diy christmas stocking

DIY modern or traditional Christmas stockings

How to make a Christmas stocking ? To decorate your house for Christmas, you can create all kinds of accessories all by yourself. Christmas wreath, ornaments for your Christmas tree, garlands, … we have already shared a lot of DIY ideas on Shake.

Today, these are DIY Christmas stockings we want to share with you. You’ll love the ones we found on the best DIY blogs on the Web. Modern and colorful or more traditional, you will find a Christmas stocking made for you in this post.

As usual, don’t miss our selection of the most beautiful stockings if you don’t have the time to make your own !

How to make a DIY Christmas stocking ?

You want to make a Christmas stocking to hang over your fireplace ? Discover our selection of the most beautiful DIY of the Web!

DIY modern and colorful Christmas stockings

First, let’s have a look at these 5 modern and colorful Christmas stockings. We love these fun and trendy creations that are perfect for finalizing your holiday decor.

The first DIY Christmas stocking, has been found on the Teri’s blog, The Lovely Drawer. She made this for her daughter Maggie and the result is just beautiful.

With its pretty colorful pom poms and its graphic pattern, you can make this DIY to the same or create your own version. You will love it for sure !

diy modern pom poms christmas stocking

Then, on Jojotastic, we found the next stocking. This one has been made with leather and the pattern has been drawn using a pyrography pen. If you do not have this kind of pen, you can use a leather marker to create your Christmas stocking pattern.

In the third DIY, you will discover how to make a colorful Christmas stocking. With a few small felt pom poms, you can indeed customize a stocking looking a little bit too basic and make it a key element of your party decoration.

Then we had a crush on the spotted Christmas stocking found on the Paulsvera blog. Its trendy look will be perfect for those who want a contemporary Christmas decoration.

Finally, you will fall in love for the pretty version made by the author of the One O blog. The pastel look of this DIY caught our attention. You can obviously choose colors suitable for your home decoration.

1. The Lovely Drawer / 2. Jojotastic / 3. Tell Love and Party / 4. Paulsvera / 5. One O

DIY traditional Christmas stockings

You want a DIY Christmas stocking with a more traditional look ? Discover now 5 new DIY ideas !

In the first tutorial, you will discover how to make pretty stockings using burlap. This fabric will give your creation a vintage look that fits perfectly into a traditional Christmas decor.

diy traditional burlap christmas stocking

We really liked the red and white fabric used to finalize this DIY, matching perfectly with the spirit of Christmas.

Then, we invite you to discover how to make DIY Christmas stockings with wool. We found it on The Merry Thought, that we adore.

These small wool stockings will give a very warm style to your home for Christmas.

In the third DIY, you will discover how to create DIY Christmas stockings without having to sew. Indeed, Angela Marie has devised a really easy to make tutorial.

To do this, you will need fabric, a thermo-adhesive band and an iron.

Then we found another DIY on the blog PMQ for Two in which you can discover how to create pretty traditional and colorful Christmas stockings. You will love them !

Finally, in the last tutorial, you can learn how to make red and white stockings to decorate your fireplace for Christmas. Here you will only need printed fabrics and the free pattern available on Prima.

1. Craftpassion / 2. The Merry Thought / 3. Angela Marie Made / 4. PMQ for Two / 5. Prima

Our selection of Christmas stockings

You don’t want to make your Christmas stocking (or you just do not have time to do so) ? Discover our selection of the most beautiful handmade Christmas stockings found on Etsy.

Modern Christmas stockings

First, we invite you to discover a selection of stockings with a modern look you will love !

Our favorite

First, we love the modern Scandinavian striped Christmas stocking found in the Etsy shop Good Whishes Quilt. This Nordic home accessory will add a fresh and colorful addition to your Christmas home decor.

Then we are fond of the handmade personalized Christmas stockings made by Hung by the Chimney. Modern fabrics, classic shape and trendy colors are the key features of this product. Make your Holiday decor merry and bright with them.

Finally, we really like the heirloom quality Christmas stocking created by Coco Quinn Co. With its beautiful graphics white doves on a bold blue background, you’ll love how this stocking feels. It is a good complement to your modern Christmas decor.

The selection

01. Scandinavian Christmas stocking from Good Wishes Quilts / 02. Black and white stocking from Habitation Boheme / 03. Black Christmas stocking from The Urban Hedge Hog

01. Trendy modern stocking from Hung by the Chimney / 02. Monogrammed felt stocking from Made by Teresa / 03. Modern dove Christmas stocking from Coco Quinn Co

The traditional Christmas stockings

After the modern Christmas stockings, find below more traditional versions.

Our favorite

Simple yet elegant, you will love the personalized red Christmas stocking from Twin Design Studio. You can use it for your home Christmas decoration or as Christmas gifts. 5 designs are available and these accessories are made of cotton and linen fabric.

Then we are fond of the burlap personalized Christmas stockings from Whiskey & Wedding Bells. Customized with thermally bonded vinyl, this traditional accessory can add a vintage look to your Christmas home decor.

The selection

01. Knitted Christmas stocking from Out of my Bubble / 02. Red stocking from Twin Design Studio / 03. Knitted stocking from PS Wedding and Events

01. Red Christmas stocking from Frilly Southern Sass / 02. Red and white stocking from Eugenie / 03. Burlap stocking from Whiskey & Wedding Bells

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