diy open wardrobe black minimalist pipe

DIY open wardrobes and storage accessories

Discover DIY open wardrobes and bedroom accessories ideas. You are looking for an alternative closet storage solution for your wardrobe ? You would like a modern way to store your clothes and accessories ? We’ve compiled for you several innovative clothes storage ideas that will change the way you see storage with a focus on open wardrobes.

An open closet is a modern and trendy way to store your belongings. A stand or a standalone rod also often gives more lightness and modernity to a room than a big wardrobe.

The most common place for your open dressing is in the hallway and the bedroom.

DIY open wardrobe

Cabinet without door, simple clothes rack with a rod, with or without suspensions, baskets, boxes or drawers, the open dressing or open wardrobe comes in different forms and style. We have selected below the best DIY open wardrobe that you need.

Simple and minimalist plumbing tube wardrobe racks

We just can’t tell you how much we love this DIY. It’s neat, simple but has a great visual impact.

diy open wardrobe clothes rack white minimalist pipe

We found this Clothing Rack DIY on Love Aesthetics and fall in love with it. The realization is actually pretty simple, the rack is made from simple plumbing tubes. This standalone wardrobe rack stands by laying on the wall and is the perfect example of less is more. If like us you like white, minimalist and modern furnitures you will love this DIY. The detail that makes all the difference ? The gold brass plumbing tube joints.

The second DIY below has a quite similar look but is less minimalist due to the four feet and bigger white painted plumbing tube joints. This DIY clothing rack is a standalone and doesnt need to lay on the wall like the one above. Depending on your place it might be easier to use. Discover it on Weekday Carnival blog.

Then, the third DIY comes from My DIY Family and its originality comes from the fact that the bearing is directly attached to the wall. The angle of attachment of the rod gives an atypical style to this open wardrobe and a “designer furniture” effect. This minimal style wardrobe actually allows you to hang your clothes in style and to save floor space for additional closed storage.

1. DIY minimalist white clothes rack with pipe Love Aesthetics /2. White plumbing tube Weekday Carnival / 3. Block minimal open wardrobe Your DIY Family

Industrial DIY copper and concrete clothes rack

This DIY explains to you how to create a copper concrete clothes rack. You will need some copper pipes, concrete mix, plastic boxes, and some paint. The execution is pretty easy, you just need to connect your pipes together, to mix the concrete in the plastic boxes and to stick the pipe into it to create the feet.

diy open wardrobe clothes rack copper concrete

The DIY clothing rack on the right below uses the same combination of copper pipe and concrete feet but in a different way.

Then if you like the copper look but want to mitigate it, you can decide to paint the pipe in any color of your liking. On our side, we would probably go for white. Note that you can also use special concrete paint to paint the concrete block. The DIY below on the left comes from Hommie and is created with copper plumbing joint and wooden stick. We love its very delicate look !

The open wardrobe will allow you to display your most beautiful clothes, shoes, and bag in a stylish way. However, if you are someone messy, avoid it. An open wardrobe will immediately create an overall feeling of untidiness in your room or home.

Our tip : Leave space between each piece of fashion will accentuate the minimalist style of the decor and give a touch of modernity to the room.

1. DIY copper and concrete open wardrobe Heju /2. Copper and wood clothing rack Hommie / 3. Copper pipe clothing rack with concrete stand Burkatron

DIY open wardrobe in wood

We love the look of the following DIY open wardrobe !

diy open wardrobe clothes rack wood

It’s very simple but yet quite sophisticated. The slightly angled rack structure gives a little designer look to this wooden clothing rack from The Merry Thought blog. Discover all the steps of the DIY on their blog.

Then, A pair and a Spare suggest this quirky open wardrobe made with a ladder ! It’s really easy to realize and an ideal way to upcycle an old wooden ladder. Combined with bright decorative elements it is really cool. This DIY would also work perfectly in a hallway to hang the coats of the whole family and provide a very convenient shoe rack.

Finally, we discovered the last open wardrobe DIY on the French blog Lili in Wonderland. What we really like about it is the possibility to hang your stuff at two different heights and the combination of copper and wood. The painted stripes admirably complete the look.

But before you go for an open wardrobe, let’s see which are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of storage. It might be obvious but an open dressing is a piece of furniture that leaves its content open to the sight. It can be a very aesthetic choice but we only recommend it for people organized in their storage.

