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New Christmas decorating trends for 2018

Christmas decorating trends for your home. Discover the colors, materials, patterns and decorative objects that will inspire you for Christmas 2018.

Christmas is almost there and you have started to take a look at the decorative trends for this year. We did to too ! This year again, we find some of the timeless trends : chic, Scandinavian, rustic, sleek, retro, … For the colors, are still present golden, red and green and of course white.

But we can also observe new trends emerging very clearly : the green and upcycling trend, then the polar, cosmic and crazy one, and finally the come back of the traditional Christmas.

Three Christmas trends you gonna love

Which colors to put forward for the Christmas decor ? Which home decor style to select during the festive season this year ? Find your inspirations from one of the three main trends of the year : kinfolk and natural, rainbow polar or just stick to basics and opt for the traditional Christmas hues and style. One of the other, enjoy the Christmas spirit at home with your family !

A Kinfolk and green Christmas

Leaves, greenery, wood, and other foraged sprigs, … As you know, at SHAKE we love everything that is natural, upcycled and eco-friendly.

Therefore it is a real pleasure to see this strong trend of decoration and lifestyle finally declined at Christmas. Not only is this Christmas trend is elegant and environmentally friendly, but it is also economical. So whatever is your budget, do not hesitate to adopt this trend this Christmas.

So, how to create a kinfolk, natural, green Christmas decoration ?

christmas trends kinfolk green table decoration

We find in the decoration of natural elements like pinecones, nuts, branches … The colors are both bright and close to nature: white, green, slate and warm brown. As for the materials, one favors all that is natural: wood, linen, wool.

The trend also comes down to gift wrapping : skip the traditional shiny paper and ribbons and go for leaves, pine cones, berries, cedar or pine branches. These can be thrown right back outside and returned to the Earth when all the unwrapping is over.

Your Christmas table takes on a Kinfolk style and invites sharing and simplicity. To decorate the house and the table use hanging crowns and centerpieces made of foliage. The pine leaves and ferns are ideal for Christmas. If you already have suspensions, even easier! Recover the vegetal ones.

To counterbalance the green bet on the white and other simple ornaments which will bring light. Candles, small objects in pewter and copper, golden stars, small vases in a recycled glass …

Our tip: You can easily walk in the forest and find small things to make beautiful DIY decorations for your home and Christmas tree.

1. Remodelista / 2. / 3.@frlklein / 4. H&M Home / 5. Pop Sugar

The rainbow polar trend

Say hello to a new strong Christmas trend this year: the rainbow polar trend. There is no way you have missed out this colorful and fun summer trend and well, as you can see it has followed us up to Christmas!

Trendy, fun, funky, bright and multicolored the rainbow Christmas tree is the centerpiece of the decoration. You will adore or hate it but there is no way it goes unnoticed!

christmas trends polar rainbow tree

At Shake we love this alternative to traditional Christmas style and colors. A decoration that, if it is well done, will contribute to the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

The flagship colors are pink in the first place, complemented by blue, gold and white. Sparkling, glittery and luminous materials are favored. Colors reminiscent of northern forests and the starry sky. A palette that is both wintery, inspired by polar nights but also pop and fun.

The Christmas tree is white and decorated with a mixture of traditional colorful baubles and fun and delicate ornaments as those sold by Antropologie in our selection. You’ll also understand this trend is about over-size, so be bold and think big !

Abuse of colorful and flashy garlands and mix it with offbeat objects to create a galactic and fairy universe. A trend that we would define as an in-between the Milky Way and the Unicorn.

1. Amara / 2. Sugar And Cloth / 3. BHG / 4. Coco Kelley / 5. Sprinkle For Breakfast

The come back of traditional Christmas codes

In response, perhaps, to the eccentric and offbeat trend rainbow trend, we are witnessing a strong return of traditional Christmas codes this year. Obviously, we love it too. All the codes of a traditional Christmas are there and evoke the nostalgia of our childhood.

So if this year you want to celebrate Christmas in the purest tradition, go for it and enjoy ! Regarding colors, all the basics are there: gold, green, red, purple. We also find the pine cone, gingerbread, holly, cinnamon, and traditional fir, which evoke the warmth and conviviality of Christmas.

christmas trends traditional decoration nutcraker

Abuse of holly garlands, berry garlands or bay garlands. To create a comfy atmosphere warm up your place with your cozy throws and don’t be shy to go for the traditional black and red check pattern.

For the decoration (on the table, on the chimney or for the Christmas tree), bet on the winter emblematic animals like the deer or the bear but also on amusing and modern declinations of more uncommon animal like on our shopping selection!

And do not forget the not to be missed Christmas wreath, the first element of decoration to be seen by your guests !

1. Craft Berry Bush / 2. Roomadness / 3. h.rebel / 4. Balsam Hill / 5. Søstrene Grene

Christmas decoration shopping selection

The Christmas tree is up already and it is now time to decorate it. Whatever the trend you are decided to follow this year, we wish you to have good fun ! Our selection below mainly comes from small businesses and craftsmen and we hope you will like it. We have also selected Christmas decoration from bigger brands that we really liked.

Our favorite tree ornaments

My first crush is on those divine felt unicorns done by Post Box Party and found on Etsy. Not only they are incredibly cute and sweet but they also have a wooden name tag that you can personalize with your child or friend names. Get one for each so no one is jealous. Do you remember dreaming to be one of the centaurettes from the Disney movie Fantasia ? Well, with those ornaments you are halfway through !
And if you are unicorn allergic (yes it’s possible ) there are plenty of other cute felt animals in her shop !

What is Christmas about ? It is about love, family, being together and sharing. So why not say it with those beautiful white ceramic hearts ? It’s modern and simple. We like.

If you are looking for Christmas baubles with a twist, go no further. We found those white emoticons baubles on Etsy and immediately fell in love with them. They are cute, uncommon and modern. This little face reminds us the robot Wall-E and let’s be honest, we all love him.

01. Felt unicorn tree decorations from Post Box Party / 02. Monochrome ceramic heart from Dandy Lion Designs UK / 03. Modern Christmas baubles with emoticons from Kina Ceramics

04. Sparkly Christmas tree decorations Pup Tart Handmade / 05. Flamingo Christmas tree topper from In Rainbows Becco / 06. Mercury glass letter ornaments from West Elm

Other Christmas must have

The Christmas tree is the masterpiece of your Christmas home decoration. But can you stop there ? Some might say yes but we say no ! Don’t hesitate to add small decorations and ornaments here and there in your entire house to create a true Christmas feeling. We have done a selection below of lights garland, Christmas wreath and other decoration that you will surely enjoy !

Stockings are a Christmas must have. We have selected two versions of it, a traditional one that you can personalize with your name (handmade and found on Etsy) and a more modern velvet version from Anthropologie. Make your choice !

We also love those two Christmas wreath options. The first one is more traditional but very elegant and would be perfect in a natural themed Christmas. The red berries and fake snow create a beautiful and well balanced mix. But you can also go a bit crazy with this pompom multicolored wreath. The style is totally different, the pompoms are chunky and oversized and the wreath would please anyone looking for originality.

01. Personalized Christmas stockings knit red from Barmine / 02. Red Berry Artificial Christmas wreath from Maison Du Monde / 03. White Snowflake glitter candles from Inspired by Alma

04. Faux deer head wall mount from Wall Charmers / 05. Pom Bonanza Wreath from Anthropologie / 06. Embellished Velvet Stocking from Anthropologie

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