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Decorate your interior with living coral color

How to decorate your interior with living coral color ? Pantone recently released the official color of 2019. It is living coral, a coral pink slightly orange. Living coral is a very bright and fresh color with a golden undertone.

For many years, Pantone’s color of the year has highly influenced fashion and product development in multiple industries including, of course, interior design ! This year, Pantone chooses a solid and bright color, far from consensual trends ; Living coral. We love it but this color can be a bit intimidating and you might ask yourself how to style it ?

Well, if this beautiful and energizing coral color seduces you, this article is for you ! Discover this new hue and how to integrate it into your home, on your walls, with small touches of color or on furniture and home accessories.

Incorporating living coral color into your home decoration

Living coral is a hue that can you can add to your home in little, mild or even generous doses. This pinkish orange bright hue is not only awesome in your wardrobe, but is also a great way to bring warmth and energy to your interior ! Let’s discover how to style it.

Living coral color walls

As a surface color, living coral will definitely create a very vibrant background. Using living coral on a large surface like walls, floors or ceilings is, let’s be honest, quite a bold statement ! Indeed this color will not simply blend into the background, but if you dare to do it, the result can be beautiful.

living coral walls

Living coral color is also an excellent choice if the room lacks light, and if your pieces of furniture (or other walls) are in hues and shades which combine well with it. White, dark green, blue, mustard, shades of pink, marsala, … all those colors can make a very good color combination.

As you can see above and below, living coral color can be integrated into many different interior styles, from contemporary to bohemian and eclectic environment. Used as a gradient color or in shades, the color becomes easier to use and brings to the room both softness and energy. Personally, we think this color fits very well in a bohemian and a bit quirky interior !

However, be aware, if you adopt living coral on an entire wall like on the pictures below, the rest of the room needs to be styled carefully to create a harmonious environment.

1. A perfect mix of pink, orange and red Huffington Post / 2. A statement wall in a bohemian style interior Anthology Mag / 3. Living coral walls with gradient effect Zuiver – Dutchbone

How to pair living coral color with ?

You can also adopt Living coral by adding several touches of color; painting, furniture, wallpaper, …

First, let’s not forget that this color has an earthy origin ; coral reefs ! In other words, it means that living coral matches pretty well with other earthy colors, material, and natural themed interiors. As you can see below, it pairs beautifully with wooden furniture, ethnic decoration, and houseplants. Living coral is introduced here as an accent chair and the bright color can be found in echo on small decoration items here and there in the room.

living coral velvet sofa

If you are not ready yet to use living coral as a flat bold color on your walls, you can also use pattern on your surfaces to break up the color. It’s an easy trick to introduce the hue without the commitment of a flat wall of color. We love this delicate, luxurious bathroom wallpaper which combines rich tones of coral, green, gold and grey.

Living coral can also be associated in shades. In the bedroom below, the different shades of living coral used on the wall, headboard and bedding form a harmonious and modern background. The small touches of gold and marble of the nightstand bring a final touch of elegance to the bedroom.

Finally, the living coral color goes very well with contrasting colors. Living coral combines perfectly with colors from green fir, olive, and dark green, mustard, berry and even rich and deep blues. As a hue inspired by coral reefs all marine colors and shades pair very well with it.

1.  Living coral brings brightness to a tropical inspired interior Historias de Casa / 2. Living coral touches with an ocean inspired wallpaper Mind the Gap / 3. Shades of pink and living coral for a stunning bedroom  Marcus Lawett for H&M home

Bring in living coral into your home via furnishing and accessories

You love the living coral color but you are not ready yet for wall painting ? That’s not a problem, this color is bright and vibrant enough to be added to your interior with mild and small touches. The best thing to do is to introduce it as an accent sofa, chair, rug or artwork to energize and brings warmth to a room.

Living coral furniture

One of the easiest ways to incorporate most bold colors into your interior is to go for a large piece of statement furniture. In the living room, a sofa is probably the best piece of furniture to choose from. Like below, the colorful coral couch adds instant warmth and energy to a white living room. The gold undertone of the living coral color is used in echo on the coffee table and the ceiling light. Matching pink shades contribute to harmonizing the room.

living coral sofa

We also love the way living coral is introduced in the retro dining room below. With a simple living coral wooden dining table. The coral color matches perfectly with the rich emerald green wall and the whiskey brown mid-century sideboard. The white wooden floor brings the right color balance to the room.

Living coral can also be the highlight touch of a beige, white, grey living room. Like most strong and bold colors do, living coral is just stunning in velvet ! The velvet coral cushions on the grey sofa paired with a comfy rug and a creme fluffy cushions contribute to bringing to the room both warmth and elegance. The coral tone is subtly duplicated on the art book and flowers. See also how well coral pairs with a rich whiskey brown velvet armchair !

1. Beautiful living coral sofa Create Perfect / 2. A living coral dining table for a Scandinavian interior Skandinavische / 3. Velvet living coral cushion and accessories A Better Happier Sebastian

Small touches of Living coral color

Used in small touches and via furniture and home accessories, living coral can spread its strength and still leave enough room for other furniture and texture to blossom. You might be surprised but living coral can be combined with plenty of color palettes and interior design styles !

Living coral color is inspired by coral reefs and works perfectly with deep sea blues and greens, and a myriad of patterns and texture. The stunning Ostrich lamp below and the combination of Living coral and gold color complement this amazing luxurious bedroom. See how many different patterns and textures work well together !

coral ostrich lamp

But living coral color can also be added to many different interior styles, including Scandinavian, modern and minimalist interiors. Like in the kitchen below, the living coral wall cupboard brings an immediate spark of interest to the space and warms up the neutral and cool tones that initially dominate the room.

Finally, you can also bring a pop of coral color into your office space. We love the retro lovely hint carried by this punchy Ercol inspired chair !

1. Stunning coral and gold ostrich lamp Sweet Pea And Willow / 2. Living coral cupboard Curbed  / 3. A home office corner with touches of living coral House of Design

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