white bedroom decor

How to decorate your bedroom with white ?

Ideas and inspirations for a beautiful and stylish white bedroom decor. You want to use white to decorate your bedroom or your children’s one ? Afraid of getting something a little too cold ?

Today we invite you to discover decorating ideas and inspirations to use white in your bedroom ! Bohemian style, Scandinavian, contemporary or monochrome, you will find below all the tips you need to decorate your room with white !

White bedroom decor ideas

White boho style bedroom decor

Using white to decorate a bedroom doesn’t mean that you should not add some colorful notes. Indeed, the white can quickly give a very cold style to a room.

To avoid this problem, you can mix the white elements in your bedroom with bohemian furniture and decorating accessories to make the atmosphere warmer.

white bedroom decor boho style

You can, for example, install a pretty wooden headboard. You can try to find one in a flea market to make the bohemian spirit of your bedroom decor stronger.

A nice wall hanging, perfect for a boho style bedroom, can also be a good way to warm your bedroom by adding a texture effect on the walls. Again, your weaving (preferably chosen in beige) can find its place above your headboard.

Then, don’t hesitate to place all over your white room small decorative accessories found in flea markets. An old trunk will allow you to store your blankets, old candle holders will be perfect to create a subdued atmosphere at night.

1. White boho style bedroom decor Simons / 2. All white bedroom decor Paulina Arcklin / 3. White and beige boho style bedroom Celecte Clark

White Scandinavian style bedroom

Scandinavian designers are clearly the ones that use white the most into any interiors. Indeed, to maximize the natural light, Scandinavians use white basically everywhere.

If you want this kind of interior decor, you can paint your floor in white and create a slight contrast on the walls by choosing a light gray. For your bed linen, white will be perfect and make your room really bright.

white bedroom decor scandinavian

One more time, to avoid a too cold white look, do not hesitate to add some color notes. You can, for example, opt for pastel colors, perfect to keep the bright style of your bedroom.

Finally, if you want a monochrome room decor with a white basis, you can paint your floor with a suitable paint. Walls, bed linen, cushions, or accessories may also be covered with white. But do not forget to add as always a small touch of color to create a nice contrast. Black can be a very good choice.

1. White and light grey bedroom style Daily Dream Decor / 2. White and pastel green Scandinavian bedroom decor Tanja / 3. Monochrome bedroom decor Alvhem

Kids room white decor

Monochrome white decor in kids room

As in the adult bedroom, white can be a good way to accentuate the natural light in the children’s room.

The boho style can also be chosen to decorate the kiddos space. In an all white decor, the different bohemian accessories will add a warmer look to the room. For example, you can install a beautiful natural look carpet on the floor or a small basket to store toys or linen.

white bedroom decor kids room

If you definitely want a totally white room, then you should play with different types of materials to avoid something too boring.

By choosing different kind of woods, white metal accessories, several carpets to warm the floors, you can create a very nice decor in your child’s room.

1. Boho chic white monochrome kid’s room decor Paulina Arcklin / 2. Monochrome white little girl’s room Grey White Heart / 3. Soft white decor in this kids room Tinyme

A black note into a white kids room

Don’t want to create a too white decor in your kid’s room ? Feel free to add some black notes. The contrast will give a very modern style to the space.

As in the first picture, you can use different kind of graphic patterns in black and white. Add some stickers on the walls, choose a nice graphic carpet to put on the floor, shop some black and white bed linen,…

white bedroom decor kids room black

For a more discreet contrast, you can simply add one or two black decor accessories to your children’s white room. A frame with a black-and-white photo or a modern floor lamp can be very good choices.

Finally, know that you can also add here and there some small colorful notes in the room. This way, you can make the decoration a little more cheerful and dynamic.

1. Black and white graphic decor for kids Vt Wonen / 2. Discrete black notes into a white kid’s room Domino / 3. Black and white kids room decor Petit and Small

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