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Smart color blocking paint ideas to reproduce at home

You love color blocking paint and what to add a pop to color to your place ? Discover here some unexpected and easy ways to add pops of color paint to your interior !

Color blocking is one of the best ways to really make a statement in your home or to pimp a too neutral room. The idea behind color blocking paint is usually to combine and pair contrasting colors or unexpected colors to create bold visual focal points. We are totally a fan of the color blocking paint trend but you might wonder how to effectively do it in your own home. Today we share some you the most clever color blocking wall ideas that you can easily reproduce at home.

How to add a touch of color to your walls

First, let’s see together how to add a touch of color blocking paint to your walls !  From half painted walls to painting your shelves and wall to the same color, discover easy ideas to add a stylish touch of color to your walls. And if you love colors and geometric shapes, this trend is definitely for you.

Ready to perk up your home with a splash of color ?

Paint behind the shelves

Our first idea comes from the awesome interior designer Justina Berkaley from the Jungalow. One of Justina’s signature decorating idea is to paint behind her shelves. It creates a kind of vignette for the small objects she displays. It’s an ideal and very creative way to create a focal point and pimp a boring white wall.
How to do it ? That’s super easy. Paint your shelf and the wall behind it with the same color. Regarding the shapes and color, that’s entirely up to you and we share with you plenty of inspirations below !

color blocking paint walls shelves

The shapes painted by Justina are not perfect and that’s what creates this boho aesthetic. But if the bohemian style is not for you, you can also go for straight lines and modern geometric shapes. It’s totally up to you !

We love the Scandinavian style of the dining room below pimped with the olive green color blocking geometric shape painted on the wall. The good idea here is was to create a color echo with the houseplants and the vintage chair.

Another wonderful way to apply color blocking paint to your wall and shelves is to mix several trends ; ombre color, geometric shapes, and color blocking. The blush pink ombre circular shelf below from the home of the author and comedy writer Laura Lane is just awesome.

Finally, matching the shelve color to the wall color behind is a perfect way to define areas in your house. It’s ideal to define your little beauty corner area or a home office area.

1. Paint the wall behind a shelf Justina-blakeney  / 2. Paint  an area of the walls and match the color Skandinavische Club / 3. Circular ombre shelf  Domino, photography Cody Guilfoyle  / 4. Beauty corner area delimited with color paint Karwai / 5. Colorful and bold pattern accent wall Cecile Figuette home

Half painted walls and geometric colorful shapes

Looking for a nice and easy way to apply the color blocking technique to your walls  ? Well, the easiest technique is to keep your white walls as they are and then pick a bright or contrasting color to paint halfway up the wall. The blog Petite and Smalls gives you a great example of how to do it with their stunning white and olive green half painted wall.

color blocking paint green half painted walls

But if you are ready to make a slightly bigger statement, you can also paint your wall with big or small geometric shapes. Another thing about color blocked walls is that you can get creative with your shapes and lines. You can go for perfectly geometric and neat shapes like the floor to ceiling coral rectangular shape of Vintage Revival or go for funky looking shapes. Mix several colors to create a more artsy look.

f you’re not too fond of bright colors, you can go for pastel colors and it works really well too. The pinkish beige round painted shape in the bedroom below serves a headboard and brings style to the room. You can use color blocking on a big or smaller scale.

If you feel up to it you can create these patterns yourself using tape to define the shapes with tape, if you don’t, ask a professional.

1. A half-painted green and white wall in a kid bedroom Petite and Small / 2. Neat and clean lines for this yellow geometric painted shape Milk Decoration / 3. Geometric shapes painted on the wall bring brightness and energy Archzine / 4. A circular blush pink painted shape as a bed headboard Dwell  / 5. Pink rectangular shape painted on the wall Vintage Revival

Simple ideas to add a touch of paint color to your interior

Who said you have to limit color blocking paint to the walls ? There are many other easy and smart ways to use color blocking paint in your home to add a touch of color to your interior ! First, let’s see how to add a splash of color to your home with color block paint on your doors. Then, discover unexpected and stunning small additional ideas that you can easily apply at home to pimp your interior.

Paint your doors

Painting your door is an unexpected way to add a focal point of color to any room or house. This blush pink door from Nordsjo transforms a quite neutral room and brings warmth and soft elegance. The pink color is also matched on the iron cast in the room.

color blocking paint blush pink door
The good thing with door painting is that you can easily do it yourself. There are plenty of DIY tutorials to explain to you how to paint your door in bold and bright colors or how to half paint it. If you are ready to paint your door, check the tutorial from the blog A Lovely Mess. Painting your door relatively simple and quick but it does create a huge visual impact !

Regarding the colors, it’s entirely up to you. You can go for a beautiful blush pink color like the picture above or go for a bright and bold yellow. So trendy !! When the rest of the room is relatively neutral, you can really choose any color.

As it’s common to do in interior design, a good idea would be to create a color echo between the door color with one or two decorative elements in the room. It will help to bring consistency and harmony to the room.

1. Pastel pink door Nordsjo  / 2. Black and white doors Dekoration blog / 3. Bright yellow colored door AD Espagna / 4. Half-painted door A Beautiful Mess / 5. Paint the door entryway in blue Apartment Therapy

Simple and unexpected way to add some color to your home

With color painting, it is actually pretty easy to decide to render room features visible or invisible. It’s all up to your strategic painting choices.

Painting the doorway to a room is an awesome yet simple way to incorporate the most clever pop of color to a room. We absolutely love the picture below from Vogue Australia. It’s really inspiring and can easily be reproduced at home.

color blocking paint yellow entryway door

Then, painting furniture or architectural details in bold and bright colors is also a clever way to add a small touch of color to any room and create a focal point. We absolutely love the black iron cast below. The color paint transforms a boring wall mounted iron cast into a decorative stylish element. It adds a retro accent to the living room and is just brillant !

You can also add color to a room by painting the windows frame with a bright color. In a white kitchen, the blue brings energy and style. The color is matched here are there with cooking stencils. The result is elegant and revigorating.

Finally painting the furniture and decorative elements in the same color than the walls can be a way to make them stand out or at the contrary to make them invisible and visually enlarge a room. In both case, it’s a very clever way to add a touch of color, small or big to your own interior.

1. Colored doorway adds a unique pop of color to the room Vogue Australia / 2. Paint your iron cast radiator Another ballroom / 3. Colored windows frame Domino, photography by Brittany Ambridge / 4. Paint decorative elements and the wall with the same color Ferm Living / 5. Yellow windows 70 Percent Pure

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