1. Wooden clothing rack The Merry Thought / 3. Ladder wardrobe A Pair and a Spare / 3. Wood and copper clothes rack Lili in Wonderland

Accessories for the bedroom

Discover below some creative DIY for your accessories in wood and metal. Coat, hat, scarf or jewelry, hang and display your accessories in style ! You can also display some additional decorative objects or even hang some small plants. It will give extra character to overall.

Metal accessory organizer

After this open wardrobe for the bedroom, we are sharing with you its matching accessory organizer. This DIY too comes from Your DIY family blog.

This organizer is perfect to start organizing and tidying your room without hiding everything in your closed closet !

diy open wardrobe black rack pipes

Hang your necklace, scarf, sunglasses or even magazine like on the picture. What we love with this accessory organizer DIY is the minimalism and modernity of it. It’s gender free look makes it perfect for any bedroom.

Our tip : Add some hooks and use it to hang some of your handbags or even small hanging succulent plant pot !

Discover this DIY on Your DIY Family

Jewelry wooden wall organizer

We found it on Alison’s site Dream a little bigger and its ease of realization seduced us. A little wood paint, plywood and wood glue and voila ! It has a small side boho and vintage that we love. A very nice jewelry wooden wall organizer.

diy wooden accessory jewellery stand

The little extra here: you can make this wooden wall organizer of the size you want according to your needs (and your quantity of jewelry). Although it is very beautiful natural wood you can also choose to add color and make a color echo with the rest of your deco if the heart tells you!

Discover this DIY on Dream Little Bigger

Gold hanger

Our latest tutorial of this selection DIY for your room comes from Sugar and Cloth and we are more than a fan.
This DIY is the perfect proof that small details can change everything in a deco and that it is not necessary to spend a lot to create a stylish environment.

colored brass hanger

Once you have opted for an open wardrobe, the choice of clothes to hang is very important, but the hangers and also essential as they are very visible.

To do this DIY, nothing more simple, golden hangers and paint. That’s it !

You can obviously use the same technique to create black and white or silver and white hangers. Prefers hangers for coats, solid and quality for the best rendering.

Our tip: always orient all hangers in the same direction, towards the outside of the room, turned towards the wall.

Discover this DIY on Sugar And Cloth

Our selection of open wardrobe and storage accessories

You made your mind ? You need a wardrobe but are looking for something more modern than your old grandma cabinet and you don’t feel like do it yourself ? No problem, we have selected for you a couple of open storage solutions for your wardrobe and accessories that you will surely love.

Our selection of open wardrobe

When you have an open wardrobe, it is important to think about the organization of its content. Se below some pieces of advice to organize your open wardrobe.

First, we recommend taking a particular care to the presentation of clothing in his open dressing room. Associate the colors by putting the clothes of similar shades next to each other. It will create a visually elegant and stylish gradient effect.

The open dressing room must remain airy. Don’t forget that the point is to use your clothes and accessories as decorative elements.

Mix and match clothes, accessories, shoes. For example, display a pair of shoes next to a pile of monochrome T-shirts at the bottom of the wardrobe and use the rod to hang bags and fancy jackets of different textures and materials.

01. Industrial wardrobe clothes rail rack from Shabby Bear Cottage / 02. Industrial clothing rail with shelves from Various Design Shop / 03. Natura industrial chic golden rack from Liebwut

01. Wooden open wardrobe from Brother wood Mobilier / 02. Essentials Moss garment black rack from MADE / 03. Agama metal clothes rack from La Redoute

Accessory storage solutions

How to organize your accessories ? Now that you have opted for an open wardrobe, it’s time to think about the organization of your accessories; hats, scarves, shoes, and even jewelry. Again, why not use them to decorate your room or hallway.

We have selected below some stylish coat racks, valets and jewelry stand to organize all your stuff. Our tip here is to follow the same rules than for your open wardrobe : same colors next to each other, mix and match. And most importantly : everything needs to be tidy ! Fashionista or not you gonna love it !

01. Hawthorn coat rack, teal from MADE / 02. Wood and black metal coat stand from Maisons Du Monde / 03. Valet clothes stand from La Redoute

01. Copper pipe jewelry stand for necklaces from Little Deer Interiors / 02. Copper and oak wall hook from Made And Printed / 03. Brook valet mirror oak and stain from MADE

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