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How to create an entryway when you don’t have one ?

Ideas and tips to design a stylish entryway. While the old houses usually have a large entryway, today this area has most of the time disappeared from our house over the years. The trend is now for large open spaces and entryway have been forgotten.

However, this small area can be really stylish and quite useful (especially if you have kids). Want to make an entryway in your small apartment ? Let’s discover how to do this with our tips and decorating ideas !

A room divider to make an entryway

The first (and probably easiest) way to create an entryway into your home is obviously to use a room divider. Below you will find some great ideas to make it with Crittall windows or wood timbers.

A Crittall window for your entryway

An ideal way to create an entryway to a large open space is probably to use Crittall windows. Indeed, it is really easy to install and allows natural light to spread in your home. It’s a great solution for a small space as it won’t clutter the perspective.

entryway decor ideas critall

Moreover, this kind of glass wall is perfect to keep the volume of your room and divide your space to make a really nice and trendy entryway.

Finally, if you can not find a crittall window fitting perfectly the dimensions of your entryway, you can make one yourself using wooden timbers and some plexiglass.

You can find a complete DIY tutorial to create one on thFrenchch interior design blog Découvrir Design (link mentioned below).

1. An entryway with a Critall window and a custom storage Côté Maison / 2. An entryway between tradition and modernity with a glass wall Elle / 3. DIY Critall window Découvrir Design

Use wooden timbers to make an entryway

The installation of a Crittall window seems to be a little bit too complicated or is just not your style ? No worries ! You can also use wooden timbers to make your entryway. This kind of room divider is purely aesthetic, you can not isolate your entryway with it. However, it’s a great way to add a modern touch to your home.

entryway decor ideas wood timber

Wooden timbers allow you to create a perfectly fitting room divider (dimensions of your choice) and is pretty cheap.

Finally, you can, of course, paint your timbers. Use white paint for a more refined style, black to create a nice contrast or let it raw for a more industrial or Scandinavian look. There are so many ways to customize it.

1. A contemporary wooden room divider to create an entryway Lunchbox Architect / 2. A wooden shelf as a room divider ADC / 3. Wooden timbers for a modern entryway Fresh Home

Other ways to create an entryway

You don’t want to install a room divider to create an entryway ? Still looking for good ideas ? Well, why not playing with paint, colors, and textures on your walls and floor ?

Find below some great ideas for a stylish entryway !

Play with colors on your entryway walls

The easiest way to divide a room is probably by using paint. This tip is also applicable to your entryway. Indeed, by playing with colors, you can visually create areas and give the illusion of an entryway.

entryway decor ideas paint

First, you can choose to paint the walls adjacent to the front door as well as the front door itself. Feel free to create a nice graphic pattern to give more dynamism to your space. Regarding the color, it’s up to you but don’t be afraid to go for contrasts !

Also, if your space allows it, add a small wooden bench or stool painted with the same color.

Then you can choose to create a monochrome total look entryway. Black paint, for example, is a very good choice. Paint your walls, ceiling, and floors with the same color to visually create the illusion of an entryway.

Finally, if you don’t want to paint, you can use wallpaper to visually divide your space and make an entryway. For example, choose a graphic paper in black and white. You can easily find tonnes of options and patterns in any dedicated shop.

1. A graphic entryway with paint Dulux Valentine / 2. A black entryway Homepolish / 3. A black and white graphic entryway Pinterest

A different floor for your entryway

Finally, the last way to create a nice entryway in your home is to create different areas by customizing your floor. Wooden floor, tiles, vinyl, carpet,… you have so many choices !

For example, you can cover your floor in the entryway with some beautiful tiles. For a graphic look, you can opt for a two-tone tiling in gray and white for example.

entryway decor ideas tiles

If you don’t want to change your floor, you can also paint some lates of wood with floor paint. It’s a good way to add an original touch to your home.

Finally, for the tightest budgets, a simple carpet can do the trick. Because we are talking about the entryway of your house, choose a washable carpet. You can also choose one of these vinyl rugs that perfectly imitate concrete tiles.

1. Tile and wood mix for your entryway Pinterest / 2. Colorful wooden floor Pinterest / 3. Vinyl concrete tiles Dwell

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