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Get your home ready for winter with a comfy rug

How to get your home ready for winter with a comfy rug. How to find the right rug for your home and where to place it ? Location, shape, palette of colors,…, we give you all the tricks to select the right rug for every room of the house without any false step.

Winter is coming, that’s a fact. To stay warm and comfy at home during this period of the year, warm, soft and XL rugs are a must have. A rug or carpet has several advantages, being decorative is one of them, but not only. A rug also allows creating a cocooning and comfy space by creating a visual delineation in the room without hard room divider.

But careful, selecting the right rug for your place is key. Ideal size, material, and style, in this article we will tell you all you need to know to choose the right rug for your place.

Living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom are also perfect places to place a rug and bring style and make the area warmer for winter. Today we will see together how to choose the right rug for every room of your house !

A rug for the living room and dining room

Adding a rug in those rooms will totally bring the final touch to your decor. That’s why it’s so important to visualize the vibe you want to bring into the room before making your choice.

It is also very important to think upstream about the emplacement of the rug. Emplacement must be a key factor in your rug selection.

In terms of colors and tones, this year the trends are a mixture of warm and autumnal tones (whiskey brown, amber, green olive tones) in alternation with vibrant and strong hues (digital blue, fuchsia pink and vibrant yellow). Classic creme and beige are timeless and still work well.

Here are some ideas, tips, and inspirations to help you to select the perfect rug for your living room and dining room.

Install a large rug in the living room

Wherever you decide to put your new rug, it is essential to take into account the context in which the carpet will be installed. Furniture size and style, as well as the dimensions of the room, are essential to creating a harmonious result.

velvet blue rug living room
A general rule to respect is that the carpet needs to cover a sufficient surface to offer a certain visual balance to the space. When we talk about rugs, most of the time, less is not more and large rugs usually work better.

Those four living rooms below got it perfectly. To make the place look bigger and harmonious the rug needs to be placed in the center of the living room and partially disappears underneath the furniture (at least the front legs of your sofa /ottoman / armchairs needs to be on the rug).

In terms of colors and style, you can choose to play with contrast or not but always make sure one element of style (color, style, pattern…) keeps the whole area harmonious.

1. Hege In France / 2. My Domaine / 3. Residence Magazine / 4. @hklinving / 5. Modern Sofa

A rug for the dining area

Although some might find weird to install a rug where you actually eat, it is not a bad idea at all. The dining table is by essence a convivial place of sharing. Adding a rug is the perfect way to create a warm setting.

It also helps to define the dining area from the living room or open kitchen. Once again here, make sure the rug is big enough so the table and the chairs are stable on it and not wobbly. Another general rule would be to choose a flat rug, without any heavy texture (easier to clean and more stable). See below 5 different and inspiring rug style and atmosphere.

beni ouari ethnic rug dining room

To preserve harmony choose matching tones between the furniture and the rug like on this white and grey apartment. The overall result is a very soft and Scandinavian atmosphere. We love it.

In the second picture, although there is a contrast between the modern furniture and the traditional Beni Ourain rug, the color palette is right and create a very harmonious and stylish result.

On the third picture, all elements of the dining room share art deco and vintage codes. The color palette creates a very vibrant and luminous atmosphere.

Your interior is more boho and rustic ? An Indian style rug can bring the color your dining room needs.

The last dining room is all about contrast and harmony. The contrast between vibrant colors and wood and harmony between the chairs, the rug and table, and the walls. Quite beautiful, isn’t it ?

1. Anders Bergstedt / 2. Rejuvenation / 3. Possible Deco / 4. Cb2 / 5. Armelle Habib for Inside Out

A rug for the bedroom and kitchen

The living room and dining room are very classic areas for a rug. But they are not the only one to deserve one ! Adding a rug in your bedroom will help you to create a cozy and cocooning vibe, perfect the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of a bedroom. But let’s go further and think a bit out of the box, which room to you also spend so much time in ? The kitchen ! Yes, this room totally deserves a nice rug, it will contribute to creating a sophisticated yet very convivial atmosphere to one of our favorite room in the house.

A rug for the bedroom

During winter, waking up is not that easy right ? And getting out of your warm and comfy duvet while it is still dark and cold outside is quite a challenge (well it is for us at least !). Adding a nice and cozy rug in your bedroom is probably one of the best ways to fight back winter !

beni ouarain black white ethnic rug bedroom

In terms of size, be sure to take into account the dimensions and layout of your room and of course pay attention to the location of your furniture.

