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Black and white interiors we love

How to design a black and white interior ? A black and white color palette is both a timeless and modern choice. This color combination has endless possibilities and can be applied to every room. Discover how to combine those two colors in your interior and how to pair them with the right textures, materials and, furnitures.

Black and white interior by style

A black and white color combination has the major advantage to adapt to many different interior design style. It can be modern, Scandinavian, minimalist or even chic. Whether you are a Scandinavian style addict or a obsessed with chic interior design, you will fall in love for these black and white spaces.

Design a Scandinavian black and white interior

First, let’s discover two major trends trend paired together ; black and white and Scandinavian themes. Both styles pair perfectly together. Let’s discover how !

black white interior ideas living room scandinavian

In those three interiors, the Scandinavian (false) simplicity is enhanced by the black and white’s dramatic effect. The black pieces of furniture and decorative elements contrast with the white walls, flooring and curtain. Touches of wood and grey bring some warmth to the whole.

In the living rooms below, the combination of throws, cushions and rugs of different textures and hues brings character to the room and create a very cozy feeling. Indeed a black and white interior needs to be styled. If it isn’t, you can easily end up in a boring and clinical environment. But don’t worry, styling your black and white house or appartment is not difficult. What is important is to bring texture and contrast. You can also mix small touches of earthy colors like brown chocolate, grey or taupe.

In a black and white Scandinavian style home, don’t hesitate to add furniture in light pine wood and thick materials like faux fur or wool. Leather also works perfectly and we are totally in love with the black metal and leather chairs of the dining room below.

1. Black and white Scandi living room Live Right Now / 2. Hygge living room Decor dots / 3. Scandinavian dining room design Lil Jencrantz Design

Fall for a modern black and white interior

A black and white room can also offer a very modern look. It all depends on how you accessorize the room with furniture, decorative elements, light fixtures, and additional color accents. In general, a safe bet is to choose white for the background and black as an accent for the rest of the room. But it doesn’t mean black should be reserved for the furniture ! In the living room below the background is mainly white but the beams and French windows have been painted in black.

black white interior ideas living room modern

To give to your living room a modern look, wall art is ideal. It can be a massive black and white modern painting like above and below or a collection of photographs. If you love black and white interiors but still want to bring a touch of color, you have plenty of choices. To create a modern interior, dark blue, blush pink, grey or mustard are beautiful and modern colors to be combined with a black and white color palette.

Black and white is really easy to pair with other colors, but it needs to be done wisely with small touches as black and white needs to remain the main color scheme.

1. Modern industrial black and white living room Dwell / 2. Designer black and white living room Coco Lapine design / 3. Designer black and white living room Entrance


Opt for a chic black and white interior

Black and white is probably one of the best color palettes to create the background of a luxurious and elegant interior. Combined with gold accents, it immediately creates a chic atmosphere.

black white interior ideas living room scandinavian chic elegant

We absolutely love the living room above. The combination of black, white and gold is done without any false step. Thanks to the mid-century beautiful pieces of furniture like the chair or the coffee table and the addition of modern decorative elements the overall result is perfectly tasteful.

The two rooms below are more traditional and also use black and white as their main playground. Gold accents have been added via an antique gold mirror (a classic) and additional decorative elements. The crystal light fixtures bring lightness and elegance to the whole.

1. Chic black and white Toronto house My Domaine / 2. Black white and gold luxurious living room Pinterest / 3. A chic cozy bedroom My Domaine

Black and white interior design ideas by rooms

Unlike some other color palettes which are more difficult to widely use, the black and white combination can be used in every room ! From the living room to the bedroom and bathroom, black and white can be used in numerous interesting ways.

Stylish black and white bedrooms

Black and white is one of my favorite color combination for the bedroom.  The simplicity of the combination creates a peaceful look (which is exactly what you need in a bedroom) and yet the contrasting colors bring character and personality. It’s modern and gender neutral. Mixed with small touches of earthy colors and natural materials, those black and white bedrooms are my fav.

black white stylish modern bedroom

Since we are talking about bedrooms, I would definitely recommend using white as the main background color (walls, ceiling, and floor) and to keep black for the furniture, decorative elements or bed linen. Although a black wall can create quite a statement, I find it not ideal in a bedroom.

Black and white bedrooms are far from being for adults only ! This color combination is actually really trendy for your little one’s bedroom. Black and white provides a very fascinating contrast for smaller babies and is also modern and gender neutral. No doubt it’s such a hot trend right now !

1. A black and white modern bedroom My Scandinavian Home / 2. Black bed linen Pinterest / 3. Black white kids bedroom Cars For Mars


Beautiful black and white kitchen ideas

Black and white is can also be a superb color choice for your kitchen ! Whether you like modern, chic, industrial or rustic kitchens, this color scheme is a safe bet.

black white modern kitchen idea

We love the kitchen above which mixes elegance and modernity. The color balance between black and white is almost perfect. The high wall mounted cupboard blend with the ceiling and balance the black wooden flooring and central island. A beautiful cooking range complement this stunning kitchen.

The two following kitchens are very different and demonstrate that black and white works with every style !

The first one below combines minimalism, modernity, and elegance. The flawless marble kitchen central island and the sleek line of the kitchen are just stunning. Even though this kitchen is very refined, the marble texture brings a lot of character and personality to the kitchen. The light wooden flooring brings some warmth to the wall.

The last kitchen is a beautiful rustic industrial kitchen which perfectly mixes black, white and wood. White metro tiles are used as the kitchen splashback and the combination of small and big white and black lighting fixtures brings a lot of charm to the kitchen.

1. Modern black and white kitchen Est Living / 2. Black and white marble kitchen Rouse Home / 3. Industrial rustic kitchen with white metro tiles Neptune

Stunning black and white bathroom

The following black and white bathroom is one of my favorites of all time. It has a very minimalist look which is just captivating. Everything is black or white excepting the granite floor slab which brings some texture to the whole. The black taps, shower glass frame, and bottles are offset by the perfectly bright white wall. A bathroom that demonstrates that sometimes less is definitivly more !

black white minimalist bathroom ideas

The next black and white bathroom is playing with the industrial and retro codes. We are totally fond of those flat white matt metro tiles. The black taps are offset by the white walls and to smarten it up, extra large marble tiles are used for the floor slab. Thumbs up !

Finally, the last bathroom proves us one more time that black and white always work perfectly with brass and gold element. We love the very chic and luxurious look of this last bathroom which doesn’t hesitate to adorn itself with two shower heads (my secret dream).

1. Minimalist black and white bathroom Pinterest / 2. Flat metro tiles bathroom Living etc / 3. White, black tiles and brass accessories Pinterest

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