diy christmas tree skirt alternatives

Ideas and DIY tree skirt alternatives for christmas

Alternatives ideas and DIY for your Christmas tree skirt. Christmas is coming… and we are so excited about it ! In a few days, you will bring back home your eagerly awaited Christmas tree ! The Christmas tree is the central piece of your Christmas decoration and deserves the best ornaments and a proper tree skirt (or tree collar).

Tree skirts are often neglected and an ugly visible tree stand can ruin the overall look of your Christmas tree. So we have selected for you the best ideas and DIY tree skirt alternatives using baskets, craft paper or metal.

Build your own a Christmas tree skirt

From upcycling options to simple DIY, you should love our selection of stylish and beautiful tree skirts. Your Christmas tree had never looked that pretty !

Create a Christmas tree skirt with a basket

Our first suggestion is to use an old wicker basket to hide the (ugly) tree stand inside. The real good idea with this option is too add more baskets of different shape and size around the tree. Display additional pine bough, pine cones and berries garland in some of them. Display your gifts in and around the baskets. This tree skirt alternative creates a very charming vintage countryside look. Voila, your Christmas tree is ready for the party !

This option is quite cheap as if you don’t have any baskets to upcycle you can easily find some in a garage sale for a few bucks.

diy christmas tree skirt alternatives basket

For our second option we are still using baskets but in a much more modern twist. Select a couple of two-tone jute baskets and you are done ! Two tones jute or woven baskets are very easy to find and you can select the color you want to match your interior. We love it in dark blue like on the picture but also in white. This Christmas tree skirt option is perfect of a natural or kinfolk Christmas. It works also very well with a small Christmas tree as you can find those baskets (with or without handles) in many different sizes.

Our last option is a DIY from the famous Fall For DIY blog. You will learn how to create your own basket, using a rope and a plastic basket. What we love here is the idea of upcycling instead of buying. You surely have somewhere an old laundry basket which deserves a new life no ?

Our tip : You love this DIY but you want something more colorful ? Paint the rope with several different blocks of colors and create a multicolored Christmas tree skirt, perfect to match with your rainbow Christmas tree ! If you use a cotton rope, you can also simply dye it in any color of your choosing !

Planete Deco / Essential Home / Fall For DIY

Metallic Christmas tree skirts

The first tutorial is a DIY Christmas tree skirt from the beautiful blog The Merry Though. We love the golden metallic basket and the fake fur they used to hide the tree stand. The result is both very modern and elegant. It’s so easy to reproduce and you can select a metallic basket of any color to match your Christmas home decor : silver, black, white or even red or green if you are into traditional Christmas hues.

Our tip : Make sure you select the right size for your basket based on the size of your tree and tree stand. The tree stand needs to fit in of course, but pay attention to proportions too. A big tree in a small basket will look weird.

diy christmas tree skirt alternatives metallic basket

Our second suggestion works perfectly for a small to average size Christmas tree. It’s quite easy, you hide the tree stand into a metallic bucket. It has a very vintage and countryside look. Perfect for a traditional Christmas decoration. You can find a bucket of any style available at local retailers : vintage, plain, colored, with text and sayings, …

Our third metallic Christmas skirt alternative is to go for a galvanized metal Christmas tree collar. There are hundreds of options available online and in store or you can also do it yourself if you are not afraid of metal cutting.

We particularly like this one with the golden border, rustic but with a twist.

The Merry Thought / Pinterest / 12th And White

Other alternatives for your Christmas tree skirt

You want to ditch the traditional fabric Christmas tree skirt ? You are looking for something different than a metallic or a woven basket for your Christmas tree skirt ? No problem. Here are some additional stylish options for you !

Another possibility is to create your own Christmas tree collar with craft paper. It’s very easy, it’s cheap and you can adapt it to any tree size. Craft paper is really vogue-ish in home decoration those days so you will be right in the trend. It will be great in a modern or Scandinavian interior. And don’t hesitate to go for recycled craft paper !

diy christmas tree skirt alternatives craft paper

We love this idea of having your Christmas tree in a simple transparent vase or glass jar. It is minimalist, elegant and so design. However, this option will work only with a light and small Christmas tree. And be careful not to hang too many ornaments !

Our tip : if you need the vase to be heavier so the tree doesn’t fall, you can add a few stones or pebbles in it !

Our last suggestion is soft, warm and cozy. We suggest you borrow from your sofa this nice knitted blanket and use it to hide your tree stand for a few weeks.

We love that you don’t have to buy anything and the final result is just great. It creates such a nice soft and plush atmosphere. Ideal in a white polar Christmas interior design.

Nina Holst / Meidan Harmoniaa / Becki Owens

Our selection for your Christmas tree skirt

Between the kids, your job, all the Christmas present to find and buy for everyone… preparing Christmas doesn’t always rhythm with free time ! And let’s be honest, some of us can hardly find the time to create their own tree skirt or collar. But don’t worry, we have done a little selection of the best Christmas tree skirts and collars to buy in retail. And if you are fond of the idea of using a basket to put your tree in, we’ve done a selection too !

Our favorite Christmas tree skirts in retail

You are looking for a nice and easy way to cover up the base of your tree, artificial or live ? All the tree skirts below will completely encase the ugly metal and screws on the tree stand used to anchor the tree.

I love this first Christmas tree skirt, made from hand woven split rattan, this simple ring adds the finishing touch to any tree. Perfect for a traditional or natural themed Christmas.

My second crush is this giant knitted Christmas tree skirt found on Etsy. It is handmade, it is cozy, it is soft … With such a tree skirt I just want to curl up like a cat on it !

Another suggestion are those Christmas tree skirts done with willow baskets and found on Etsy too. I like the quite wide flared shape and the color of those baskets. They are all natural and handmade. What else ?

01. Rattan Christmas tree ring from Cox & Cox / 02. Giant knitted Christmas tree skirt from
Lauren Aston Designs
/ 03. Christmas tree skirt from
Naturally Useful

04. Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt with your initials from
Plant And Sew
/ 05. Ultra faux fur tree skirt from Restoration Hardware / 06. Starry metal tree ring from Cox & Cox

A selection of baskets to use as a Christmas tree skirt

If you have a small Christmas tree in a pot, using a basket and putting the tree inside is a great idea. Moreover, you will upcycle the basket for something else after Christmas. No waste.

I really like the sequin basket. The silver color of the sequin contrast with the natural jute and brings a lot of modernity.

How lovely is this paper bag for your Christmas tree ? If you have a small Christmas tree this craft paper bag is a must have ! Princess Elsa herself would be jealous !

My last fav, this trio of pink and natural sisal baskets. Put your Christmas tree in the bigger one and use the two others to display your presents.

01. Large silver sequin dipped seagrass belly basket from Emily Rose Decor / 02. Let it grow, plant paper bag from
Anders And Boo
/ 03. Bright pink and natural sisal baskets from
Kenyan Crafts Company

04. Liklim fringed basket from La Redoute / 05. Pack of 2 Elori metal & copper baskets from La Redoute / 06. Tabea Jute Basket from La Redoute

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