You might want to test the opening and closing of the door of the room to avoid any missteps. Same rule here than for the living room, if you plan to place the carpet under your furniture (bedside table or under the bed) it needs at least to extend by 60 cm.

If that’s not possible, forget the big XL rug of your dream and go for a smaller rug. Play with shapes and patterns and don’t hesitate to create layers of rugs and carpets. You can go, for example, for two small bed runners on each side of the bed.

Regarding the colors, you have two main directions : Matching or contrast.
You can favor the cocooning effect by going for pastel and light colors or, if your room is already quite neutral, use the rug to bring life and color in ! Honestly, everything is possible !

Our tip : If your rug is too small to be totally underneath your bed and still extend enough, just put the two front leg of your bed on the rug and make sure you can see at least two third of the rug.

1. Pinterest / 2. Westelm/ / 3. Styled By Marit / 4. Pinterest / 5. Wit And Delight

A rug for the kitchen

People usually don’t immediately realize it, but your kitchen is actually one of the most lived-in rooms in your home. This is why creating a nice and convivial atmosphere is so important. You might not have the budget to go through massive renovation work so moveable accessories are a good idea and adding a rug will definitely give character and style to the kitchen.

blue kitchen runner rug

Note that in addition to being a decorative element, the rug is a good way to structure the space, especially when the kitchen is open on the living room.

On the last picture, for example, the rug is placed underneath the table which helps to structure the dining area within the kitchen.

1. Amber Interior Design / 2. The White Farmhouse Blog / 3. Design Sponge / 4. Pinterest / 5. Virginia Mae

Our rug selection

The possibilities in terms of rug style are almost endless. See our tips and selection to help you pick up the perfect rug for your interior style.

First, for a Scandinavian interior, we advise sheepskin or wool. Looking to create a cocooning vibe ? Fringed mat in a natural material like wool is a good option. You have a modern and chic interior ? Then, you might want to go for a graphic and geometric rug. They are perfect to bring color to your interior. Or maybe you like the boho style ? Then, Killims are for you. Kilims rugs will add cachet and character to your room.

Ethnic and traditional rugs

Our first selection is a series of traditional and ethnic rugs in natural materials like wool. Most of these rugs are handmade and will add texture and elegance to your room. The wool composition which makes the rug hard-wearing, soft and welcoming.

Our favorite

See below some few hints to help you in your selection.

Mid-length tufted rugs made from pure, natural wool are perfect if you are looking for something very comfy to just sink your toes into.

Pick up neutral shades, with or without a knotted fringe, for a contemporary, natural or even Scandinavian style. Neutral shades work with almost every style !

Our tip : If you like ethnic artisanship and style, add a few Berber-inspired cushions or pouf !

The selection

01. Grey Cotton and Wool Berber Rug from Maisons du Monde / 02. Black On White Estambul Rug from 2Modern / 03. Genna Rug from Made

01. Terneg Hand woven wool rug from La Redoute / 02. Ourika 100% Wool Berber-Style Hall Runner from La Redoute / 03. Shadi 100% wool shaggy effect rug from La Redoute

Modern and colorful rugs

We love the rugs of our selection below. Their original bold and graphic designs, with large geometric and rectangular shapes will bring dynamism into any room.

Our favorite

Balance the dynamic and modern effect by picking up a rug with a cream, tan and neutral color palette. We particularly love the pink rug with contrasting geometric gold print, and a thin gold border to each end, this elegant, feminine rug will add character to an otherwise neutral interior.

Or you can be bold and the contrary, emphasize the modernity effect of geometric rugs by strong colors and powerful hues.

Please note : You might be surprised but pilling on a rug is a sign of quality. We recommend you to vacuum the rug very little in the first month of use. Then, vacuum softly and avoid rubbing the surface.

The selection

01. Supermundane Large Wool Rug from Made / 02. Woollen Rug with Graphic Motifs from Maisons du Monde / 03. Blush Deco Rug from Cox And Cox

01. Ankara multi-coloured wool rug from La Redoute / 02. Aeris Petrol Rug from Cox And Cox / 03. Bobby pink blue rug from Scandinavian Design Center

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