ikea hack billy bookcase

How to hack the Ikea Billy bookcase ?

Ikea Billy bookcase hacks ideas. Some Ikea furniture are really popular. Among these the Ikea Billy bookcase is clearly one of the best seller. Indeed, with its small price, many of you have bought it. However, its very simple design does not necessarily fit with any type of decoration.

To match it perfectly with your interior style, we have selected for you some DIY ideas to customize your bookcase. By adding doors or drawers, for the kid’s room or your living room, you will love these few Ikea Billy bookcase hacks.

How to hack your Ikea Billy bookcase with doors or drawers

First, you can simply add doors or drawers to your Ikea Billy bookcase. Indeed, it’s a perfect way to give a unique look to your furniture.

You can use pretty glass doors to turn your bookcase into a beautiful buffet. You can easily find this kind of door as Ikea offers them for sale. Thus, you can choose the color and style you want to upgrade your Billy bookcase.

ikea hack billy bookcase doors

If you want something more fun, you can opt for colorful drawer fronts to revamp your furniture. First, you have to create wooden boxes at the same dimensions of your bookcase. To do this you can find all the steps to follow on the Infarrantly Creative blog. Then you can decorate the front of each drawer with the paint of your choice and add nice handles.

For a more contemporary look, choose to add your Ikea Billy Bookcase nice sliding wooden panel doors. OSB being really popular at the time, you can choose this material for your Ikea hack. If you prefer something softer, you can opt for plywood, which is also very popular.

1. Black doors for your Ikea Billy bookcase Woon Inspiratie / 2. A colorful dresser with the Ikea Billy Bookcase Infarrantly Creative / 3. OSB doors for your Ikea Billy bookcase Ich Designer

Ikea Billy bookcase hacks for kid’s room

The Ikea Billy bookcase is also perfect for the children’s room. You can obviously use it to store their favorite books. It’s also perfect for creating a pretty dollhouse or a mini mudroom.

First, you will love to discover how to turn your bookshelf into a dollhouse. To do this, you need two wooden planks to create the roof. Then, feel free to customize each box as you wish. With wallpaper, paint, … it’s up to you !

ikea hack billy bookcase dollhouse

Then we are just fond of the following Ikea Billy bookcase hack. Indeed, you can discover on the Grillo Design blog how to give an industrial look to this piece of furniture. With a little metal effect paint and some accessories, you can easily transform the Billy bookcase.

Finally, we found the latest Ikea hack for kids on The Shabby Creek Cottage blog. This time, it’s a mini mudroom that you can create with your Billy bookcase. To do this, it’s really easy, you just need a little paint, a wooden board, two baskets and small hooks.

1. A DIY dollhouse with an Ikea Billy bookcase Wooninspiratie / 2. Ikea Billy bookcase hack : industrial kids shelf Grillo Design / 3. Turn your Ikea Billy bookcase to a mini mudroom The Shabby Creek Cottage

Built in Ikea Billy bookcases

Finally, if you do not have the budget to build a built-in bookcase at home, you can use the Billy one sold by Ikea. The few examples below should inspire you.

To begin, go to A Beautiful Mess blog. You can discover in the post all the steps to make your built in bookcase. You can obviously customize it with the color of your choice to make it match perfectly with the decoration of your room. We particularly like the addition of moldings on the ceiling to finalize this Ikea Hack.

ikea hack billy bookcase built in

Then, it’s on the Design Sixty Nine blog we found the next Ikea hack. The idea here is also to create a built in bookcase with the Billy shelf. This time, it’s the airy style of the creation that caught our attention. Indeed, the library was hung on the wall to give a much lighter style.

Finally, in a more contemporary and bright style, you can discover on the Just A Girl blog how to create a built in bookcase with your Ikea Billy piece of furniture. To make this, you can follow the steps directly on the blog. You will love this tutorial for sure !

1. Built-in Ikea Billy bookcase hack A Beautiful Mess / 2. Ikea Billy Bookcase Built-In Hack Design Sixty Nine / 3. Billy bookcase hack Just a Girl

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