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Inspiring kids workspace decor ideas

Looking for decor ideas to set up your kid workspace ? Your little ones are getting older and it may be time for them to have their dedicated workspace. It will give them their own space to focus on their homework or creative projects. A nice and good looking desk that your kid love will encourage them to actually use it ! Modern or vintage, discover how to set up and style the perfect kid’s workspace.

Single desk or double, school desk, vintage or contemporary, … Check those kids workspaces decor ideas to inspire you to set up your little one work area with a style.

Vintage or modern kids workspace

Once your kids start school, it becomes quite important for them to have a dedicated space to study and concentrate. Lucky you, there are so many stunning inspirations and ideas on the web to set up and organize your child little office. One of the big kid trends right now is vintage kids bedroom and desks. Let’s have a look !

Beautiful vintage desk and kids workspace

We absolutely love this vintage school desk which has a very nice and warm vibe. For a vintage vibe, wood and metal are definitively the right materials to favor. A vintage teal desk lamp and an old botanic poster complete the look of this charming vintage kids’ workspace.

kids workspace decor ideas vintage

If like us you love those old vintage school desks look online or try to find one in a flea market next to your place. It might not be easy to find one at first as they became extremely popular in the past few years but keep looking ! Stylish and sturdy, those if you like the vintage style, those desks totally worth it. Note also that those desks exist in simple or double and both with chairs or bench. Make your choice !

Once you have selected your kid desk, the next thing you need to do is take a good look at the space and think about what else you need. Bookshelves ? Cupboards ? Drawers or not ? Crate lockers are ideal in a vintage inspired bedroom and workspace. They are stylish and also provide a lot of storage.

1. Vintage kids workspace with rainbow J’aurais pu m’appeler Marcel / 2. French desk Momo Design / 3. Teal blue kids vintage desk VT Wonen

Contemporary kids workspace ideas

But vintage kids desks and workspace are not the only options. You can also find awesome contemporary kids workspace ideas on the web. The one below is definitively one of our favorite.

kids workspace decor ideas contemporary pastel colors

We love the sleek lines of this desk and the pastel color palette, ideal to stay focused. Simple and design, this desk provides a lot of space. The side screens create a clear separation with the rest of the room and encourage your kid to concentrate.

What about the two kids workspace below ? Mixing contemporary and Scandinavian style they provide a bright and clean environment for your child to work. We love the combination of light wood and white furniture, it creates a clean canvas for your child to both concentrate and be creative. Few additional funny decorative elements like a poster or a quote will add style to the workspace and also stimulate your little one imagination.

1. Modern pastel kids desk Nr13b / 2. Scandinavian style kids desk Pinterest / 3. Black and white modern kids workspace

Children single or double desks

Setting up a workspace for one kid is okay, but how to do so for two ? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Have a look at the clever and stylish double kids workspace below and see how the rooms have been organized.

Children desk and workspace area for two kids

This double kids workspace below is a perfect example of how to do it right. It’s simple but yet practical and stylish. The kids share a simple wooden board but have their own space. The cupboards are used as a stand for the top board and provide plenty of storage. They contribute to create two clear dedicated workspaces.

kids workspace decor ideas contemporary colourful double desk

Both kids have their own stool (can you recognize Ikea here ?) and dedicated ceiling lamp. The color scheme is just great. It’s both colorful and very harmonious thanks to the white floor, furniture and shelves, and floor which provides a perfect visual unity.

The second workspace below use the same technique, a simple wooden board on a stand along the wall. A little curtain set on the desk provides some storage space.

The third kids’ double workspace below uses the architectural features of the bedroom to create two dedicated areas. It’s very clever. Set along the wall and by the windows, this double workspace benefits from a lot of natural light, conducive to work.

1. Modern colorful double kids desk Saarkeloves / 2.  A nice black, yellow and white double desk Apartment Therapy/ 3. Bright double kids workspace by the windows Pinterest

Kids single desk

Last but not least, the children desks below are great inspiration sources if you are thinking of setting up a workspace for one kid.

kids workspace decor ideas single industrial desk yellow black

We love the industrial vibe coming from the kids desk above. Yellow, white and grey is a color palette which works very well in a kids’ bedroom and the association of raw materials is perfectly done. The large yellow wall desk organizer will allow your kid to hang both his favorite decor elements and his work stuff and notes.

Different style and vibe for the two bedrooms below. Vintage and slightly romantic for the left one and definitively contemporary on the right.

The first one uses the architectural features of the room (attic room) to define a clear working space within the bedroom.  The other one uses the color block technique. It consists of painting the wall in front of the desk with paint color. The color helps to define the workspace and is also very trendy. Perfect for a teenage workspace.

1. Industrial style single kids desk VT Wonen / 2. Rabbit wallpaper kids workspace Pinterest / 3. Pink painted workspace wall Pinterest

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