iconic scandinavian chairs

The most iconic Scandinavian chairs

What Scandinavian chair to choose for your home ? Scandinavian interiors are getting more and more trendy. If you are planning to add a Nordic touch to your home, you will probably be looking for a beautiful and iconic Scandinavian chair. There are so many different styles and you don’t know exactly which one is the best for you ?

Today, we have decided to focus on the most popular Nordic chairs. Hee Weeling, Wegner Wishbone, Arne Jacobsen,… you can find below everything you need to know about these famous designers and their most beautiful products.

Scandinavian wooden chairs

Wishbone chair by Hans Wegner

To create his Wishbone chair, Hans Wegner has been inspired by a series of well-known paintings in Denmark showing oriental chairs from the Ming period.

iconic scandinavian chair wishbone black

Indeed, the rounded shape of the chair is very characteristic of this prosperous period in China. More than a tribute to Ming art, Hans Wegner wanted to end the fashion of heavy and ostentatious chairs.

The creation of Wegner weighs less than 5.5 kilograms for a width of 55 centimeters and a depth of 51 centimeters. The frame of the chair is made of oak, cherry and walnut. The seat is made of 120 meters of natural wood rope. The special Y backrest gave the chair another name, the “Y Chair”.

1. Black Wishbone chair Bolig Magasinet / 2. The wooden Wishbone chair Stylizimo / 3. Wishbone chair and cork dining table Honestly WTF

The Elbow chair by Hans Wegner

Here’s another iconic chair created by Hans Wegner. The Elbow Chair (also known as CH20) came to life in 1956 but looks just as fresh and modern as ever. Indeed, the chair is actually manufactured since 2005 only by Carl Hansen & Søn.

iconic scandinavian chair elbow wood kitchen

This classic solid oak chair has a padded leather seat and is perfect to add a classic and elegant touch to your dining room.

1. The Elbow chair in the kitchen Contemporist / 2. Black Elbow chair Trendenser / 3. Natural Elbow chair Pinterest

The Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen

The Series 7 chair designed in 1955 by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen is the best-selling chair in the history. It is also one of the most recognized Danish design icons around the world.

iconic scandinavian chair series 7 black dining room

Made of plywood, it can be considered as the top of the designer’s research to make the best use of the stratification technique. This one has been created by C. Hansen, grandson of founder Fritz Hansen, in the twenties and thirties.

Jacobsen first started designing another model, the Fourmi chair, which he later upgraded to the Series 7.

This chair is perfect for every room : the dining room, the kitchen,… It remains the most famous chair in Fritz Hansen’s collection.

1. The black Series 7 chair in the living room Pinterest / 2. Leather Series 7 chair Bloglovin / 3. The wooden Series 7 chair Tumblr

Scandinavian plastic chairs

About a chair by Hee Welling

Prolific designer Hee Welling studied art and design in Helsinki and furniture design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His Copenhagen studio produces this famous and iconic chair inspired by a simple shell.

iconic scandinavian chair about a chair pastel

The modern About a Chair has a sober and clean design, to fit harmoniously into any environment. This chair combines noble materials such as natural wood for its base and polypropylene for its shell.

1. Pastel look for the About a Chair Femkeido / 2. Mix your vintage chairs with the iconic About a Chair Marthe Holien Bo / 3. Felted About a Chair Pinterest

The DSW chair by Charles and Ray Eames

The DSW chair is the symbol of the artistic work of Charles and Ray Eames. Since the 1950s, it has inspired generations of designers. Its innovative material, molded fiberglass, made it a huge success. It is just as strong as it is malleable and comfortable.

iconic scandinavian chair dsw grey dining room

Available in multiple colors and produced in series, the Eames chair has conquered the world and is now exhibited in the prestigious collections of modern art museums.

1. Light grey DSW chair The Design Chaser / 2. Black DSW chair Nordic Design / 3. Minted DSW chair Western Living

Panton chair by Verner Panton

At the end of the 1950s, Verner Panton designed the revolutionary Panton chair Panton. The technical prowess required is such that it took several years to produce the first injection-molded plastic chair.

iconic scandinavian chair panton white dining room

The financial support provided by Vitra has been decisive in the successful design of the suspended seat.

Verner Panton has experimented with several types of materials : first with the rigid fiberglass reinforced polyester, then the molded Baydur (a strong foam). Today, the Panton chair is one of the most iconic in the world.

1. The white Panton Chair Remodelista / 2. Pastel blue Panton Chair Silje Vaniljeis / 3. Black Panton Chair Pinterest

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