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DIY Project : Curcumin and coffee body scrub

How to make a DIY body scrub with curcumin and coffee ? You have always dreamt to create your own beauty products ? Then you will love our new project of the day : The DIY body scrub with curcumin and coffee ! It’s natural and chemical free.

Using a body scrub regularly soften and improve the radiance of your skin. Making your own DIY body scrub is one of the easiest ways to get started and anyone can concoct oneself a scrub with some very simple ingredients ! Discover also at the end of the article, all our tips and hints to create your own DIY body scrub.

Video DIY : The curcumin and coffee body scrub

First, we have created for you this tutorial video to help you make your own DIY curcumin and coffee body scrub. Check it out and if you need additional explanations, the step by step project below is here to help !

The DIY curcumin and coffee step by step

Now, let’s have a look at every step of this DIY body scrub project.

The supplies

To make your DIY curcumin and coffee body scrub, you will need the following supplies.

1. Two cups of coffee beans
2. Two tsp of curcumin or turmeric
3. Three cups of white or brown sugar
4. 25ml of  olive oil
5. 10ml of honey
6. Two tsp of oatmeal
7. A pestle and mortar
8. A clean airtight glass jar

For all the beauty ingredients of this scrub try to prefer organic ingredients. Note also that the quantity of this curcumin and coffee body scrub recipe are guide value and should be adapted to obtain the texture that suits you the best ! Finally, don’t forget that you can substitute product of the same type, so don’t hesitate to mix and match !

Step by step

You have all your supplies ready ? Let’s go and make your own DIY curcumin and coffee body scrub

1. Grind the coffee beans with the pestle and mortar until you reach the consistency of your choice.

2. Add the sugar and mix.

3. Incorporate the honey and the olive oil and mix everything together, until it creates a kind of paste.

4. Then, add approximately two tablespoons of oatmeal.

5. Add two tablespoons of curcumin and mix.

6. Finally, transfer your body scrub into a nice mason jar like container and add a homemade label or tag.

diy body scrub

How to select the right DIY body scrub ingredients ?

Exfoliation is key if you want to have radiant skin. Indeed, it helps to get rid of dead skin, it activates the blood circulation and makes the skin soft like silk. Therefore, if you prefer 100% natural and chemical free product, one of the best decision you can take is to create your own DIY body scrub product.

First, there are mainly two ingredients you will need for a scrub : something to exfoliate and something to soften and hydrate (carrier oil). But you can also create more complex scrubs with essential oils, various vegetal oils, additional exfoliating ingredients like salt, … Below are some few examples :

Sugar scrubs : the most common option, especially for those who want a scrub not too abrasive.
Salt scrubs : there are many kinds available (different size of salt grains). Perfect if you need something more energizing and vigorous.
Sweet almond oil : is a good choice for all skin types.
Olive oil and coconut oil: More moisturizing, ideal for dry or mature skin types.
Grapeseed oil: Thinner than other oils, it’s ideal for oily skin.

To get the most out of these DIY homemade body scrubs, wash yourself with warm water and then massage your moist skin drawing circular motions.

Our DIY body scrub main ingredients

Coffee and sugar : Used in a scrub, it smoothens the skin, exfoliate and remove the dead skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. We combined coffee to sugar to have two different sizes of exfoliating grains.

Curcumin : curcumin (or turmeric) contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. In a body scrub, these characteristics are said to provide glow and luster to the skin. Turmeric may also revive your skin by bringing out its natural glow. If the quantity of turmeric is too important when applied, it can sometimes temporarily stain the skin. It’s normal and will disapear quickly. However, don’t use it if you are allergic to the spice in food.

Olive oil : ideal for dry skin. It is heavier than other oils therefore more moisturizing.

Be conscious of what you put on your skin : Indeed, every skin is different and some are more sensitive than others. In other words, it’s important to be conscious of the ingredients you choose to avoid any allergic reaction. Therefore, like for any new beauty product, it’s recommended to test it on a small patch of your skin (usually inner wrist) 24 hours before using.

Also, note that our srub is dedicated to the body and not to the face.

Finally, note that essential oils should always be used with care. Most of them are not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding, children under 6 years old, people with asthma or epileptics.


Thanks guys for following us and stay tuned for a new DIY project !

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