diy ikea duktig kid play kitchen makeover pastel mint color

Ikea’s Duktig kid play kitchen makeovers

Looking for inspiration and DIY tutorials to hack the Ikea’s Duktig kid play kitchen ? We are totally a fan of Ikea hack. This time with the Ikea Duktig kid play kitchen, it’s actually more makeovers than hacks. If you have kids, boys or girls, you certainly have spotted already this little play kitchen.

With its plain look and sturdy construction, this kid play kitchen is once again the ideal canvas for customization.  We have selected for you what we believe to be the best DIY tutorials and customization ideas by color and by style. Are you ready to give more personality and charm this little kitchen ?

Ikea Duktig kid kitchen makeover by color

You bought the Ikea play kitchen and you are looking to customize it ? You want to make it unique for your child (and maybe to fit in your interior design) ?  Have a look at the DIYs below ! Painted with pastel colors, natural earthy colors or in black and white for a modern look, it’s up to you !

Duktig kid kitchen hack with pastel colors

We literally fell in love with the pastel color kitchens below. They are so sweet and pretty ! If only our own adult kitchen could be that lovely…

We found the first kitchen on the French Hello blogzine blog. The tutorial to customize this little kitchen is extremely detailed and provides all the information for you to start your project.

diy ikea duktig kid play kitchen makeover pastel color

In terms of supplies, you don’t need that much, some paint, varnish spray, fake tiles decals for the backsplash and new handles. We particularly love the wooden and leather handles which perfectly complete the look of the kitchen.

We also love very much the two makeover below, one in grey and the other one in a pale beige. The supplies needed and the method employed for those two makeovers of the Ikea Duktig play kitchen is pretty similar. A bit of time and a lot of love !

1. Pastel teal color Ikea kids kitchen hack Hello Hello / 2. Grey Ikea kid play kitchen hack Pinterest  / 3. Beige pastel color Ikea kid kitchen Almost Makes Perfect

Duktig makeover with natural earthy colors

You are not really into pastel colors and are looking for something different to customize your little one Ikea Kitchen ? Fine. We selected the following DIYs which are making use of earthy natural colors instead. Painted in charcoal, brown, taupe color, those little kitchens are just adorable and totally gender neutral.

diy ikea duktig kid play kitchen makeover charcoal boy color

We found this first kitchen on Lust Living blog. We love the combination of charcoal paint, granit effect worktop (spray paint) and bronze accessories, sink and cupboard handles (spray paint again). The result is very gender neutral and elegant.

Then, the second Ikea kid kitchen makeover has been found on Home of the Wildlings blog. And we are totally a fan ! The earthy color palette gives a very sweet and natural look to this little kitchen. We love the dark brown leather handles and the combination with the rattan vegetable stand on the right !

1. Charcoal color painted Ikea Duktig makeover Lust Living  / 2. Brown wood and white natural Duktig makeover Home Of the Wildlings / 3. Brown Duktig play kitchen makeover Romlesya

Black and white modern Duktig kid play kitchen makeover

If you are looking for a more minimalist or modern look, you will love those black and white kid kitchen makeover !

diy ikea duktig kid play kitchen makeover modern black white color

The first kitchen comes from Josefin Danielsson Instagram for her son and we are totally in love with it. She doesn’t provide a tutorial for it but it’s pretty easy and we gonna help you. To do this makeover you would need white chalk paint, black paint in spray for the sink, wooden beads and leather for the handles and slate chalkboard decal. Disassemble the kitchen and sand the parts before painting.

We also like very much the way the Ikea kid play kitchen has been hacked below and transformed in a little deli. Thumbs up as well for the little kitchen from Monique, painted in white and black polka dots. Very inspiring !

1. Black and white Ikea kid kitchen customization with wooden beads Josefin Danielsson/ 2. Little deli Ikea Duktig hack Home Via Laura   / 3. Black and white polka dot Ikea Duktig makeover Monique

Ikea Duktig kid kitchen makeover by style

You will probably agree, all those kitchens are adorable and as you can see they don’t require that much supplies. What you mainly need to do those makeover is time and space to let the paint dry.

Discover 9 additional Ikea kitchens super stylish makeover. Floral, retro or chic, they all have a rock star like style !

Duktig kitchen floral style inspirations and Diys

This vintage floral kid kitchen makeover comes from Christine Simply Bloom and is just stunning !

diy ikea duktig kid play kitchen makeover vintage boho floral decals

It looks very complex to do but it is actually not ! What you need to reproduce this makeover is white paint, brass paint spray (for all the accessories and the sink) and a piece of plywood to create the backsplash (add floral decals and fix it with wood glue. That’s it! The key to reproduce this look is to add additional accessories like the paper flower garland, the retro teapot and cloth.

The two kid kitchens below gives you additional ideas to give a floral look to your Duktig. They both use floral sticker for the backsplash. Note that floral sticker can also be used on the cupboards doors !

1. Vintage floral ikea kids kitchen remodel Christine_simplybloom / 2. Vintage Floral Art Sticker duktig kitchen Stickers Coloray / 3. Vintage pastel floral ikea kids kitchen hack Pinterest

Vintage style and makeover kid play kitchen

You like the vintage and retro style ? So do we ! And the kid play kitchen below just got it perfectly right !

diy ikea duktig kid play kitchen makeover vintage

The first kitchen above comes from Visual Vocabularies and is probably one of the most elaborated kid kitchen makoever we have found on the web. What is very unique is the little handmade retro windows skirt. We also love the additional oven buttons and the marble countertop. The tutorial is very clear so it’s easy to reproduce. Don’t hesitate !

Then, we have been seduced by the two makeovers below. We really love their vintage retro style !

1. Vintage style Dukig makeover with window skirt and marble countertop Visual Vocabularie / 2. Grey vintage play kitchen makeover Gildeheart / 3. Traditional vintage Ikea Duktig makeover Style Me Pretty

Luxe and chic Duktig kid play kitchen makeover

Finally, we have decided to share with you a selection of chic play kitchen makeover for those who like it chic and glam !

diy ikea duktig kid play kitchen makeover blush pink brass gold chic

The first kitchen above comes from A beautiful Mess blog. It’s girly and very sophisticated ! Ideal if your little princess loves pink and stars ! The tutorial can be found on their blog.

Then, we really had a crush for the blue elegant Duktig kitchen makeover from Trodel blog. Brittany did this makeover for her son Fox and we just love the result. It’s adorable and gender neutral. The combination with the Smeg fridge is to die for !

Finally, if you are looking for inspiration for a chic and glam Ikea Duktig customization, this third makeover in white and brass is beautiful.

1. Blush pink and gold brass accessories A beautiful Mess / 2. Blue and gold ikea duktig kitchen makeover Trodel / 3. White and gold ikea duktig kitchen Paige Yan Photography

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