shared kids bedroom

How to design a shared kids bedroom ?

How to configure a shared kids bedroom ? You have 2 children but only one bedroom and you want to create something both stylish and functional for them ?

In this article I’m going to share with you all my design solutions and ideas for a shared kids bedroom.

Bunk bed or single bed, room divider, storage ideas, decoration tips… How to give each child their own space but still manage to create a modern unified room ? How to make the most of the bedroom layout ? You will find here some design tips for shared rooms with style.

A stylish kids bedroom with bunk bed

Bunk bed is a classic which provides the huge advantage of saving space. From large furniture retailers like Ikea, Oeuf NYC or to custom made beds, you can find really nice and modern designs to perfectly fit the layout of the bedroom.

shared kids bedroom bulk bed

The traditional pine bunk bed is a good option if you are looking for something sturdy and neutral. This kind of bed also works for both adults and children. To add style easily, choose for example a blue bed linen and add some nice patterned cushions.

Some bunk bed comes in two parts. They make a very good option to adapt to irregular layout and to create a different night-area style for each child. Those kind of Bunk beds also often brings a little stylish twist in the bedroom.

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Configure a kids bedroom with two single beds

If you have enough space, having two single beds is an option. It gives you flexibility in terms of layout. Moreover, even though your kids will be sharing the same bedroom they will have their own space.

You can put the beds side by side, the advantages are visual symmetry, equal space for both kids. Special bonus : it leaves you plenty of storage space !

shared kids bedroom double bed

You might even have enough space to create a nice playing area by adding a third bed, sofa or even tepee !

Another possible option is adjacent beds for a long and narrow bedroom.

Last solution, the 90 degree angle configuration. It’s often the best solution for very small rooms. With a bit a decoration work it will gives the illusion of each child having their own dedicated area.

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Two bedrooms in one room

Your children need to share a room but have different personality and express their wish to have two distinct zones ?

Like on this picture, try to visually separate the room in two. In this example we use the wardrobe but it could be a different piece of furniture. Then use two different wallpapers to create two individual spaces. For a cohesive design, just make sure the shades and colors belong to compatible palettes !

shared kids bedroom room divider

My tip : If you don’t feel like having a bi-color room, pick up two different wallpapers to create different headboards for each of your child ! You can find an infinite number of options online allowing you to pick up something expressing your child personality !

You can now find a lot of stylish options of single beds out there. From vintage metal bed frame to Scandinavian design. However remember that safety should always be top priority when it comes to kids beds.

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