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How to use white in your home decor ?

Ideas and tips to use white in your home. White is one of the most simple color to use in interior design. However, you should know that it can also create a really boring atmosphere in your rooms if you don’t use it properly.

Today, let’s have a look at 10 beautiful home decor that put white in the spotlights. For your living room or your bedroom, find below plenty of good ideas to use white in your home decor.

What about white in interior design ?

As you may know, white is probably the best choice to make to highlight your home. Reflecting the sunlight, it’s a good way to light up a dark room.

Also, white gives you the possibility to change your home decor as often as you want. Indeed, this color fits with all kind of trends. Want an industrial look in your living room ? Just remove your coffee table and add a vintage and black metal one. Want something greener ? Choose some green cushions covers and hang some végétal frames on your white walls.

Whatever the style of white interior design you will choose, be sure it is a great choice, particularly if you’re not sure about how to use colors the other colors.

How to use white in your living room or bedroom ?

You’ve made your mind and want a total look white decor in your home ? Let’s see how to use it in your living room or in your bedroom !

A white and warm living room

You think white and warm are not really compatible ? Let us change your mind about that ! These 5 white living rooms are a perfect example to show you how to make your white room decor warmer.

First, we love the first room with its association of white walls, wooden floors and home accessories with natural accents. This is probably the key to make your white living room warmer : use wicker baskets, floor seats and lamp shades. Boho home accessories are a really great choice for this.

white home decor living room

Then, if you want a real milky-hued home, use on your wooden floor some white floor paint. It’s a good way to maximize the light in the room. But for a more inviting and cozy feel, you need to add some pattern. A rug is perfect for that. Choose one with a natural or earthy color for a warmer and deeper living room decor.

Is there anything nicer than a black and white combo ? If it’s a small space, keep it mostly white to make the room feel more spacious, then accent with black furniture and accessories as it has been done in the third living room. We really love the contrast between the white walls, doors, sofa, floor lamp and the modern black coffee table.

Finally, if you don’t want something too boring, just add some touches of colors in your living room decor. It’s really simple and you can change the color palette as often as you want. Winter is coming ? Put some red and green notes on your sofa or on your white walls. During summer, use beige or pastel colors to refresh your room.

1. Elle / 2. Femina / 3. Couchstyle / 4. Sunrise Over Sea / 5. Agent Bauer

A light and cozy bedroom in white

Is there something more pleasant than waking up in a bright and cozy bedroom ? Probably not ! Using white in your room is a good way to make it brighter and fresher. Let’s have a look at 5 beautiful white bedrooms, some tips and ideas to use white in your own.

First, we love the all-white bedrooms below. In these rooms, everything is white : the walls, the floor, the bed linen and the curtains. To make it warmer, a faux fur blanket was placed on the bed. A small vintage wooden table is used as a bedside table and makes the set really beautiful. If you also plan to create this kind of decoration in your room, don’t hesitate to add some greenery to make it fresher and more natural.

white home decor living room bedroom

Then, as in the living room presented above, you can break the white look of your room with darker accents home accessories. Your room will be more contemporary. To do this, choose black cushions with graphic patterns, put your plants in gray concrete pots and feel free to play with the textures by choosing a faux fur rug or a knitted blanket.

Finally, play with the shades of white and beige to create a very bright decoration. For example, choose a bedside table with white patina paint. For textiles, mix white, beige and light gray for a room with a warm look.

1. Woon Inspiratie / 2. Damernas / 3. Stadshem / 4. Villa Styling / 5. Paulina Arcklin

Our selection of white furniture and home accessories

Now it’s time to discover our new selection of white furniture and home accessories for your living room or your bedroom.

White furniture and accessories for the living room

Our favorite

Want to add a white and modern touch to your living room ? Choose the beautiful white leather sofa found on Maisons du Monde. Its retro look contrasts with its bright white color for a modern touch. It will find a home for itself in an interior with contemporary lines or an arty living room. This attractive vintage sofa also offers very comfortable seating with its high resiliency polyurethane foam filling.

Looking for a more discrete white touch ? As we do, you will love the Hoa vases come as a 3 and we like keeping them that way. Pretty and small, they’re an easy way to style up a lonely looking desk or bedside table.

The selection

01. Adelong small marble coffee table from La Redoute / 02. White leather sofa from Maisons du Monde / 03. Woven rope bench from Cox and Cox

01. Set of 3 ceramic vases from Made / 02. White table lamp from John Lewis / 03. Ceramic side table from La Redoute

White furniture and accessories for the bedroom

Our favorite

If you want to add a vintage white note in your bedroom, choose the lovely screen below. A beautifully detailed statement piece, this large folding screen features a detailed hand-carved pattern in a rustic whitewashed finish, making a fabulous addition to any space.

We are fond of the macrame cushion found on Maisons du Monde. With its fine, tight weave, this décorative accessory will add texture and authenticity to your sofa. The design detail ? Its embroidered black cotton details which give this patterned cushion a global, graphic vibe. Simply hoover to care for it… What more could you ask for ?

The selection

01. Small white desk from La Redoute / 02. White wooden headboard from Maisons du Monde / 03. Whitewashed screen from Cox and Cox

01. White metal bed frame from John Lewis / 02. Macrame cushion from Maisons du Monde / 03. White perforated bedside table from La Redoute

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