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How to add a blush pink note to your home decor ?

How to use the blush pink color into your home ? You must have seen for a few months now that the blush pink color is getting more and more popular. Indeed, this color is a good way to add a colorful note at home while keeping your interior bright.

You want to add a blush pink note to your home ? Let’s discover today how to do it ! In your living room or your bedroom, you will discover all our favorite ideas to integrate a touch of blush pink into your home. You will also find below the best color combinations with this pinkish hue.

Adding a blush pink note into your living room or your bedroom

First, let’s have a look at how to decorate your living room or your bedroom with some blush pink paint or home accessories.

The blush pink color in the living room decor

In your living room, you have many ways to use the blush pink color. Indeed, this color can be easily combined to any type of decoration and bring a colorful and really fresh atmosphere.

blush pink decor living room

If you want, you can play with different shades of pink (including blush pink) in your living room. This mix of powdery and soft hues is perfect to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. For example, you can paint your walls in pale pink, create a base in a deeper shade and add a pretty pink powdery sofa to your room.

For a living room with a more contemporary style, don’t hesitate to play with contrasts. You can mix pink powdered home accessories and pieces of furniture with stronger colors.

Finally, blush pink is perfect to create a tangy decoration in your room. You can use it to paint a wall of your living room and choose some pastel colors home accessories like pretty mint pillows or a pastel yellow vase.

1. A living room decorated with shades of pink Pinterest / 2. Mix of pink, raspberry and peach colors for a modern and fresh living room Shoener Wohnen / 3. Blush pink and mint living room El Mueble

Blush pink in the bedroom

You are tired of your all white room decor but you don’t want to lose the beautiful brightness of your bedroom ? The blush pink color is a very good choice ! Discover how to use it easily !

blush pink decor bedroom copper

In a gray and white bedroom decor, adding a note of blush pink is perfect to bring some color. You can choose a nice blanket on your bed or some beautiful cushions. Know that the blush pink perfectly matches with copper. Don’t hesitate to install a delicate copper table lamp on your bedside table or a large and round mirror on your walls.

Also, don’t hesitate to play faux furs. This kind of fabric, in its blush pink version, is just perfect to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your bedroom. You can use them on the floor with a small rug, on a chair or a bench.

Finally, if there is a room in which the blush pink will fit perfectly, it is definitely your children’s room. It’s a perfect wall color ! You can also choose some blush pink bed linen or pretty pieces of furniture painted with this color for a harmonious look.

1. Association of blush pink, gray and copper in the bedroom Pinterest / 2. Blush pink bedroom Oh Eight Oh Nine / 3. A child’s room in blush pink Best Friends For Frosting

How to pair blush pink color with ?

You’re looking for colors to pair with your blush pink walls or home accessories ? Let’s discover some color combinations.

How to pair blush pink and mustard yellow ?

Yellow mustard and pink is a really cool and stylish color combo.

You can play with this combination in your living room very easily. To do this, simply choose a pretty mustard velvet sofa and add some blush pink accessories. A pillow, some posters or a rug are good choices to create a colorful and invigorating decor.

blush pink decor mustard living room

If you want a more sober atmosphere, you can combine small notes of blush pink and mustard yellow. If your living room, for example, is dominated by gray, you can add pretty pink and yellow velvet pillows to dress your sofa. These little colorful notes will be a good way to give personality to your room.

In the bedroom, the principle will be the same as in the living room. Pillows and other textile accessories in blush pink and mustard are perfect to bring a real plus to the decoration of the room.

These two shades can also be combined with duck blue color.

1. Mustard yellow sofa and blush pink notes Rose and Grey / 2. A natural style living room with blush pink and mustard yellow Homestyle Mag / 3. Combine the blush pink color, duck blue and mustard in your bedroom The Poster Club

How to pair blush pink and navy blue ?

To create a deeper atmosphere, you can also associate blush pink color and Navy blue.

Indeed, blush pink and navy blue are just perfect to combine to create a chic and contemporary decor. You can use these two colors to customize a room dominated by grays. To do this, all you have to do is to opt for pretty textiles like blankets or pillows.

blush pink decor navy blue bedroom

If you have chosen to paint one of the walls of your room with navy blue, the blush pink color will be a good alternative to white if you wish to bring brightness and color. In a living room, you can choose a blush pink sofa. In your bedroom, opt for some bed linen or a small armchair in blush pink.

Finally, to give a more natural look to the decoration of your room, consider adding some notes of wood. You can choose for example a bedside table or a nice coffee table for your living room.

1. A bedroom decor in Navy blue and blush pink Pinterest / 2. Blush pink bedding for a bedroom with blue walls Barnaby Lane / 3. Blush pink velvet sofa and Navy blue walls in a living room My London Home

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