jewel tones trend red ruby velvet sofa

Get your living room a jewel tone sofa

In love with the jewel tones trend and looking for a rich jewel tone sofa ? Although we love minimalist and white interiors, we started to fell for richer colors and especially jewel tones sofas. Warm jewel tones couches and armchairs are currently the hottest pieces of furniture to enhance your living room.

Rich and luxurious hues like green emerald, blue sapphire, red ruby or purple amethyst colors are sumptuous tones for a sofa. Contrary to what most people think, you will be surprised to see that the jewel tones are not so difficult to combine. It’s all about finding the right balance. We’ve rounded up some design inspirations to help you recreate this trend and tips to choose a gem inspired tone sofa.

Green emerald and blue sapphire jewel tones sofas

Emerald green and sapphire blue are two of the easiest colors to add in your interior and decorate with. A green emerald sofa or a blue sapphire couch will bring pops of color and luxury into your home. Discover how to integrate those rich hues into your interior design.

Fall in love for those inspiring Green emerald sofas

Emerald sofas are everywhere. They add a luxury touch to our interiors without being too much. Moreover, they are extremely easy to combine to most interior design style.

jewel tones trend green emerald velvet sofa

An emerald green sofa works very well with a neutral palette or a Scandinavian interior. They are ideal to bring some warmth to your living room. In a bright and sunny room like below an emerald green sofa is just stunning. Emerald green can be combined with almost everything : leather, wooden floors, brass and gold accessories … It’s all up to the style you want to create. Associated with darker colors and woodwork it will create a very cozy atmosphere. For a chic and glam vibe, combine it with brass, gold, marble, and white.

For more modern interior design, pair your green emerald sofa with grey, white, black and wood.

1. Green Emerald jewel sofa in a modern grey and white interior Colored Bikinis / 2. A Scandi look Rebecca Fredriksson / 3. Green armchairs at the Artist Residence in London Siobhan Ferguson

Upgrade your living room with a blue sapphire sofa

Deep jewel blue sofa and couches are just divine and extremely trendy. You can find them in different hues and shades, from dark blue sapphire tones to bright aquamarine hues.

jewel tones trend blue sapphire velvet sofa

Most jewel tone blues will make the room feel cooler. Even though all blue colors are not cold colors. It actually depends on the exact tone. To add some warmth to your living room, pair your sapphire blue sofa with warm color accessories. Yellow or orange, which are warm colors, pairs extremely well with blue. A cozy Berber rug in wool (like featured below and above) will contribute to bringing modernity and warmth.

As you can see below, jewel tones are really brought to life when combined with metallic touches : a ceiling lamp, a mirror or a coffee table.

1. Retro inspired blue sapphire / 2. xxxMarianne Luning / 3. A darker blue sapphire velvet couch Fashion Squad

Red ruby and purple amethyst jewel tones sofas

From red ruby to vibrant purple amethyst, this color palette starts to make an appearance in our living room. If you are fond of those beautiful rich jewel tones red colors, then, the easiest way to integrate them in your interior is via a couch, an armchair or a sofa.

Make a statement with a Red ruby sofa

Red ruby sofas are beautiful and creates dramatic but welcoming settings. This color will immediately give to your living room a sense of opulence and grandeur.

jewel tones trend red ruby velvet sofa

When adding red to your interior, especially a strong and rich jewel tone red, we advise you to start little by little. Red ruby color will pop without being too much if paired with a quite neutral palette of white, grey and black. The association with marble, metal, and wood is highly recommended !

But if you like it bold, then go for it ! Match your jewel tone sofa with dark colors, floral wallpaper, gold, and velvet accessories a to create a dramatic and yet cozy setting.

1. Stunning red Ruby velvet sofa in a white interior Bebitalia / 2. Ruby red velvet sofa paired with a marble fireplace House and Home / 3. Red ruby jewel tone sofa combined with floral patterns The Interior Editor

Choose a purple amethyst sofa

Ultra-violet was the Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018. This year we find it again in warm jewel tones and we are slowly starting to see it on our couches and sofas. The key with a jewel tone purple sofa will be to find the right balance of color to create the right atmosphere.

jewel tones trend purple velvet sofa

Paired with darker colors like green or blue, floral patterns and woodworks, you can create a very warmth and cozy vibe. But make sure to have enough light coming in your living room so the space remains bright and airy. You can also pick up a very bright and vibrant shade of purple like the fushia jewel tone armchair below. Paired with dark blue walls and a antique french style gold mirror it is just somptuous.

Finally and once again, combine your purple jewel tone sofa with a neutral palette of white and grey. You can make no misstep with this association of colors.

1. Beautiful dark purple velvet sofa Dear Designer / 2. Bright purple fushia jewel tone sofa Pinterest / 3. Fushia tufted sofa Artmest

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