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How to implement a Montessori bedroom for your child ?

Ideas and tips to implement a Montessori bedroom for your baby or toddler. What are the main Montessori principles to set up a Montessori bedroom ? Montessori principles are primarily centered on the needs of the child, including his desire to discover his environment and do things for himself. Fostering independence is also a very important Montessori aspect. Thus, your child must be free to explore his room and what it contains, safely. Discover in this article how to set up a Montessori bedroom !

Ideas and tips to set up a Montessori bedroom

A Montessori bedroom is a room that promotes the autonomy of the child so that he can do a maximum of things safely by himself without having to call his parents. By giving him the freedom of doing what he wants safely will contribute to his self confidence.

According to the Montessori philosophy, the bedroom of your little one should ideally contain four areas (if necessary, some areas can be relocated somewhere else in the house). A Montessori bedroom is divided into four main areas ; one to sleep, one to change him, another to feed him and the last one for his activities (play area).

What is the Montessori approach ?

In the words of Maria Montessori herself :

“ We must give the child an environment that he can utilize by himself: a little washstand of his own, a bureau with drawers he can open, objects of common use that he can operate, a small bed in which he can sleep at night under an attractive blanket he can fold and spread by himself. We must give him an environment in which he can live and play ; then we will see him work all day with his hands and wait impatiently to undress and lay himself down on his own bed. ”

montessori kid bedroom play area

Try to privilege a calm and relaxing room. Usually, a Montessori bedroom will be quite minimalist as you try to encourage your kid to concentrate on certain things, but there are no golden rules. You have to find what works for you. The room must be decluttered: limit decor accessories, toys, and furniture. This will facilitate the room daily tidying up and help your toddler to concentrate and organize his activities.

In terms of colors, we all have different tastes. Though, we would recommend opting for walls with neutral and light colors but feel free to add some color touches on the walls here and there.

A Montessori bedroom will usually have a small desk and chairs that your baby or toddler can use to play and do creative activities as well as a wardrobe (clothing rack or drawers) that he can reach by himself.

1. Deco And Kids / 2. Casar é / 3. Tiny Paw

How to create the Sleep area

First, which kind of bed do you need to implement a Montessori bedroom ? Well, the idea is that your little one can go in and out of the bed by himself, so no crib but a floor bed. Keep the bedding simple and adapted to your child age.

Regarding the bed itself, there are a lot of options available, from a simple mattress on the floor to a house bed or teepee bed frame. Indeed, those beds are ideals, they are both stylish, fun and free to access for your toddler.

montessori kid bedroom house bed

Next to the bed it is quite common to see a low lying wall mounted mirror so your baby can see himself. You will be surprised to see how long he can spend studying himself ( facial expressions and movements). It is part of his development and he will love it.

Since you are not confining your baby or toddler in a crib you need to be super careful with security. The bedroom needs to be a hundred percent babyproofed ! Be careful with any electrical plugs, outlets, chords or sharp edges. Every element of the room, from furniture to toys must be appropriate to your child age (remove any tiny edible piece, toys or anything he could be shocking with).

Over time and especially with your toddler getting older, you will see your child deciding by himself when he is tired and need to lie down for a nap for the night.

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How to create the play area

In a Montessori bedroom, the play area or activity area is as important than the sleeping area. How to design a Montessori play area ?

In the Montessori philosophy, and in the spirit of independence and exploration, a Montessori toddler room should offer easy access to toys and books. They need to be accessible on low shelves and in baskets or transparent boxes (so your little one can see what is inside). In other words, your kid or baby can reach his toys and play by himself without having to call you.

montessori kid bedroom shelving unit

Ideally, each category of toys will have its own box or basket, to help the child to focus and concentrate on one activity at a time. It will also help him to tidy his room and toys which is a very important step in autonomy.

In a Montessori bedroom, it is also highly recommended to create a reading area. To do so, select a low book shelve unit where the books are beautifully displayed and within reach of the child. That way, he will be encouraged to consult them. Moreover, you can add some cushions on the floor, a teepee or a hammock. You will create a cozy area, encouraging your kid to calm down and read.

Our tip : Use one box per kind of toys and to make it clearer for your young child put a photo of the type of toy inside !

1. Pinterest / 2. Minty Inspirations / 3. Cali Vintage

Our selection to equip your Montessori baby bedroom:

A floor bed, hand picked books and appropriate toys, low shelving, low hanging artwork, child size table, small chair, and accessible wardrobe, … These are the kind of furniture you need to think about when implementing a Montessori bedroom.

Children can learn so much through play. It is actually a vital activity for them. So don’t forget the toys ! Indeed, there are plenty of Montessori toys to be found online !

Montessori furniture

First, we invite you to discover a selection of Montessori furniture with a modern and fun look to equip your kid Montessori bedroom.

Our favorite

To create a stimulating and safe environment for your child choose pieces of furniture that are child-sized and practical. By providing a bed, chairs, tables, shelving and other practical items that are child-sized, children are encouraged to keep their things in order. It also encourages him to be autonomous and to explore their world in a positive way.

The furniture of our selection have a fun and beautiful design and are ideal to create a beautiful and positive Montessori bedroom and environment for your little one !

The selection

01. Montessori cube chair from Kiddie Design / 02. Montessori House bed from Mr Housey / 03. TeePee Bed Frame from The Pine Purveyor

01. Teepee for kids from Its For Kids” / 02. Mini children’s clothing rack from Little Rebell Wood Works / 03. Montessori step stool tower from Craffox

Play area

First, we invite you to discover a selection of Montessori toys in natural materials that will stimulate your little one creativity and interest. They will love them !

Our favorite

It is not always easy to find the right toys for your baby toddler. With the Montessori approach, less is more and we like it. In other words, it means fewer but higher quality toys, each with a purpose and made from natural materials. Most of the toys or our selection are handmade and all are from high quality material. They aim to stimulate your little one curiosity and encourage them to develop their skills.

The selection

01. Montessori wooden ring stacker from Happy Little Folks shop / 02. Montessori natural wooden lacing dinosaur from Lalka Store Pl / 03. Toddler busy board activity toy from Easy Tiger Busy Board

01. Montessori building blocks made of oak wood from BeWoodBcn / 02. Children wooden mini kitchen from Ikea / 03. Montessori natural wood ball run from Ultra Kidz

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