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Unique DIY embroidery project ideas and patterns

Looking for nice DIY embroidery ideas and patterns ? DIY embroidery has become a pretty popular trend. From wall art, clothing embroidery, monograms to patches, there are so many nice projects to start !

Moreover, embroidery is a cheap and easy to do DIY creative activity. What you mainly need is embroidery floss, a needle, and an embroidery hoop. So ready to discover awesome embroidery projects and patterns ?

Flowers and animals embroidery patterns

Let’s start with two very popular types of embroidery patterns. The floral embroidery and the animals’ embroidery. From traditional patterns to modern and fun designs, there is plenty of nice projects to choose from !

DIY embroidery patterns with flowers

Our first project comes from Down Grape Vine Lane blog. We love this very delicate and colorful bouquet.

diy embroidery ideas flower pattern

On her blog, you will find all the explanations to create this flower bouquet embroidery yourself. She provides many tips to execute the stiches and also a free to download pattern !

Then, if you are a retro lover, you won’t resist to this embroidered flower on a denim jacket DIY project. Found on Lauren Conrad blog, you this DIY tutorial gives you all the details to embroid your favorite denim !

The three next DIY embroidery projects are really worth having a look. We especially love the one found on Pam Ash design. This DIY explains how to reproduce this beautiful rose, perfect to be embroidered on jeans or tee shirt or just kept as wall art.

1. Embroidered bouquet Down Grape Vine Lane / 2. Flower embroidery denim Lauren Conrad / 3. Embroidered rose Pam Ash Designs / 4. Cross stitch flowers Stitche Modern / 5. Mother day floral pattern Radiant Home Studio

DIY embroidery animal patterns and projects

We totally fall in love for this first embroidered jaguar project. The pattern is cute and fun and mixes different textures and stitches.

diy embroidery ideas animal wild jaguar pattern

We found this DIY project on Bustle and Sew blog and had an immediate crush. The DIY tutorial for this jaguar design is extremely well done and you will find all the information about the stitches to execute and the free pattern template. This lovely design is perfect to decorate a nursery or kid bedroom.

Then, discover four additional DIY animal embroidery project. From lovely little sheep to whale, bird, and bees, we love them all ! Most of the blogs below provide the free pattern as well as very useful tricks and tips to reproduce those designs.

1. Stay wild jaguar pattern Bustle and Sew / 2. French knots sheep Motte  / 3. Whale fight embroidery pattern Wild Olive / 4. Bird embroidery DIY Alicia Sivert / 5. Flying bee embroidery pattern Bees Knees Industries

Modern and funny embroidery patterns and projects

Embroidery is a super hot trend and we selected below some fun and stylish non traditional DIY projects for you. Have a look and get your needle and threads ready !

Word embroidery designs and DIY projects

Found on The Home Steady blog, this DIY stitched text tote bag is an absolute must do !

diy embroidery ideas feminist quote tote bag pattern

We just love the technique employed, the result is awesome and it is actually extremely easy. This project is just perfect for beginners looking for a stylish embroidery project.

We are also totally fond of the four next embroidery projects below. Learn how to make a cute DIY embroidered beret, a monogram embroidered tote bag or stylish tee-shirt (bonjour means hello).

And if you are looking for wall art and ready to make a statement,  the DIY project from Look What I Made blog will give you all the keys !

1. Female are strong as hell embroidery tote bag The Home Steady / 2. Hello beret embroidery Paper and Stich / 3. Monogram embroidery tote bag Flax and Twine / 4. Embroidery wall art bathroom Look What I Made / 5. Bonjour Embroidery teeshirt Me and Mr Jones

Quirky and unique DIY embroidery projects

What is great with embroidery is that you can actually embroid almost everything… It gives you plenty of room for creativity and the projects below got it right !

diy embroidery ideas unique floral face metallic mesh

First, learn how to do this adorable floral face embroidery from Pretty Life girls blog. What is quite unique with this DIY embroidery project is that it is not done on fabric but on mesh. It also combines colorful embroidery thread and small pearl beads. The result is modern and unique. We love it !

Then, Brown Girl Decor blog shows you how to do retro vintage embroidered brooch pins (or patches). If you are looking for a cool design to embroid your teeshirt, go on Amanda Wright blog, she will teach you how to reproduce this shaka hand design.

Finally, we found two nice and fun DIY projects for those looking for wall art embroidery. The first one comes from Design Sponge and will explain to you how to create this nice 3D effect. The last one is done on a cork sheet and is pretty fun and refreshing.

1. Floral face embroidery Pretty Life Girls  / 2. Embroidered brooch pins DIY Brown Girl Decor Blog / 3. Shaka hand embroidery on white teeshirt Amanda Wright / 4. DIY embroidered art Design Sponge/ 4.  5. Cork and cactus embroidery pattern Positively Splendid

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