rustic christmas home table decor

A rustic home decor for Christmas

How to create a rustic Christmas decor for your home ? Christmas is coming and you are still looking for some ideas to decorate your home or your table. There’s no need to panic about it ! Today, we want to help the latecomers who are still looking for some beautiful Christmas decorating ideas.

Find below plenty of ideas and tips to create a pretty rustic home decoration to celebrate Christmas with your family or friends. Whether you want to decorate your home or your tablescape, you’ll love these ones !

The trend of the year : a rustic Christmas decor

This year, the comeback to the Christmas original style is a must. Indeed, at every home decor stores, you can find Christmas accessories proudly showing their rustic style.

Wood, natural textiles, red, beige, … these are some of the key features that will allow you to create a rustic decoration for the holidays.

A rustic decoration for Christmas

You want your home to have this kind of look for Christmas ? Find out how to do it by following our decorating tips and ideas.

A rustic decoration for your home

First, you will find below some decorating ideas for your home. Whether you’re looking for a rustic Christmas decor in your living room, kitchen or garden, you will find all the tips you need.

Creating a rustic Christmas decoration has a huge benefit : you don’t have any specific codes to respect. Indeed, the key is to keep at list one of those elements, wood, plants or natural colors. Then, choose the style you love the most for your rustic home or table decor. There are a lot of rustic Christmas decor variations : traditional, modern, green style,… it’s up to you !

rustic christmas home decor

Anyway, you first have to integrate wooden elements. If you already have plain wood furniture in your home, you won’t have much more to do on that side. Otherwise, you can add here and there some wooden touches with candleholders for example or wooden garlands.

Then the Christmas tree branches will be are a really important element. Use them to make a table runner for example and put some white or beige candles here and there. You can also dress the top of your fireplace or surround your doors and windows with fir garlands.

Finally, regarding textiles and fabrics, natural cotton and linen are the best choices to make. For example, you can use them to cover your cushions. Also, why not customize them with pretty Christmas quotes drawn with textile paint ?

You can also use these textiles, in light shades such as beige or white, to make a Christmas tree skirt or even to create small ornaments.

1. Marks and Spencer / 2. Liz Marie Blog / 3. Liz Marie Blog / 4. Pinterest / 5. She Holds Dearly

A rustic and elegant Christmas tablescape

Now it’s time to discover some beautiful ideas to create a rustic tablescape for Christmas.

For example, you can make a minimal table decor look. This is the advantage of a Christmas tablescape with rustic and natural accents : you are not expected to make tons of it. With a few accessories, you can create a beautiful holiday table. A pretty linen tablecloth and matching napkins, candles everywhere on the table and a green centerpiece are all you need.

rustic christmas table decor

Then if you are more into light color palette, greenery and foliage are a good way to add small touches of colors on your Christmas table.

Regarding dishes set, prefer plates and glasses made in a traditional way. They are perfect to add a beautiful authentic look to your tablescape.

For lovers of raw and natural accessories who want a truly rustic Christmas table, add, on your table, some wooden slices as a table mat or as a trivet. Decorate the centerpiece with a beautiful garland made from fir branches and pine cones. For the final touch, add big candles to create a magical atmosphere.

Finally, if you do not want a total rustic look, you can simply choose a centerpiece to bring the authentic note. Once more, prefer it made from natural elements : fir, pine cones, red berries,… the look will be just beautiful !

1. Elizabeth Anne Designs / 2. Sugar and Charm / 3. So Much Better With Age / 4. Boxwood Avenue / 5. Trendenser

Our selection of rustic Christmas accessories

You’ve made your mind and want a rustic home decor for Christmas ? Great ! Now, here is a nice selection to decorate your home or dress your table.

Rustic Christmas accessories for the home

First, find below some beautiful home accessories to add an authentic look into your home for Christmas.

Our favorite

Among all the elements that make up this selection, we really have our fav.

We especially love the pretty painted wooden candlesticks found in the KKS Mercantile shop on Etsy. They are perfect for those who want to add a little touch of color into their rustic Christmas decor.

Then we are fond of the Merry Christmas cushion cover found in the Rustic Joy Decor shop on Etsy. It includes all the features of a beautiful rustic Christmas decoration : beige linen, green plant pattern and red quote.

The selection

01. Artificial holly branch from Maisons du Monde / 02. Christmas candle from Maisons du Monde / 03. Wooden Christmas candleholder from Kks Mercantile

01. Merry Christmas pillow cover from Rustic Joy Decor / 02. Christmas ornaments from Maisons du Monde / 03. Wooden slice ornament from Atelier 58E

Rustic Christmas accessories for the table

Looking for some rustic accessories to decorate your table for Christmas ? Find below the ones we love the most.

Our favorite

First, let’s discover our favorites accessories for a beautiful rustic Christmas tablescape.

What about the small Christmas stockings silverware holders ? They have a look perfectly matching with Christmas and are a perfect way to add some touches of colors on your tablescape.

Then, we invite you to discover the sliced wooden table mats found in the Ferrels Flock shop on Etsy. As we told you before, it’s a perfect accessory to create a beautiful rustic tablescape decoration for Christmas.

The selection

01. Rustic Christmas candle centerpiece from Archway Store / 02. Wood place cards from Rabar Berry / 03. Christmas silverware holder from Friendly Events

01. Christmas centerpiece from Vekoria / 02. Wood placemat from Ferrels Flock / 03. Dinner plate set from La Redoute

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