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Fun and creative DIY pinatas ideas

How to make a pinata? Whether for your child’s birthday or to host a party you organize, the pinata is still a must.

Today we have selected for you no less than 15 DIY pinatas that we are in love with. Fruit, animal, rainbow, ice cream, … you will fall in love with one of these DIY pinatas ! Let’s have a look at these amazing creative ideas !

DIY fruit pinatas

First, we have found 5 fruits like pinatas. Pineapple, avocado, watermelon, … these DIY ideas are perfect to add some color and a fruity note into your party decor.

We especially had a crush on the first tutorial. Here, it’s all about making a garland with mini fruits pinatas. You can then hang your creation above a buffet for example.

diy fruit garland pinata

Then, those who want a little exotic note can make the very pretty pinata found on the Think Make Share blog. With its pretty colors, your kiddos will love it.

In the third DIY project, you can discover how to create a DIY apple pinata. This one is very easy to make. You will find all the instructions on the Studio DIY blog.

Then, take a look at this beautiful summer DIY on the blog Oh Happy Day. You will discover how to make a DIY watermelon pinata. To make it, you just need some cardboard and crepe paper !

Finally, we found, on the Taste of Home blog, one of our favorite DIY pinata of this selection. Indeed, we are just fond of the DIY avocado pinata found on the website.

1. DIY mini fruit pinata garland Persialou / 2. DIY pineapple pinata Think Make Share / 3. The DIY apple pinata Studio DIY / 4. DIY watermelon pinata Oh Happy Day / 5. The avocado pinata Taste of Home

DIY animal pinatas

After the fruits pinatas, we’d like you to discover how to make an animal like pinata. To do this, you can take inspiration from one of the 5 DIY ideas we have selected below.

First, you can discover on the Lovely Indeed blog how to create a DIY bunny pinata. It’s a lovely way to complete the decoration of your child’s birthday party.

diy bunny pinata

Then, go to the Hello Wonderful blog where we found a beautiful unicorn pinata. Very easy to make, your children will love the pretty colors of this beautiful party accessorie.

In the third tutorial, you can discover how to create a DIY pink kitty cat pinata. We are fond of this DIY project. You can of course customize your creation with the colored paper you want.

Then we had a crush on the next DIY ideas. It’s on the Oh Happy Day blog that we found it. You can discover, in this tutorial, how to revamp a llama pinata (very popular animal this season).

Finally, go to the Handmade Charlotte blog. You can find, in this post so many nice DIY pinatas. The tiger’s head presented in the photo below is one of them.

1. The lovely DIY bunny pinata Lovely Indeed / 2. DIY unicorn pinata Hello Wonderful / 3. The DIY pink kitty cat pinata Best Friends For Frosting / 4. DIY llama pinata Oh Happy Day / 5. The tiger pinata Handmade Charlotte

Fun shapes DIY pinatas

Finally, we found 5 pinatas with more original shapes than the previous ones. Rainbow, taco, popcorn, … you’ll love them all !

In the first tutorial, you will discover how to make a rainbow shape DIY pinata. Very colorful, this creation will give a very nice look to your party. You can of course choose the colors suitable with the decoration of your event.

diy rainbow pinata

Then go to the Brite and Bubbly blog. We found here a DIY ice cream pinata that is just perfect for a summer birthday.

You’re looking for a really original pinata ? So, you will love the following one also found on the Studio DIY blog. The idea here is to create a beautiful DIY popcorn pinata.

For a fairy party, you can also choose the next golden star pinata. Found on the Delia Creates blog, it can be covered with metallic paper or colored crepe paper.

Finally, we love the last pinata found on the Studio DIY blog. With its taco shape, it will give a truly original look to your party.

1. The mini rainbow pinata Tell Love and Party / 2. Ice cream pinata Brite and Bubbly / 3. The DIY popcorn pinata Studio DIY / 4. Golden star pinata Delia Creates / 5. DIY taco pinata Studio DIY

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