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How to decorate your home with the color green ?

How to use the color green into your home ? Living coral might be the official color of the year, but green is clearly taking center stage in decorating color palettes. Considered as the new neutral color that goes with everything, the color green can be paired with many other hues. Best of all, you can find so many shades of green to decorate your home.

Today, we would like to share with you some great ideas and beautiful inspirations to use the color green at home. On your walls, furniture or with nice cushions, bed linens or soft blankets, there are several ways to add a green touch to your rooms. Let’s have a look !

Green walls for a natural look

Paint your walls with green color into your living room

A fresh living room is exactly what any home needs. The living room is usually the largest area of the house, the space where we receive guests and spend time together during the day. A simple and great way of creating a fresh interior design is by using the color green.

green color home decor wall living room

In a bright space, painting the walls in a flat matt forest green color is perfect to make the room warmer to relax in at the end of a long day. Cozier in winter and more fresh in summer, a green living room can be balanced with grey hues.

If you’re looking for the perfect accent color, use yellow color paint. It’s a good way to prevent your deep green living room being too dark.

You want to create something more fun ? Pair green walls with pink home accessories. You can add some beautiful cushions on a green sofa for example. Don’t forget to use fresh blush pink flowers to make the room even more bright.

1. Mix of green wall and leather in the living room Pinterest / 2. A green and deep living room decor Pinterest / 3. Green and pink walls in the dining room Svenskamaklarhuset

Green walls into your Bedroom

Whether you want to add a touch of color into your space or give your sleeping quarters a more fresh look, the best way to achieve this is to go green. Even a tiny splash of this color can change the look of your bedroom.

green color home decor wall bedroom

You can use a soft palette of pale green and beige. These natural and airy shades are easy to combine. You can use paint to make it or work with botanical prints to create a summery atmosphere.

If you want to create an earthy vibe, the olive green will be just perfect. This color reflects the natural light and is really peaceful.

Finally, set up some wood furniture like a headboard or a nightstand to add a rustic touch in a modern bedroom decor.

1. Blue green wall in a scandinavian bedroom Shanade McAllister Fisher / 2. Green walls in a guest room I Spy DIY / 3. Dark and light green for a cozy bedroom Alvhem

Green furniture and home accessories

Green sofas and armchairs

A dark green sofa can be a good way to make your room decor really interesting. This dark hue gives any room a chic and rich style. Regarding the kind of fabric, velvet is clearly the more trendy.

color green home decor velvet sofa

Even if grey may fit with anything or blush pink may be pretty, a deep green sofa, will always win the style match game. Moreover, it will invite you to relax and take some time for yourself.

For a perfect and stylish setting, go equally dark green on the walls. This combination is a must have today and gives your living room a real personality.

Of course, you can choose a softer green. Pastel ones are for example really popular and a good way to make your room brighter.

1. Green velvet sofa in a modern living room Suburban Bees / 2. A bright living room with a green sofa Cote Maison / 3. Vintage style green armchair Structube

Cushions and blankets in green

If you think your deep green sofa looks a bit too dark, you can mix it with lighter shades. For example, choose light grey cushions, pastel green blankets or beige rugs. It’s a good way to avoid the eye focus on the couch color.

green color home decor accessories blanket

The other way to add some green color into your room using home accessories is to place them throughout the room in at least three different spots. For example, you can place an olive green table lamp on a shelf. You can also hang a frame on your walls with beautiful leaf prints.

Of course, don’t forget to use plants. They are the best way to add a fresh touch into any room with basically almost no budget !

1. A lovely green bedroom Harrison Nate and Me / 2. Velvet blanket in a Parisian apartment Vogue / 3. A tropical touch with green cushions Villa Styling

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