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Printable Christmas wrapping papers and holidays cards

Where to find printable Christmas wrapping papers and cards ? Buying the gifts, decorate your home, planning the Christmas dinner,… one thing is sure : you don’t really have time to think about your wrapping papers and holidays cards. No worries, today we want to share with you our favorite printables of the season.

Find below some of the most beautiful printable Christmas wrapping papers and greetings cards found on our favorite DIY blogs.

Don’t buy your wrapping papers and holidays cards, print them !

December is usually a pretty expensive month. You bought all the gifts for your loved ones, your party decor and your Christmas meal, there is not much left to wrap your gifts and send Christmas greeting cards.

But there are some solutions to save money during Christmas ! With a simple printer, you can save a lot of money without neglecting the style of your gift wraps and your holidays cards. Let’s have a look at the best ones of the year.

10 printable Christmas wrapping papers and holiday cards

Before discovering our Etsy selection at the end of the post, we invite you to have a look at 10 free wrapping papers and Christmas cards that we carefully handpicked for you.

Free printable Christmas wrapping papers

To pack and wrap your small gifts, these free printable Christmas wrapping papers are just perfect. We found them on the best DIY blogs and we bet you will love them all !

First, we fell in love with this wrapping paper found on the Lana Red Studio blog. With its little red-nosed reindeer, this colorful and fun paper is perfect to add a touch of humor under your Christmas tree.

christmas printable wrapping paper

Then, if you want to make more graphic and contemporary gift wraps, you’ll like the next free printable paper. With its beautiful notes of pink and gold, this gift wrap will bring a beautiful modern note to your home for the holidays.

The third paper will be ideal for those who want to place more traditional gifts under the tree. This printable has been found on the blog of Jeanna Kate and you can associate it with a nice red and white fabric ribbon.

Then, we are fond of the black and white prints of the next printable. Finalize your gift wrap with monochrome twine or a simple linen string.

Finally, discover the Christmas printable wrapping paper Shake has made for you. With its terrazzo pattern, we are pretty sure everyone will love it. Follow us on Instagram to check it out or just click on the link below to download it.

1. Lana Red Studio / 2. Isoscella / 3. Jeanna Kate At Home / 4. The Beauty Dojo / 5. Shake

Free printable Christmas cards

Looking for nice cards to send to your loved ones for Christmas and New Year ? Find below a few ideas you should love !

First, we had a crush on the fun and colorful style of the first greeting card found on the White House Craft blog. With its pink flamingo illustration, your gift won’t go unnoticed !

christmas printable greeting cards

Then we spotted this stylish colorful greeting card. The style of this one is more graphic and the paper cut gives these cards a truly unique look. You can, of course, print them on the colored paper of your choice.

You want something more minimalist ? Download and print the holidays cards made by The Beauty Dojo. The black message on a white background gives a very modern style to these small printable Christmas cards.

Then, if you are looking for a more colorful greeting cards, choose the ones we found on the Damask Love blog. Several models are available, so you can choose the one you like the most.

Finally, it’s still a Shake’s creation which completes this selection. This is our 2018 printable Christmas card and you can print for free by visiting our Instagram account !

1. White House Crafts / 2. Persia Lou / 3. The Beauty Dojo / 4. Damask Love / 5. Shake

Our selection of wrapping paper and Christmas cards

You have not found the printable Christmas wrapping paper or card made for you in the selection above ? No worries ! Let’s discover a selection of products found in the best Etsy shops !

Our selection of printable Christmas wrapping papers

Our favorite

What’s better than getting a Christmas gift ? Getting a gift that’s fun to look at and open ! Make your own Christmas coloring wrapping paper that’s just as exciting as the gift inside. Each design is a repeating pattern, so if you need to wrap a big gift, you can easily join a few pages together. This printable wrapping paper found in the Etsy shop By Sarah Renae is just perfect for kids !

Then, we are fond of the minimal Christmas wrapping paper made by Dshott. It’s a perfect choice if you are in Christmas rush. This DIY printable wrapping paper is sold as a set of 6 simple, cute and modern patterns that have low-ink usage. It’s not a free download, but it is cheap as chips.

The selection

01. Christmas black and white wrapping paper from By Sarah Renae Clark / 02. Christmas tree printable wrapping from Nine Two Design / 03. Minimal Christmas wrap from Dshott

01. Christmas tree sheets printable from Mesh and Cloth / 02. Christmas wrapping printable from OTG Designs / 03. Printable gift wrapping paper from JJ Lynn Design

Our selection of printable Christmas cards

Our favorite

We really love the Christmas card made by Ruth Abel. Send love and joy through the mail this holiday season with this beautiful Christmas cards ! This one is a Christmas wreath print and your loved ones and friends will be so grateful for receiving it.

The selection

01. Wreath printable Christmas card from Ruth Abel Art / 02. Avocado printable Christmas card from Bressi Illustration / 03. Printable Christmas card from All Paper Art

01. Holiday cards set from Letter Piece / 02. Penguin pattern Christmas card from Bressi Illustration / 03. Printable Christmas card from Imagoprint

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