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Creative Ikea Malm dresser Hacks

How to hack the Ikea Malm dresser ? Looking for some great ideas to upgrade your Ikea Malm dresser ? Don’t know how to give it a more original look ?

Today, we’d like to share with you 12 DIY ideas to hack your dresser. Find below some really easy to make Ikea Hacks we are quite fond of. With contact paper, paint, small handles or for your children’s room, you will find for sure an Ikea Hack idea for you.

Dress up the drawers of your Ikea Malm dresser

First, you can customize the drawers of your dresser by using some paint or contact paper. It’s a really easy way to redesign this piece of furniture.

Customize your Ikea Malm dresser with contact paper

Contact paper is the best way to customize your dresser. Indeed, you can find it in any store and choose the pattern you want.

Like on the Preciously Me blog, you can use gold contact paper to give a luxurious look to your Ikea Malm dresser. Use it on the front of your furniture or just cover the drawers faces. If you wish, you can also customize the top of your dresser for a glamourous and dramatic touch.

ikea malm dresser hack brass contact paper

Then, there are a lot of shops selling precut stickers to cover the front of the Ikea Malm dresser. Once more, you can choose the pattern you love the most and which fit with your interior. We really like the vintage drawings of the contact paper found on Behang Fabriek.

Finally, you can just create a nice graphic pattern on the Malm drawers. To make it, simply cut some shapes on a black contact paper and stick them on the lower part of each face.

1. DIY vintage style gold Ikea Malm dresser Preciously Me / 2. Vintage drawing stickers for your Malm dresser Behang Fabriek / 3. A graphic dresser with contact paper The Life Factory

Customize your dresser with some paint

You don’t want to use contact paper to revamp your dresser ? No worries ! With a little bit of paint you can also offer a brand new look to your Ikea furniture. To make it, you just need a dedicated undercoat and some paint of the color of your choice.

ikea malm dresser hack painted drawers

For example, you can paint some drawers on your dresser with colored paint. Feel free to play with colors for an even more original look. If you wish, you can also create a color chart effect by adding some white paint to your main color every time you paint a new drawer.

Then, if you simply want to change the color of your Ikea Malm dresser, you can completely paint it over. We especially love the pretty matte gray used by Livet Hemma.

Finally, another idea is to create a nice graphic pattern on your dresser. To make it, just use 3 colors and paint large triangles on your Malm dresser faces. You can of course choose the color combination of your choice for a truly original look.

1. Multicolored faces on your dresser Livet Hemma / 2. Ikea Malm dresser in matt gray Livet Hemma / 3. A modern DIY dresser in black, gray and blue Pinterest

More ideas to customize your Ikea Malm dresser

Looking for more ideas to hack your Ikea Malm dresser ? Check out more Ikea Hacks below. You can find how to add pretty handles to your furniture or how to give it a fun and colorful look for your children’s room.

Handles for Ikea Malm dresser

First, discover how to add simple handles to your Ikea Malm dresser. These only small accessories can give a new look to your piece of furniture.

ikea malm dresser hack leather handles

You can fix pretty leather handles on the front of your dresser. To do so you have two possibilities.

The first one is to tie leather strips inside your drawers. You just have to cut 6 strips of 15 cm and to fix them on your drawers with a small screw.

Want to have handles in the middle of each drawer of your Ikea Malm dresser ? Simply replace the screws with upholstery nails !

Finally, by adding small brass handles, you can give your Malm dresser an Art Deco style. You can of course choose new handles with the shape of your choice : button, ring, bar, … it’s up to you !

1. Leather handles for the Ikea Malm dresser Suger and Cloth / 2. Ikea Malm dresser painted with leather handles Instagram / 3. A vintage Ikea Malm dresser with brass handles The Pink Dream

Ikea Malm dresser hacks for kids

Finally, find below some Ikea Hacks for the children’s room. With stickers or paint, you can give a really fun look to their dresser.

Once again, you can use colorful stickers to revamp your kid dresser. Just cut beautiful shapes in a colored contact paper and stick them on each face. If you wish, you can also use stickers found in your favorite kid’s store.

ikea malm dresser hack kids

You can use drops stickers to dress up your Malm dresser for example.

Finally, for a more sober look, some paint and new handles are just perfect. This way, it is really easy to to match your Ikea Malm dresser with the decoration of your children’s room.

1. A colorful Malm dresser for children Decor8 / 2. Personalize your Ikea Malm dresser with drops stickers Boho Deco / 3. Repainting the Malm dresser for the children’s room Instagram

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    These are great ideas that really help change the IKEA feel of these dressers. I’m not so sure about the contact paper though in the long-run (all that wear and tear that comes with age).

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