you just need some gold silk screen foil and silk adhesive.

Then let’s discover how to create a nice ethnic and graphic pattern on a pillow cover. This time, you need a fabric marker to make this tutorial.

Finally, have a look at this last DIY pillow found on the Paper n Stitch blog. You will discover how to make a pillow cover with an ethnic look. Then, you just have to create the pattern you want with a fabric marker.

1. DIY gold foil pillow Design Love Fest / 2. DIY mudcloth pillow Lily Ardor / 3. The DIY reversible pillow Paper n Stitch

Other DIY ideas to make a pillow

After the printed pillows, let’s discover how to create other kinds of DIY pillows. With wool, some Ikea printed fabric, velvet, you will love these creations.

First, discover on the Simply Edge blog how to make a pillow cover using Ikea fabric. We love the simplicity of this creation as well as the beautiful details added by the crafter.

diy pillow cover ikea hack

Then, it’s one more time on A Beautiful Mess that we found this very pretty faux woven DIY pillow. With its colorful and very boho look, it will be a perfect way to add the final touch to the decoration of your living room or your bedroom.

Finally, let’s go to the Paper n Stich blog to discover how to make a colorful velvet pillow. You can use it to bring a small colorful note on your bed or on your sofa.

1. DIY Ikea pillow hack Simply Edged / 2. Faux woven DIY pillow A Beautiful Mess / 3. DIY color blocked velvet pillow Paper n Stitch

DIY pillows for kids

You are looking for good ideas to create a fun pillow for your child’s room ? Let’s discover the most beautiful DIY ideas found on the Web !

A DIY fruit pillow for kid’s room

First, we invite you to discover some pretty fruit-shaped pillows for the kiddos room.

We really love the first DIY. On the Sister What blog, you will discover how to make a pineapple pillow. With its fruity look, this home decor accessory will be perfect to add a colorful note in your children’s room.

DIY pineapple pillow

Then, we have selected the beautiful grape pillow found on the Little Inspiration blog. With its beautiful colors, you can use it to add an original note in the kiddos’ room.

Finally, go to the Studio DIY blog to learn how to make some fruit slices pillows. Kiwi, watermelon, orange,… you will love these easy-to-make creations that will suit both young and old !

1. DIY pineapple pillow Sister What / 2. The DIY grape pillow for kids Little Inspiration / 3. DIY fruit slice pillows Studio DIY

An animal pillow for the little ones

After the fruity pillows, we have selected pretty animal pillows. Cat, pink flamingo, cute fox, your children will love them !

First, we love the first DIY pillow found on A Beautiful Mess. As always, Elsie imagined a very original and colorful DIY. Here, it’s all about creating a pretty cat head that your kids will love !

DIY cat face pillow

Then we invite you to discover how to make a nice flamingo pillow for your child’s room. We found this one on the Ars Textura blog. You will see how easy it is to make it.

Finally, we had a crush on the fox pillow shown in the last picture. This tutorial, in French, is very well explained and you will love to create this small accessory to decorate your children’s bed.

1. The DIY cat face pillow A Beautiful Mess / 2. How to make a DIY flamingo pillow Ars Textura / 3. DIY fox pillow Loïcia Itrema

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