diy christmas macrame plant hanger

DIY Christmas macrame plant hanger

How to make a DIY Macrame plant hanger for Christmas ? Have you fallen already for the Macrame trend ? No ? Then it’s definitively time to start with a very easy tutorial to do your own DIY Macrame Plant Hanger. Our DIY Macrame Plant Hanger has been done especially for Christmas and the technique has been simplified to the maximum for beginners.

This Macrame plant hanger is a mix of white and red colors and light wood pearls. The overall result is a minimalist Christmas plant hanger with a small Scandinavian touch ! You like it ? Then,  get ready to do your first DIY macrame project : The Christmas macrame plant hanger !

Video DIY : The Christmas macrame plant hanger

We have created this video tutorial especially for you. Watch it and and discover the technique to make your own DIY macrame plant hanger for Christmas. Don’t worry, it is very simple, ideal for beginners. If you need additional explanations, have a look to the step by step project below !

The Christmas macrame plant hanger step by step

Now, let’s have a look together at every step of the DIY The macrame plant hanger.

The supplies

To make your DIY Christmas macrame plant hanger, you will need the following supplies.

1. Plant pot
2. Pencil
3. Scissors
4. Ultra slim metal wire (golden)
5. White cord and red cord
6. Wooden pearls

Step by step

You have all your supplies ready ? Let’s go and make your first macrame plant hanger for Christmas !

1. Cut your lengths of cord based on how long you want the hanger to be (double the dimensions).

2. Even up all your strands and make a simple knot at the top.

3. Create a hoop with the top cord and fix it by tightly wrapping the wire around (you can also add glue).

4. Mark the cord where you are going to do the knots.

5. Get one red strand with one white strand, string the pearl then do the knot where you did the marks.

6. Do a simple knot at the bottom.

diy christmas macrame plant hanger


DIY macrame plant hanger ideas

Congratulations ! You have created your first DIY macrame plant hanger ! When we talk about macrame, creation possibilities are almost endless. We will soon propose you more DIY macrame projects, but in the mean time, we would like to share with you some tips and macrame ideas below !

What is macrame ?

But first, what is macrame ? Macrame is a fiber art based on tying knots. Sounds nice and easy no ? Well, it actually depends and that’s all the beauty of it. With macrame you can go from simple and easy project to very complex and fancy ones. Macrame is a quite ancient technic, which has regained popularity during the 70s as a means to make wall hangings, clothing, bedspreads, plant hangers and other furnishings.

As you know, most trends follow cycles, and the macrame trend has made a massive come back this year ! Materials used in macrame include cords made of cotton twine, linen, hemp, jute, leather or yarn. The complexity of a macrame project mainly depend of the difficulty of the knots (there are many different knots possible). As you can see, creation possibilities are endless !

DIY macrame plant hanger ideas and tips

Tip 1 : Defining the right size of the pot hanger. You need to consider several criterias ; the size of your plant pot, the desired hang height (length) and the number and complexity of knots you want to do. The more knots, the longer the cord. Usually, to be safe, you will need to triple or quadruple the length.

Tip 2 : Choosing the right fiber for the project.  You can use so many materials ! Anything that is comparable to a rope. It can be jute, cotton cord, embroidery floss, yarn, fabric strips… When thinking about the kind of material for the cord, also think about its thickness. The cord thickness and style needs to be in harmony with the size and style of the planter.

Tip 3 : Making your plant hanger special. You can use embroidery floss or metalic wire to customize it. You can also select colored ropes and beads or incorporating materials like leather and brass, even mirrors. And don’t forget tassel and pearls !

Tip 5 : Dip-dye your macrame plant hanger. It’s really easy and will give a very unique boho style to your plant hanger.

Thanks, guys for following us and stay tuned for a new DIY project !

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