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Creative DIY stool ideas and tutorials

Looking for inspiration and tutorials to create your own DIY stool ?  You want to make an extra seat for your kitchen, living room, or kid’s bedroom ? Great ! Building your own stool is usually a quite easy DIY project and we have selected for you the most trendy and stylish ones.

Most of our DIYs projects below are ideal to start with, even if you are a beginner.  From building your own leather and wood stool from scratch to giving a makeover to an old stool, find here ideas and useful tricks and tips !  Made in wood, cement, leather, plastic, …. discover plenty of ideas and DIYs to create your first own stool !

How to build a stylish DIY stool ?

Not only are stools are quite easy to build by yourself, but they are also super useful ! Stools can be used in almost any room of your house. In the kitchen, in the living room as an extra seat or a plant stand or even in your little one playroom.  They can be built from many different materials and be decorated and customized in many ways. Our selection below comes from the best DIY and design blogs of the web. Ready to dive in ?


Unique DIY stools using wood

First, we discovered this wood and woven leather stool DIY tutorial on the awesome Sugar and Cloth blog.

diy wooden leather wood stool

Let’s be honest, this stool is one of our favorites, we love the cognac hued leather combined with the retro wooden legs. The result is totally stunning and you would be surprised to discover that it is actually not so difficult to do.

Then, if you like minimalist design give a try with the wooden and tiles DIY stools below. The tutorial is extremely clear and we love the unique twist the colored tiles seal gives to these stools.

Our third DIY stools are the perfect choice for those looking for unique and modern furniture. It is made with simple wooden legs and foam. The technic to follow is quite similar to what you would do to create a cement stool (using a bucket) but this time with insulation foam spray ! Quite ingenious, right ?

1. Create your own woven leather stool Sugar and cloth / 2. A minimalist wood and tiles stool Leroy Merlin / 3. Unique DIY foam stool Ichdesigner 

DIY Stools made with wood

The DIYs below are a bit more classic but yet totally awesome. We love the first little stool below. It is made from wood only and looks totally vintage, but guess what ? it is not. This DIY project is actually to create a vintage antique stool from a new (and a bit boring) stool.

diy vintage black wooden stool

The two stools below are super cute and perfect if you sometimes need an extra seat in your living room. They also can be used as a plant stool when you have no extra guest. The first one is ideal for those who love rustic and natural interior design and is actually made from a basic Ikea stool. The other one has a little super cute retro midcentury style which immediately charmed us. It is created with premade stool legs that you can easily find online on Amazon or other Etsy. Nice and easy.

1. DIY vintage wooden Stool Passions Shake / 2. Wooden stool Ikea hack Burkatron / 3. DIY wooden stool with retro legs Francois et Moi 

Fun and quirky DIY stool ideas

But you might be looking for something a bit more unique and quirky. Don’t worry, we got you covered with the fun and design stools below. Stools are a great canvas to play with and can be decorated in many ways. DIY stools with right and bold colors, faux fur or metallics effects, pretty patterns, … Let’s have some fun !

Bold and fancy DIY stools

A faux fur and brass stool is what every girl need. If like us you are still in love with the faux fur trend, you will enjoy the DIY below. We found it on the great A Beautiful Mess blog. It’s easy to do and according to the blog, can be done in a few minutes only ! This little fury stool will look great in your living room or your make up vanity.

dit faux fur gold legs stool

Then, if you love bold and bright colors, the DIY stools below have your name written on it ! The first stool below is made of wood and painted with pink and white stripes. For this DIY you will mainly need paint, masking tape and an old wooden stool waiting for a makeover.

The third DIY below is a bit more sophisticated, it combines two awesome trends: cement and neon !  We found it on Purely Katie blog and let’s be honest, it is one of our favorite. If you are not afraid of doing your own cement (know that it’s less difficult than it sounds), then this wood and cement stool it is totally worth giving a try !

1. A fury DIY stool with gold legs A Beautiful Mess  / 2. Pink striped painted DIY stool Hello Lidy / 3. Homemade neon concrete stool Purely Katie

Adorable DIY stools for kids

Finally, discover three absolutely adorable DIY stools for kids. We are totally in love with the three little wooden kids stool below. Bright and colorful they don’t require many supplies to do and are perfect for your little ones creative area.

diy kids stool painted colors dots

Then, discover how to create this quirky cactus stool (pouff) below. It is extremely creative, really cheap to do and so unique ! Found on the blog OhOh Deco we are totally a fan.

Finally, give a try with the sweet little DIY bunny stool below. This tutorial found on Dans Le Lake House blog will explain to you how to create and add two little bunny ears to a kid stool. How lovely would it be in a kids playroom ?

1. Colorful wooden DIY kids stool  Oh Joy / 2. DIY cactus stool OhOh Deco / 3. Bunny chair makeover Dans Le Lake House

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