interior design celadon green color walls living room

Home decorating color : how to design with celadon green ?

Best ways and ideas to design your interior with celadon green color. Over the past few years, green color has established itself as a strong home decor trend. Green comes in a very large variety of hues and tones and today we are focusing on one of our favorite :the celadon green color !

Sometimes called or associated with sage green, pastel green or mint green, the celadon green color is definitively on the top of the edge and it is easy to understand why ! We are in love with this color which is both modern and timeless. If you are looking for a delicate and bright color to add in your interior, look no further, celadon green color is the right choice.

Paint your walls with celadon green color

The celadon green is discretely coming into our interiors and I can assure you this is a trend to last. Indeed, the celadon green has more than one trick to become an iconic color. And for good reason: it is an elegant, soothing and relaxing color, it illuminates a room, and brings a touch of freshness to any room and furniture.

Inspiring celadon green living rooms

Celadon green is a soft, washed and neutral hue of green.  It’s an ideal color paint for your interior and walls. Combined with white, grey or other pastel colors it creates a peaceful and refined environment.

interior design celadon green color walls living room

Originally, celadon is a term for pottery denoting both wares glazed in the jade green celadon color, also known as greenware and a type of transparent glaze, often with small cracks. The celadon color has been reworked and comes in a large range of green color variations.

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Living coral might be the official color of the year, but green is clearly taking center stage in decorating color palettes.

One of our favorites is this light celadon green (above and below) with a touch of grey in it. The vibe of this Scandinavian home is very special. The green-grey walls paired with the white flooring give a lot of freshness and character to this apartment.

What really makes this space unique and elegant is the play of the gray-green off the white.

1. Celadon green walls Scandi living room Alvhem / 2. Celadon green living room walls Lady Inspiration / 3. Green grey white walls Entrance 

Add small touches of celadon green paint in your interior

If you like your white walls and just looking for a way to add a small touch of celadon green to your interior, you can go with half painted wall. We absolutely adore the white and celadon mint green bedroom walls below.

interior design celadon green color half painted walls

In the bedroom above the green hue chosen is very bright and brings a lot of energy to the room. It’s really close to minty green color. Associated with white and wood works perfectly.

Then, celadon green is a beautiful color for a kitchen. Keep your walls white and only paint the cupboards. Associated with a marble countertop and backsplash and brass accessories the result is both elegant and fresh.

Finally, if you are looking for a unique way to add a touch of green color into your interior, you can go for a green painted wooden floor ! The wow effect is guaranteed ! If you are tempted by a painted floor, keep your walls white for more brightness.

1. Half painted celadon wall at Henriette Hotel in Paris Archi Lovers – picture: Hervé Goluza / 2. Celadon green kitchen cupboard  MotherMag / 3. Celadon green wooden floor Varpunen

Let yourself tempted by celadon green furniture

If you are in love with pale green, celadon green or sage green but want to keep your walls as they are, add color through your furniture ! Celadon green is an ideal color for many furniture and material (wood, wool, cotton…). We especially love it for a sofa.

Celadon green furniture for your living room

We are so fond of the pale green sofa below and the color palette of the room ! The combination of white, green, grey, black and cognac color is both modern and elegant. The overall has a lot of character. The sofa looks absolutely lovely next to the greys and whites. It is striking but not overpowering.

interior design celadon green color sofa living room

You got it, celadon green pieces of furniture are very easy to integrate into a living room. Below, the mint green sofa is brilliantly associated with the marble and brass legs of the coffee table. With shades of grey, white and black, the balance of colors of the room is very delicate.

For a more contemporary look, be ready to fall in love with the wall rear cabinet on the right below. The celadon green cabinet blends in the background and brings a delicious designer touch to the room. Once again, notice the marble clock hanged on the wall. Marble and celadon green color combination is definitively a winning bet !

1. Pale green sofa from Henri Knero living room Residence magazine / 2. Celadon green sofa in a Scandi interior Alvhem / 3. Wall rear cabinet painted in celadon green Lady Inspiration

Celadon green bedroom furniture and accessories

For your bedroom, the easiest way to incorporate green in your room decoration is probably through your bed linen.

interior design celadon green color bed linen bedding bedroom

Fall for a complete bed linen set made of a subtle mix of green hues like above or combined with white and charcoal like below.

We also love very much the use of pale green into the left bedroom below. Applied on the wall instead of having a headboard and associated with blush pink cushions the result is feminine and refined. The small vase and the hanging ceiling lamp bring a touch of lightness and play with transparency.

1. Celadon green hues bedding Pinterest / 2. Green accent wall as headboard Pinterest / 3. Green and white bed linen Alvhem

Celedon green in rooms

Finally, discover beautiful celadon green kitchens and bathrooms. Indeed, this color is perfectly suited for those two rooms. It brings a feeling of freshness and cleanliness ideal.

Beautiful celadon green kitchens

The kitchen below is one of our favs. White walls, white flooring, celadon green cupboards, and marble backsplash and countertop…. it is the perfect combo !

interior design celadon green color kitchen cupboard

We are also very fond of the half painted kitchen below. The very neat visual delineation line between the white and the green brings a lot of modernity. On the right, this modern minimalist kitchen plays with color block effect and different hues of green, going from very pale minty green to dark green (kitchen counter and stools).

1. Celadon green kitchen Pinterest, Emma Persson Lagerberg’s home / 2. Half painted kitchen cupboard Cartelle Design / 3. Color block kitchen Dear Designer

Stunning celadon green bathrooms

If you love a bright bathroom, celadon green is the ideal color. With pale green colored tiles and white, the bathroom below is as luminous and as relaxing as a spa. The wood pairs brilliantly with this hue and the brass taps complete the look.

interior design celadon green color tiles bathroom

Celadon green tiles exist in a variety of shades, shapes, and style. The bathroom plays on the industrial and luxury codes. The combination of the rich colored tiles, marble, and black taps works very well. The glass door of the shower cabin in brings lightness and transparency.

Finally, we wanted to share with you this totally unique retro bathroom. The celadon green color is combined with retro tiles and minimalist taps fitting. The overall result is just stunning and definitively has a lot of character !

1. Celadon green tiles Sarah Sherman Samuel / 2. Marble black and celadon bathroom March Twice Interiors / 3. Retro bathroom Behance

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