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How to upgrade your stairs style ?

How to make your stairs look better ? It’s not really easy to find a way to make stair look nice. That’s why a lot of us decide to save time and keep it simple.

However, with the good tips and decorating ideas, you can change the look of your stair and make it really stylish. Today, we would like to share with some lovely ideas we are fond of. Let’s have a look at how to upgrade your stairs style !

How to decorate your stair risers ?

First, the most obvious way to revamp your stairs is to decorate its stair risers. To do that, paint, wallpaper and patterned tiles are just perfect.

How to upgrade your stair risers with paint ?

No matter which color is dominating your interior decor, you can easily pick up one of them to paint and revamp your stairs. Some paint and a brush are all you need.

For example, if you like blue, you can use it to create a nice color gradient look on your stairs. Simply choose several shades of blue and paint the stair risers with each of them. start with the darker shade and dilute it more and more with white paint.Of course, you can also use another color. It’s up to you.

stair decor shade of blue stair risers

Then we love the next idea found on Leroy Merlin, a French website. Here, it’s all about creating an origami effect by painting some of the steps and stair risers. We especially like the mix of colors (pink, green and red) which match perfectly.

Finally, to give a tie and dye look to your stairs, you can find some inspiration on the last picture. To create this look, you just need some colored and white paint. It’s a great way to add a colorful touch and trendy style to the stair risers.

1. Shades of blue stairs – Source : Coastal Living / 2. A lovely origami style for these stairs – Source : Leroy Merlin / 3. Pink tie and dye stairs – Source : Zoplan

A nice pattern for your stair risers

Another way to decorate your stairs is to use wallpaper, adhesive paper or tiles to cover the stair risers.

Want stair with a slightly vintage look ? Use some concrete tiles to cover the stair risers. However, and even if the final result is really beautiful, you need to know that this kind of work needs to be done by a professional. Indeed, you need to cut your tiles to make them fit perfectly with your stair risers and it’s really not easy.

stair decor concrete tiles stair risers

Perfect for beginners, wallpapering is easy to make and can be done really fast. We love the one used on the second photo. To decorate your step risers with a pretty floral pattern (or any other one), all you have to do is to apply a coat of primer on your stair risers. Then, choose the wallpaper patterns you love most and adhere to with PVA glue.

Finally, you can also use adhesive paper to revamp your stairs. Just go on Etsy and find the one you are in love with. For a really original and trendy look, mix the patterns. If you want something cleaner, opt for the same pattern on all stair risers. It’s up to you !

1. Concrete tiles stair – Source : Pinterest / 2. Floral stair risers – Source : Architectural Digest / 3. Boho stair risers removable paper – Source : By Bohome on Etsy

More ideas to upgrade your stairs style

Looking for more ideas to revamp your stairs ? Discover now how to use them as a storage space or how to change its enclosure.

How to create storage space under your stairs ?

Sometimes poorly designed stairs give the feeling of a space loss. But with a little work, you can use the space available under your stair to create really useful storage.

The easiest way to create storage space under your stair it is to create shelves. Fix the boards directly under each step with wooden cleats or racks.

stair decor shelves

Easier, install some wooden boxes under your stairs and use them to store your belongings. You can basically find this kind of wooden boxes everywhere.

Finally, if you have a lot of space, don’t hesitate to close the part under your stair to create a real wardrobe. If your stairs is located in your entryway, you can use it to store your coats, shoes and other accessories.

1. Storage under stairs – Source : The Design Chaser / 2. Storage with wooden boxes – Source : Ikea / 3. A dressing room under the stairs – Source : Alvhem

A stylish enclosure for your stairs

Finally, we have selected some ideas to create an original stairs enclosure. It’s a simple and cheap way to change the look of your stairs really fast.

We really love the first one made with a simple wire fencing. It’s cheap and a good way to give a modern and industrial look to your stairs. You can make it by buying the supplies you need in your favorite DIY store.

stair decor wire fencing enclosure

Then you can customize your staircase by adding a rope enclosure. One more time, the budget is quite low. Just fix hooks on your floor and your ceiling and put your rope in each of them.

Finally, wood lovers should love the last stair enclosure. The idea is to use wooden timbers to close the stairs. It’s a good way to make your space brighter and to give it a really modern and trendy look.

1. Stairs enclosure with wire fencing – Source : Archdaily / 2. Rope enclosure – Source : Remodelista / 3. A wooden enclosure for your stairs – Source : Domino

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