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Creative DIY baby mobile ideas

Making your own DIY baby mobile. There are few things as exciting as decorating your nursery for your future baby. Among all the adorable furniture and accessories you can get, there is one that we particularly love : the nursery baby mobile !

We have gathered for you some of the cutest and sweetest DIY baby mobiles for you to do. There is plenty of DIY baby mobile of different style and material to choose from ; colorful and funny, gender neutral, Montessori, in felt, wood, or paper… So don’t be afraid and enjoy creating a unique DIY mobile for your little one.

DIY baby mobile ideas for your nursery

These DIY mobiles for babies are fun and colorful. DIY baby mobile can be done with so many different materials, from felt, paper, yarn, wood, … There are hundreds of possibilities to match your nursery style and color palette.

The DIY below have been carefully hand picked. They are very creative, stylish and most of them are pretty easy to make. Hopefully, you will find there enough inspirations to create your own colorful DIY baby mobile.

Colorful and modern DIY baby mobiles

First, we really fell for this DIY solar system baby mobile made with pom poms. Doesn’t it look just great ? This tutorial shows you how to create each and every planet of our solar system. If your toddler is old enough, you can even study the planets look with him on the internet and do this DIY mobile project with him.

diy baby mobile planets space

Then, let’s have a look at a slightly more modern project. We love the trendy yet simple look of this DIY felt and leather triangle mobile. This baby mobile is perfect for a modern and contemporary nursery and actually mixes together pieces of felt and leather. Note that you can add any other fabric that is thick enough. In addition, this DIY baby mobile project is very cheap to do and doesn’t require a lot of supplies.

The third DIY comes from The House that Lars Built, a blog that we really love. You will learn how to create this beautiful floral paper mobile. What we love about it is the lightness and subtle color variations of the mobile. It is very delicate and an ideal project to decorate your baby nursery. Skills required are a bit more advanced, but the tutorial is really helpful so don’t be shy and give it a try !

You can, of course, adapt it and try different hues, leaves and flowers shapes. It would work beautifully with autumnal or winter colors.

Finally, we propose you to discover the two last DIYs made out of felt balls. We love the one from Squirelly Minds which mixes felt balls and clouds and plus kitties. No doubt your little one will adore it ! The second one is more minimalist and ideal if you like simplicity and pastel colors.

1. We are Scout / 2. Farm Fresh Therapy / 3. The House That Lars Built  / 4. Squirrelly Minds / 5. Think Make Share Blog

Gender neutral and modern DIY baby mobiles

You prefer pastel and earthy colors ? You want a gender neutral nursery decoration ? No problem, the following DIY will teach you how to create beautiful gender neutral and modern DIY baby mobiles.

diy baby mobile wood neutral

We really love the round shapes and earthy colors of this first DIY baby mobile. It is very modern and natural at the same time. No doubt the contrasting color of the mobile will stimulate your baby interest. Indeed in their first months of life, baby mainly sees contrasts. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to create it.

Then, we literally had love at first sight for this clay based planetary baby mobile. It is modern and delicate at the same time, ideal for a minimalist nursery. For instance, this baby mobile is totally gender neutral and would make a perfect baby shower gift. You can also adapt it and create more contrasts by painting the polymer clay in other colors. It might surprise you but the colors baby sees first are black, white.

The third DIY is a truly original concept that we love. It comes from the website Made By Joel. It is actually a DIY mobile of thanks. Joel has done it with his toddlers, they just cut out pieces of paper, drew or wrote things that we were happy for and taped them onto long pieces of thread. How great and beautiful is that ? Babies are a gift and a mobile of thanks or mobile of welcome make so much much sense. Definitely, a lovely and creative DIY baby mobile project to try.

Finally, we propose you to discover two quite original projects. A DIY baby mobile made with driftwood and a geometric DIY baby mobile created with straws.

1. Earnest Home Co / 2. Curbly / 3. Made By Joel / 4. Table And Heart / 5. Brit + Co

Our selection of Baby Mobile

Baby mobiles are ideal for entertaining your babies in the early stages but also to decorate the nursery. There two main kinds of mobile, cot mounted and the ones to hang on the ceiling. The ones to fix on the cot are ideal for small babies but you will have to remove them when they will start to be able to grab it ( around six months) whereas ceiling, or wall-mounted ones can stay for much longer in your child’s room.

Most mobiles of our selection below are mobile to hang and have been handmade. Enjoy !

Colorful and animal baby mobiles

First, we invite you to discover a selection of colorful and animal baby mobile with a modern look you will love !

Our favorite

Well, you probably understood it, we are quite fond of galaxy baby mobile. This one is just so lovely and colorful, it will surely grab your baby or toddler interest !

Our second suggestion is quite similar, it is joyful and fun. We love the rainbows and the smiley sun. This baby mobile will bring a very positive vibe to your baby nursery.

We also love the little Indian animals of the third mobile. They are fun, cute and made from natural materials only.

The selection

01. Spaceship and galaxy baby mobile from Zoo Toys / 02. Rainbow and clouds baby mobile from Minimez Shop / 03. Animal mobile from Baby Lova

01. Llama cactus nursery mobile from Zozo Toys  / 02. Bunny and carrot from Ping Vini / 03. Safari mobile from John Lewis

Geometric and neutral baby mobiles

You are looking for something different to stimulate your little one imagination ?  Discover our selection of geometric and gender neutral baby mobiles.

Our favorite

One of our favorite mobiles is this wooden geometric baby mobile. It is made out of reclaimed wood and you can ask the seller to customize the colors. We love it, and with those brights colors, no doubt your baby will too !

You are into the Montessori method ? Then, this paper black and white mobile is for you. Black and white contrasts and geometric shapes are perfect to stimulate your baby attention.

We also like this minimalist bamboo and felt balls baby mobile. A perfect way to bring a colorful touch to any nursery decor.

The selection

01. Wooden geometric baby mobile from Serro Kids / 02. Montessori black and white baby mobile from Sonrisas de Papel / 03. Multicolor minimalist bamboo baby mobile from Simka Rose

01. Triangle wood mobiles from Annex Suspended / 02. Natural and neutral baby mobile from Tik Tak Design Co / 03. Felt cactus baby mobile from Sweet Toys Mobile

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