diy botanical paper monogram framed

DIY Project : The botanical paper monogram

How to make a botanical paper monogram ? In the book ‘Paper Craft Home’ by Sarah Louise Matthews, we have found our inspiration to do this beautiful DIY Botanical paper monogram. This DIY is fun and colorful and perfect for a nursery or a kid bedroom. You will be surprised to see how quick and simple it is to create your own botanical monogram. It took us around 1 hour to do it, and once framed the result is quite nice, isn’t it ? All you need are some colorful paper, a pair of scissors, some glue, a little bit of paint and a frame. Nice and easy, right ?

What we love about this DIY is that you can easily make it your own and adapt it. Pick up the letter of your choice, adapt the colors to the color palette of your kid’s bedroom and you are done ! You can also change the style of the leaves for a more equatorial or floral result based on your own taste.

Video DIY : A Botanical paper monogram

First, we have created for you this video to help you make your own DIY Botanical paper monogram. Check it out and if you need additional explanations, you can find the step by step project below.

The DIY botanical paper monogram step by step

Now, let’s have a look at every step of this DIY project.

The supplies

To make your DIY botanical paper monogram, you will need the following supplies.

1. Glue
2. Scissors
3. Paint
4. Embossing tool
5. Colored papers
6. Paint brush
7. Frame

Step by step

You have all your supplies ready ? Let’s go and make this beautiful DIY botanical paper monogram !

1.Cut out the letter using scissors.

2. Paint the letter using paint and a paint brush.

3. Cut out a number of different leaves using various colored papers.

4. Use an embossing tool to score the leaves and give them some relief.

5. Glue the leaves on the letter.

6. Glue the letter on the cardstock background of your frame.

diy botanical paper monogram framed

‘Paper Craft Home’ by Sarah Louise Matthews

We got the idea to create a DIY botanical paper monogram from the book ‘Paper Craft Home’ by Sarah Louise Matthews.

From DIY floral garlands, mandala papercut, or cherry blossom twigs, her book gives you 25 DIY ideas to create your own home decor with paper. With each turn of a page, you will discover original and colorful DIY project to cut, fold, and shape. Most of the DIY projects don’t require a many supplies as everything is based on paper. All the DIY projects are stunning and yet really affordable and that’s something we really appreciate.

paper craft home sarah louise matthews

According to Sarah, one of her dream job was professional Ballerina, well, we are glad she a became paper cut designer as we are totally fond of her work. We love her very cheerful creations inspired by nature and the commonplace objects from everyday life. We particularly love her icecreams creations to discover on Instagram !

To buy the book, go to Amazon. You can discover Sarah Louise Matthew’s website here and on Instagram via @_sarah_matthews.

Thanks guys for following us and stay tuned for a new DIY project !

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