monochrome kids bedroom decor

How to design a monochrome kids bedroom ?

A modern monochrome look for your kids room. You would like to create a modern monochrome style for your kids bedroom ? Look no further ! Today, we would like to share with you a collection of monochrome kids bedrooms. Let’s focus on black and white and discover below the most beautiful black and white rooms that any child would love to grow in to !

When it’s done correctly, a monochrome decor in a children’s room can be very interesting. In this article, you can find inspirations and good ideas to help you in your project. Whatever you want an entire black and white look for your kids room or are keen to add small touches of color, you will find everything you need in this post !

What about black and white bedrooms for kids ?

No, a kids bedroom doesn’t necessary need to come in colorful shades. Monochrome can also be a good option, especially if you want something gender neutral. From the nursery to the teen bedroom, black and white can be a really smart choice since it is quite timeless.

Indeed, this kind of decor will be really easy to update year to year from a preschooler room to something more grown up.

Inspirations for a black and white bedroom

Now it’s time to discover some beautiful monochrome kids bedrooms. First, let’s talk about black and white style only and then how to add some touches of colors.

Total look black and white kids bedroom

With black and white, there is no problem to find furniture and accessories to decorate your child’s room. Indeed, all brands are offering a large choice of decoration items with original designs and patterns.

monochrome kids bedroom decor

First, in order to have a pristine base to create a monochrome decor in your kids bedroom, we recommend repainting all the walls of the room in white. If you have a wooden floor, you can also paint it with a suitable paint.

Then, feel free to play with patterns, textures and materials. You can mix the patterns for a quite original look. An illustration with little black and white firs, a printed duvet cover, a monochrome plaid,… will perfectly match with a small black metal bedside or a white wooden bed.

In order to bring some warmth, also think about covering the floors. For example, you can add a carpet printed with geometric or ethnic patterns. Faux fur rugs is also a great way to warm up your kids room.

Finally, if you think the overall result is a little bit too white, do not hesitate to paint one of the wall in black. Doing so will also create some depth in the room. You will create a perfect contrast for an absolutely beautiful monochrome style.

Our tip : When adding black, be careful not to go too much. Especially if the room doesn’t have a lot of natural light coming in. To be modern and joyful (as a kid bedroom should be) black needs to be balanced with light.

1. Noorabv on Instagram / 2. The Design Chaser / 3. Tiny and Little / 4. Mitt Lille Hjerte / 5. The Little Design Corner

Adding a touch of colour

You think the total black and white look may not please your child ? Looking for an idea to bring some more fun without changing the monochrome style of the room ? Let’s see how to add discrete touches of colors in the room.

monochrome kids bedroom decor with colour

Accessories are be a good way to achieve that goal. For example, you will find brightly colored storage cases in specialized kids shops. All kind of colors fit perfectly with the monochrome look, so you can let your child choose the color he loves the most.

Do not hesitate to opt for colorful lighting. An origami celling lamp, for example, is perfectly adapted to a kids bedroom. If you want something really harmonious, you can also add here and there some small accessories designed with the same colour as the main element.

Then, if you prefer, you can decorate the walls of your child’s monochrome room with colorful prints. Feel free to download the ones we have created on our Instagram account. Otherwise, you can also have a look on Etsy which offers an almost limitless choice of design, colors,…

Finally, do not hesitate to play with colored textiles to finalize the decoration of your monochrome kids bedroom. You can put a colorful plaid on the bed, a floor mat or some nice cushions. Nice and easy, isn’t it ?

1. Stil Inspiration / 2. Alt / 3. Bambula / 4. By Koczanska / 5. Pinterest

Our selection of black and white furniture and home accessories for your kids bedroom

Now it’s time to discover the selection of bed linens and home accessories we found online. You will find so many lovely things to create a monochrome decor in your kids bedroom ! We are pretty sure you gonna like them all !

Monochrome bed linens for kids

The easiest way to add a monochrome touch in your kids bedroom is probably to use black and white bed linens. Let’s have a look to our selection !

Our favorite

Very soft and cozy, we fell in love with the pillow bed found on the Etsy shop of Mama Potrafi. This double sided pillow bed with snap buttons closure is perfect to add a spot in your monochrome child’s bedroom where you kids may read their favorite books or have a little nap.

Then, we really like the mountains and rabbits duvet cover from So Homey. Printed with a beautiful pattern in bold black and white, it is a perfect product for a monochrome kids room. Your child will probably love it.

Finally, the Little Man Cave custom cushion sold by Occasional Genius Co on Etsy makes a great addition to your little man’s bedroom. Created with an unique handlettering, this cushion compliments a modern monochrome nordic style kids bedroom.

The shopping list

01. Forest Camp printed duvet cover from La Redoute / 02. Fringe printed cotton square pillowcase from La Redoute / 03. Pillow bed from Mama Potrafi

01. Mountains and rabbits bed linen from So Homey / 02. Knitted baby blanket from Yarning Made / 03. Black and white personalised cushion from Occasional Genius Co

Black and white accessories for your child’s room

If you’re looking for beautiful accessories for your monochrome kids bedroom, we bet you will love the ones we have selected below for you.

Our favorite

First, the fabric storage bag from Maisons du Monde is a pretty and practical accessory to keep your kids bedroom tidy. Laundry, books, games,… this fabric bag provides plenty of space to organise their little bits and bobs. We love the modern black and white zigzag pattern which will perfectly match a monochrome decor.

Then, you will love the teepee for kids found on Teepee Joy on Etsy. A teepee offers your child a warm and cozy spot to your child to read and play. This teepee tent is handcrafted and comes with four sturdy wood dowels. It is just perfect for everything from playtime to naptime and to add a monochrome touch in your kids room. If you have enough space in the bedroom, go for it. And well… teepees are so cool, no ?

Finally, we had a real crush for the beautiful monochrome felt ball mobile found on The Rainbow Barn Etsy shop. You may customize this mobile to match your nursery colors.

The shopping list

01. Citylive black and white linen basket from Maisons du Monde / 02. Urskog black and white rug from Ikea / 03. Mini star black and white teepee from Teepee Joy

01. Rectangular baby playmat from Matuu / 02. Black and white nursery print from Lila x Lola / 03. Black and white felt ball mobile from The Rainbow Barn

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