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How to apply the KonMari method at home ?

Tidy and declutter your home with the KonMarie method. Most people know Marie Kondo from her bestselling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up or from the new Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

What is really the essence of Marie Kondo method (also called KonMari method) and above all, how to apply it in real life ? We give you practical examples and easy to do ideas to improve your organization and tidy your home. But more than that, we also give you real examples and pictures from actual rooms and houses to help you imagine your ideal lifestyle.

Marie Kondo’s rules unpacked

The KonMari method is Marie Kondo’s minimalism inspired approach to start tidying your stuff category-by-category rather than room-by-room. Behind the six rules of her approach, there is an idea, and the most important is first to understand and commit to this idea. The main principle is : you live better in a clean, decluttered environment with less personal possessions. Period.

Declutter the space to breath

konmarie method white living room

What is important to understand is that tidying doesn’t mean throwing away everything. It means intentionally choosing the things you love and want to live with. For the rest, give it to charities or bin it.

A clean and decluttered environment improve the energy in the house. It also visually enlarge any room and improve your well being.

The houses above and below are perfect examples of that. They have some personality (not clinically clean or empty) but are not visually cluttered. You can circulate easily in the rooms and only important decorative items or furniture have been kept. With less personal possessions displayed you enhance the ones you love the most.

1. KonMari inspired light tone living room Sinisliik / 2. Bright and tidy minimalist living room Passion Shake / 3. A bright and decluttered entryway Em Henderson

Tidy by category and enjoy the result

Another basic rule of the KonMari Method is to tidy by category and not by room. In other words, it means that when you will start tidying you deal category by category. This simple rules actually helps you to organize your tidying sessions and to see your progress little by little.

konmarie method book shelves color organisation

The recommended order to follow is clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and mementos. But well, in real life we advise you to start with what you feel up too. Ideally, start with what you have the most (so clothes indeed). Keep what you love and what sparks joy, and give away which doesn’t. Nice and easy.

We love the way the books have been organized above. Organizing the books by colors create a very nice rainbow effect and a superb visual impact a perfect rainbow.

Below all linen items have been sorted, cleaned, and stored together. When you open the closet door it is clean, tidy and actually really good looking. That’s also one of the ideas. Organize and tidy your things in a way that is both practical and that you visually like. Enjoying what you do and the way your home is organized is key.

1. Tidy your books by color or category The Design Nerd / 2. Linen organization by category School House / 3. Tidy by category notebook Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo folding method

What can be folded should be folded. A simple rule that is actually really helpful. This way you will find much more space in your closet and drawers. Let’s see how.

konmarie method folding clothes
The first idea is to store and stacked up your items vertically to save space but also so they are easily identified. There are plenty of tutorials, videos, and pictures on the web to learn all the different folding techniques. Even for the trickier items. And you’ll see, once you know the basics, it doesn’t even take that long.

The second idea is to store similar items together so once again you will find them easily and identify the one you want at first glance.

1. Folding method Marie Kondo / 2. Wardrobe organization My Philocaly / 3. How to organize your wardrobe drawers like Marie Kondo Just another mum blog

The KonMari method applied at home room by room

Now let’s have a look at real homes and practical examples ! Indeed, the theory is nice but at some point, you need to apply those rules to real life. Discover below how the KonMari method has been applied in real people homes, room by room. Find inspirations, ideas and motivation it will help you to imagine your ideal lifestyle and to do the same at home !

KonMari inspired wardrobes and dressings

Yes, we love this dressing. We totally love it and I’m quite sure you too. At first glance, you may not see many folded items. So why is this dressing inspired by Marie Kondo method ?

konmarie method dressing wardrobe

Well, the KonMari method is not only about folding, but it’s also about having a decluttered dressing with the clothes and accessories you love the most (which sparks joy) and organized in a way that is practical. In that point, of view, we can totally say this wardrobe is a KonMari winner.

The dressing below come from real homes and are really inspiring. What can be folded is folded and similar items like sunglasses, bags, watches are stored together and can be identified super fast.

What we love as well is the way the clothes have been organized by types but also by colors. The color palette created is visually inspiring and super stylish.

1. An organized and elegant wardrobe KonMarie Challenge / 2. Bright clutter free KonMari wardrobe organization Stylizimoblog / 3. Closet organization by color Inner Classy


The bathroom is usually a difficult room to tidy and organize in a way that is both practical and good looking. The main reason comes from the constraints of the room features or existing furniture. Moreover, most bathrooms are usually smaller than we would like. Still, let’s see actual examples of tidy KonMari inspired bathrooms.

konmarie method bathroom make up organisation

Start with your makeup collection. Sort, clean and bin first. This is a must do. Then instead of having a messy display of all your makeup on the bathroom shelves or on the corner of the sink, put them in drawers or cupboards. By removing items here and there to store them, your bathroom will look much cleaner and tidy.

For makeup, we are totally fond of acrylic drawers or boxes. It’s super helpful to store your makeup by category and since they are transparent you can immediately identify what is inside.

When you store and keep minimum items displayed on your shelves (only the one you love the most), first you enlarge the room and create a positive visual impact but you are also making the daily cleaning much easier !

1. KonMari inspired makeup organization Fashion Magazine / 2. Minimalist bathroom Trip beauty / 3. Minimalist white clutter free bathroom Christy and the City

Tidy your kitchen with the KonMari method

Finally the kitchen ! It’s often a messy room because you are usually cooking three times per day and sometimes more. As you can see below a tidy and clean kitchen just look so good. Keeping a few items only on the shelves and on the kitchen counter is the key.

konmarie method scandinavian white kitchen
Start by sorting and binning everything that is too old or that you actually never use. Then, store in cupboards and drawers as much as you can. Especially make sure you keep the area around the sink clear. This will make the daily cleaning so much easier and will improve the atmosphere of the room.

Sort by category in appropriate storage furniture and containers. Make sure you can always see clearly and access easily what is inside your kitchen drawers and cupboards.

Note, before getting rid of items (any items) one of the KonMari rules is to thank each item for serving its purpose. Well, it might be funny to really say thanks to your old broken corkscrew but the whole idea behind it is to be conscious and self aware of what you are doing. You tidy with a purpose and no regrets.

1. KonMari inspired Scandinavian white kitchen Pinterest / 2. Tidy and organized Scandinavian kitchen Sinisliik  / 3. KonMari inspired pantry organization Pinterest

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