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Trends : Take your home to next level with cane

How to use cane in your home decor ? For a few months now, you must have noticed that cane has made a huge comeback in the world of home decoration. Most trendy boutiques offer a full range of furniture and home accessories made from this material.

You want to add a small note of cane to your interior ? Discover today how to do so with some of the best interior designer tips and inspiring ideas. In the living room, dining room or in the bedroom let’s discover all the best ideas to use cane in your interior. In addition, do not miss our shopping selection around cane at the end of the post.

What is cane ?

It was in the 17th century that cane became the natural material favored by the craftsmen. Very fashionable at this time, cane is used to cover chairs, armchairs, benches and headboards.

At the dawn of the 20th century, it was modernized and was even used to create an iconic chair : the chair No.14 by Michael Thonet.

How to use cane furniture and accessories in your home ?

Looking for some ideas to use cane in your home decor ? Not sure for which room or which cane furniture you should go for ? Here are some of your options.

Adding a touch of cane in the living room

First, in your dining room or living room, you can easily go for caned chairs. That’s one of the most classic (and safe) ways to add cane in your interior. As mentioned above, don’t forget that historically, cane was first used for chairs !

trend cane home decor dining room

The chair No.14 by Michael Thonet is the perfect chair to complete your dining table. For a particularly trendy look, do not hesitate to browse the flea markets around your home to find vintage models.

Be aware that this type of chair fits very easily with any type of interior. For example, you can use them around a rustic wooden table. They can also give a vintage side to a more contemporary dining room.

In your living room, you can add cane using pretty armchairs. You can really easily find original products on the Web (you will also find some of them in our selection below).

Cane is a natural material, it means you can associate it with wood with no hesitation. It also mixes very well with every shades of green and will contribute to creating a bright and fresh interior design vibe.

Finally, you can also add a note of cane in your home by choosing a cane cabinet or a buffet. Most of the time those type of furniture are not entirely in cane, they are in wood and only the doors are in cane.

1. Odile PP / 2. Domino / 3. Tuula Vintage / 4. Cup of Jo / 5. Broste Copenhagen

Using cane in the bedroom

Now, let’s go to the bedroom and see how to help you to add a touch of cane in it.

First, you’ll have no trouble finding a cane headboard to revamp the decor of your room. In a vintage version (very Art Deco) like the one found on the site Chzon or in a more contemporary version, it gives you the opportunity to play with different styles for a truly original decor.

trend cane home decor bedroom

If you do not have the budget to change your headboard or bed frame, then you can install a small bench at the foot of it. It will bring a beautiful vintage note in your room and offer you a seat to finish dressing yourself.

Some pieces of furniture really put the cane in the spotlight. We particularly liked the console created by the French brand Blomkal which combines rounded shapes and details in cane. It’s elegant and modern.

Finally, you can use a cane screen to delineate the spaces of your room. If you wish, you can make it yourself by buying a roll of cane in your favorite DIY store.

1. Chzon / 2. The Socialite Family / 3. Anthropologie / 4. Blomkal / 5. Loko Loko

Our selection of cane furniture and home accessories

Now it’s time to discover the selection of cane furniture and home accessories we selected for you from online shops. You will find many other lovely things to add a touch of cane to your home !

Our selection of cane furniture

Cabinet, sideboard, headboard,… we are pretty sure you gonna love all those cane furniture. Let’s have a look to our selection !

Our favorite

First, we love the stylish mixture of solid oak, cane, straight lines and steel of the first cabinet found on La Redoute. It is a modern yet beautifully natural addition to your home. You can use it in your living room or in your bedroom as a small wardrobe.

Then, you will probably fall in love with the Malu headboard, also found on La Redoute. Cane headboards are really trendy this season, and the hand made design of this piece of furniture is a beautiful creation. With its delicate structure, it’s a perfect way to add a natural and stylish touch to any bedroom. You will be surprised to see how easy it is to mix it with any interior design style.

Finally, we are fond of the stunning cane sideboard found on Etsy. It was designed by Jack Cartwright for Founders Furniture, a division of Knoll. This sideboard is built from solid walnut and has elegant mid century styling.

The selection

01. Waska oak and cane cabinet from La Redoute / 02. Malu rattan cane headboard from La Redoute / 03. Louis ochre washed linen and cane medallion chair from Maisons du Monde

01. Wooden sideboard from ABT Modern / 02. Cesca cane woven armchair from 2 Modern / 03. Reema double wardrobe natural oak and cane from Made

Our selection of cane home accessories

You want a more discrete touch of cane in your home ? Check out this beautiful cane home accessories !

Our favorite

Our first favorite accessorie of this selection is the lovely natural wood grain and sleek modern lines mirror found in the Perfect Imperfection shop on Etsy. We love the single caned panel along the tops. This set will perfectly accent a bedroom dresser. It can also serve as decor in a living room or a dining room.

Then we have selected the beautiful celling lamp shade Singapour, designed by the french brand Market Set. This celling lamp is a good way to add a fresh and modern boho vibe to your home. You can pair it with large tropical plants, white walls, and colourful rugs.

Finally, the Salon tray sold by the famous scandinavian brand Normann Copenhagen bring cane into a new level, allowing the material’s strength and neat appearance to shine forth in a simple design. We love this product and I guess you will too ?

The selection

01. Cane mirror from 2 Perfect Imperfection / 02. Singapour cane celling lamp from Market Set / 03. Bedford caned tray from Serena and Lily

01. Vintage wicker and cane lamp shade from Trashtiques / 02. Wooden cane style serving tray from Atelier Cub / 03. Salon tray rust from Normann Copenhagen

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