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Interior design ideas for small places

Looking for small places decorating ideas ? It is not always easy to arrange with style a small apartment. How to set up and organize a small but convenient kitchen, a bedroom with enough storages, a welcoming living room, and a functional bathroom ? Find all our space-saving tips and ingenious ways to maximize space in a small place, from the living room to the bedroom.

You’ll see, maximizing the space of a small place and creating storage space can sometimes be easier and cheaper than you think !

Decorating ideas for a small living room and dining room

Double duty furniture is a small-space must-have and there tonnes of options available for sofas, pouf, coffee table… But there are additional tips to follow when you want to maximize the space or buy furniture for a small apartment. One of them is selecting vertical furniture and wall mounted appliance. Another is to use color to create visual areas and enlarge the rooms.

Go for wall mounted and double duty furniture

Space-saving furniture, smart furnishings, practical storage solutions are critical when choosing the furniture and decorating a small place. But first, we would like to share with you three essential principles for small places owners.

The first principle is to make precise measurements before you buy anything, the second one is to think minimalist and to declutter. Finally, the third one is to play with walls and vertical furniture ! So keep those principles in mind and let’s discover our additional tips and tricks to decorate your small place.

First, the dining table. Choose a small, foldable and, or extendable dining table. There is plenty of choice outside for every budget and as you can see below, very stylish ! Make sure you select chairs that can fit underneath the table when they’re not being used !

small dining room idea

If you are like us and work from home, then you need some office space ! If your workspace mainly consists of a laptop you can just use a bookshelf instead of taking up space with a heavy desk. Nice and easy.

Finally, because storage space is critical, and if you are lucky enough to have high ceiling, favor floor to ceiling shelves. It will provide you plenty of storage space without cluttering the room. Favor light-color and airy shelves like the ones below.

1. Minimalist foldable table Futur is Architecture / 2. An ingenious wall mounted desk Moderni Puutalo / 3. Floor to ceiling wall mounted shelves The Nordroom

Create visual zones and define areas

Using color is a smart and very efficient way to define areas in a small or confined place.

The smart space composition below is achieved through the dynamic contrasts in the flooring materials and color combinations. The result is both elegant and airy. The combination of green surfaces, wood, and cement floors helps to define the different areas of this small apartment without cluttering it.


small apartment ideas

Another way to use color to visually enlarge a small place is to play with contrasts here and there. We love this yellow shelving unit which gives depth to the room and contributes to enlarge it.

If you are looking for a more traditional yet efficient way to separate the kitchen area from the living room a bar counter is ideal. A bar counter will create a visual limit between both areas and can also be used as a dining table.

1. Creation of visual areas Coté Maison / 2. Use paint to outline the shelving area Delikatessen / 3. A bar counter to define the kitchen space Dexorate

Design ideas for a small bedroom and bathroom

Those who own a small place already know it ; storage is key ! And this is also true for the bedroom and the bathroom.

Small bedroom ideas

If you have a small place or a small bedroom, you need to create plenty of storage space without cluttering your room. One trick is to install storage space in unusual areas like above the doors, which are often lost spaces. In a bedroom forget the headboard and build open shelves above the bed.


bedroom storage shelves

To save space on the floor, you can also opt for a loft bed or retractable. The traffic is then more fluid and you can arrange a small office area underneath. If you are not into loft bed, then a storage bed or a bed with drawers are very practical when there is not enough room in the cupboards.

Finally, one of the most classic and cost saving trick certainly remains the mirror. All deco lovers know this tip ! A mirror modifies the perspectives, diffuses light to the entire room, and visually enlarges the space. Adding a wall mounted mirror is an aesthetic trick to enlarge a small bedroom or any other room of your place.

  1. Wall mounted shelves above your bed to save space Main Street Stockholm / 2. An elevated bed with storage The Master Home Club / 3. A mirror to enlarge the room Main Street Stockholm

Tips for your small bathroom

Walls and height are the allies of the small bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom it is essential to go vertical ! Opt for shelving column unit and storage cabinet above and below the sink.  We are also very keen of using the space below the sink for the washing machine.

small bathroom storage

If you have a small bathroom make sure the room is not cluttered and use space on the walls rather than on the floor. Opt for few decorative elements and follow a defined color palette (like the bathrooms below). The color harmony will also contribute to create a neat and airy bathroom.

Once again, opt for double duty furniture like a cabinet with integrated mirror.

1. Combined bathroom and laundry Trend Home Deco / 2. Transparent bathroom doors to enlarge the bathroom Nest Twenty Eight / 3. Declutter and add a mirror to enlarge a small bathroom White Lane Decor

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