kids bunk bed built in storage

Stylish kids bunk beds and loft beds

Stylish bunk bed for your kids. We are far from the old boring bunk beds of our childhood. Nowadays, bunk beds exist in a variety of material and style : vintage or contemporary, built in or not, with storage or play area.

Discover the most stylish kids bunk beds and loft beds and superb ideas to style them !

Stylish and clever built in kids bunk beds

If you are considering bunk bed for your child bedroom, the first thing you need to do is measure the room and decide on the type of bunk bed that will work the best. And sometimes the ideal solution is to go for a built in bunk bed. You make the most of the space and can play with the special features of the bedroom.

Built in kids bunk bed with storage and shelves

First, we literally fell in love for the built in bunk bed below and the way it has been styled.

kids bunk bed built in white shelves storage

The bunk bed above is just divine and is perfectly integrated into the room. The combination of white and wood gives a very fresh vibe to the room and space has been perfectly optimized. The wooden ladder is discrete and takes no space. Both kids have their own reading lamp and shelves to store their books and little treasures.

The two next built in bunk beds are two other beautiful examples of the successful combination of style and functionality. The first one, in wood, provides plenty of storage (always useful when you have kids ! ). It integrates drawers in the base and additional storage space via built in shelves above the headboard. It has a very Scandinavian and pure look that we totally love.

The second bed mixes white wood and natural wood and provides large drawers in the base. We like the combination with the two little green retro bedside lamp and the contrast provided by the bedding and black cushions.

Our tip, use matching bedding for both beds and favor visual harmony.

1. Built in white and pastel bunk beds Amber Interiors / 2. Ranch project bunk beds Nicole Davis Interiors / 3. Wooden built in bunk bed with storage One Kind design

Kids loft beds with a play area or desk

Today’s bunk beds are available in all sizes and shapes, with creative designs and imaginative climbing up solutions.

kids bunk loft bed built in desk area

The bedroom above got it so perfectly right that we are jealous. The color palette, the combination of material, the tree house loft bed,… Everything works perfectly. The loft bed free some floor space and provide a privileged area to work or play.

The two built in loft beds below are also full of creativity and style ! First, as you can see with the left loft bed, the play area doesn’t always need to be downstairs. We love the non-elastic safety net made with natural rope.

Then, the right kid loft bed has been built very high to make the most of the very high ceiling of the kid bedroom. It provides a lot of free floor space for a desk, a play area, and even a dressing !

1. Desk area under a tree house bed Maema Archi / 2.  Kids loft bed with a play area  Pinterest / 3. Built in kids loft bed with desk and play area Future Is Architecture

Non built in kids bunk bed and loft beds

There are several types of bunk beds available but most fall under two categories and subcategories: built in, not built in and basic or lofted. A basic bunk bed is a bed above another bed whereas a lofted bed is just an elevated bed which free some floor space (you can then add an extra bed, storage, study area, ….)

Stylish and modern kids bunk beds and loft beds

The bunk bed below got it 100% right. First, we absolutely love the cloud guardrail but not only. Observe the headboard and footboard panels. They reproduce a little house with windows and a gable roof.

kids bunk bed wood pastel cloud

The simple but beautiful bedding is the perfect addition to this beautiful bed. Ideal for a contemporary style kids bedroom.

Then we fell in love with this second Scandinavian lofted bunk bed. A perfect combination of design and functionality. Elevating the bed allows for useable space with a desk and storage.

Finally a bunk bed with a metallic frame ! We like the retro look and the minty color of this bed. Ideal if you like vintage kids bedroom.

1. Wooden bunk bed cloud Kenay home / 2. White and oak wood kids loft bed Nubie / 3. Bunk bed in steel mint color Walker Edison Shop

Kids bunk beds Ikea hacks

Finally, it’s quite hard to talk about kids bunk bed without talking about Ikea ! Indeed the brand provides good quality and affordable bunk bed solutions for your kids. And as usual, they are quite easy to hack. Have a look !

kids bunk bed Ikea kura hack

We are so fond of the bunk bed and kid bedroom above. Not only we love the terrazzo like wall and the bedding, but we also totally applaud the clever bed hack. Here the Kura Ikea bed has been hacked and transformed into a house bed. The hack and simple and the result lovely. Bravo !

Then, left bunk bed below is another twist and hack of the Kura bed. We absolutely love the bedding, the cushions. Finally, the right bunk bed below (an Ikea Mydal hack) is a kind of combination of a bunk bed and a play tree house. No doubt that your kids would adore it ! (Note that the blog where it comes from provides the construction plans).

1. Kura Ikea hack Laura Melling Hawthorne / 2. Ikea house bed blue Future Is Architecture  / 3. Mydal Ikea hack Mood Kids

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