diy macrame plant hanger modern black leather

Unique DIY macrame plant hanger ideas and how to

Looking for help and ideas to create your own DIY macrame plant hanger ? Macrame is a trendy and stylish way to make your own plant hangers. This trend coming from the 70s is making a huge comeback and is getting more and more popular.

If you’re a plant lover (like we are), DIY macrame is a great way to incorporate plants into your home decor. Have a look at our unique selection of beautiful and easy to do DIY macrame plant hanger ideas !

DIY macrame plant hangers on trend

Macramé is the art of knotting rope. But, you don’t have to use rope only, many other materials can work like leather, fabric, climbing ropes, …. Basical,ly anything you can tie ! Our first selection of tutorials come from the best DIYs and design blogs of the web and will show you how to make modern styled macramé plant hangers and boho chic styled macramés. Enjoy !

Modern DIY macrame plant hangers

There are many different kind of knots you can learn and many ways to customize your plant hanger. Our first fav DIY is a very modern looking macrame plant hanger using black rope and wooden beads.

diy macrame plant hanger modern black

We love it’s look and as the knots are pretty simple, it’s a great project to start with for beginners !

Then, the next DIY comes from the famous Monster Circus blog. It’s made with slim leather cord and flat cork disks. Combined wit a small concrete planter and a succulent, the result is just awesome. Minimalist and modern. We love it.

Finally our third modern macrame plant hanger comes from Design Sponge blog. This plant hanger is really unique and is made with leather. To be fair, it’s not really using the macrame technique but it is actually copying the macrame look. To do this diy you will need a piece of leather fabric (or faux leather) and leather cords.

1. Modern black macrame plant hanger Hen House / 2. Modern black and leather plant hanger Monster Circus / 3. Black leather macrame plant hanger Design Sponge

Boho chic inspired DIY macrame plant hangers

Originally macrame belongs to the bohemian trend. And we absolutely love the boho chic inspired plant hangers of the selection below.

diy macrame plant hanger boho tie dye

The first DIY above will explain you clearly how to create tie and tye macrame plant hangers. The result is both natural and refined. We really love it.

To be honest we had a little crush on the second DIY below. This mini pink macrame plant hanger is just so cute and refreshing ! The wooden ring, the turquoise cord at the bottom, the small glass vase, … everthing in this DIY has been well thought through and the final result is very delicate.

Finally, the third boho inspired diy of this selection comes from Mini Eco blog. Its made with simple natural cord and painted eggshells as planters !

1. Tie and dye macrame plant hanger Lili in Wonderland / 2. Mini macrame plant hanger / 3. Mini pink macrame plant hanger Mini Eco

Other DIY ideas for your macrame plant hanger

Looking for other ideas for your macrame plant hanger ? That’s fine. Discover below our next selection of very clear and well explained DIYs to create other styles of plant hangers. Natural or chic, make your choice !

Simple DIY macrame plant hanger with natural rope

The DIYs below will show you how to make a macrame plant hanger using basic knots and patterns. If you are looking for a first and simple macrame DIY project to start with, have a look to our fully detailed video tutorial.

You can also check out the other great DIY ideas below !
diy macrame plant hanger simple knots

The first DIY above comes from the famous blog Jungalow. If you love simple knots and natural macrame style this is definitively the DIY project to start with !

Our next DIY comes from Hey Lila Hey. What do you think of the result ? Stunning no ? As you can see the knots are a bit more complex to execute but if you are a bit more advanced or just love challenges, give it a try !

Finally our third DIY of this selection is quite simple and yet very beautiful. The visual impact comes from the matching colors between the woven planter and the macrame hanger (white and wood). Made with simple white rope, a wooden ring and easy to do knots, it’s a great project to start with.

1. Simple woven macrame plant hanger Jungalow / 2. White cotton macrame plant hanger Hey Lila Hey / 3. White macrame plant hanger Atilio

Chic DIY macrame plant hangers

Finally, our last selection of DIY macrame plant hangers is dedicated to those who like when it shines! Who said macrame cannot be chic ? The first DIY below will show you how to create a simple small macrame plant hanger and a brass plant stand to go with it.

diy macrame plant hanger chic gold plant stand

The second DIY below is a black and brass macrame plant hanger from Designs by Tamara Lee. Easy to fit in any chic interior.

Finally the last DIY of our selection comes from the famous Vintage Revivals blog. It mixes the macrame technique with other techniques and the result is a small chic brass geometric plant hanger with a gem look.

So, ready to try your hand at macrame ?

1. Macramé plant hanger and gold plant stand Foxy Oxie / 2. Black and brass macrame plant hanger Designs by Tamara Lee / 3. Leather and brass plant hanger Vintage Revivals

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