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Tips and ideas to set up a tropical kids’ bedroom

Looking for ideas to set up a tropical kids’ bedroom ? Tropical kids’ bedrooms are pretty easy to set up and decorate in comparison to other contemporary themes. The tropical theme is joyful, natural and colorful and invites your kids to play and switch on their imagination.

There are two main styles within the tropical theme, the first one is inspired by the jungle and African safaris, the other one by the tropical islands and exotic beaches. In this article, we tell you everything about how to set up a tropical bedroom for your kid. Ready to dive in ?

Green jungle and safari inspired tropical kids bedrooms

Both tropical styles are ideal for a kid bedroom and will turn their private space into a fun, energetic and imaginative area they will love spending time in. Let’s focus first focus is on jungle and safari like tropical kids’ bedroom and discover all the codes and keys to set it up.

Colors and Wallpapers for tropical themed kids bedroom

First things first ; the walls. Play with colorful wallpapers, custom wall murals, and fun wall decals is probably the easiest way to start with to create a tropical bedroom. It also creates an immediate wow effect and when that’s done, you won’t have to do much more to complete the scene.

Actually, by adding wall murals and decals you can quickly create a tropical ambiance in your kids’ room and add color to the setting even if you are on a limited budget. There are hundreds of choices, from very expensive handmade designed wallpapers to more affordable and yet beautiful ones.

tropical kid bedroom jungle green

In a jungle and safari themed bedroom, the key is to use earthy colors like brown, yellow and green. Those ones can (and must !) be declined in every shade. Think about the Jungle book, the African savanna and the tropical forests and fall for greenish brown, meadows, shades of green and sunset color, …

Add touches of brighter colors and contrasts here and there like a blue parrot, a black and white zebra stuffed head on the wall, … We love the wallpapers and wall stickers below, they create a rich, inspiring and yet peaceful environment, ideal for our kids. No need to add tropical patterned wallpapers to each wall of the room ! One of them is enough, keep the other ones in white or in matching pastel colors.

1. Amazing tropical wallpaper Irina Pushko / 2. Jungle animal wallpaper Creative Lab Amsterdam / 3. Round tropical wallpaper Hartendief

Tropical and jungle themed bedroom decoration

Now it’s time to pull every trick in the book to turn your kid bedroom into a real jungle ! In terms of furniture, it makes sense to go for natural materials like wood, cane or bamboo.

A wooden log bedside tables, a whimsical canopy bed or a safari teepee will complete the look of a tropical bedroom and give so much fun to your little one !

tropical kid bedroom jungle teepee

Then, make sure you don’t forget the animals ! A safari and tropical themed bedroom needs to feature our little friends. Animal patterns on textiles, posters, stuffed animals and toys are a must have.
A stuffed lion or zebra head on the wall will delight your kid and inspire them for their next safari play game !

Finally, don’t hesitate to play with textiles. Bedlinen and cushions are actually a great and cheap way to complete the look of a bedroom. With tropical leaf patterns or not, bedlinen sets are the perfect solution to enhance the tropical atmosphere you want to create.

1. Jungle teepee Kleinenstoer / 2. Animal wall stickers Verbaudet / 3. Tropical bedding set Armelle Habib for Inside out

Tropical kids bedrooms with bright colors

Let’s now focus on another type of tropical decoration : the Jungaloow or Hawaiian tropical beach style. Those tropical bedrooms usually play with a wider color palette. Inspired from the Polynesia islands, the Brazilian beaches or the Caribbean codes and colors those tropical bedrooms are fun and colorful. We absolutely love them and they are perfect to make us wait until summer !

Let’s discover how to create the best fun and bright Hawaiian tropical bedroom for your kid !

Colorful and cool tropical kids bedrooms inspirations

Once again, to create a tropical atmosphere, cover your walls with printed wallpaper. You can also go for bright or pastel shades of paint color. What is absolutely great with the tropical style is that possibilities are endless. You can play with a very wide range of color combinations.

Couple palm trees wallpaper or a monstera leaves wall sticker with the right accessories and you can easily get the job done. If you prefer to avoid patterns on the walls and stay with paint color you have a lot of choices : from sunset shades, ocean hues up to bright green colors of the tropical forest.

tropical kid bedroom green palm leaves wallpaper

Then, bright flowers, rainbow colors and pink flamingo belong to the tropical bedroom codes. Try these tropical bedroom room ideas with lemon, citrus, blue and pink colors for walls, couches, chairs and more.

Palm trees, pineapple, flamingo, exotic fruits can be declined on the walls, textiles or decor accessories. You can play on a reduced color palette or not, that’s up to you. We are totally in love with the wallpapers below from the Brazilian company Mooui. Those wallpapers are exquisite and create a magical atmosphere allowing our kids to express their personalities and grow their imagination.

1. Palm leaves tropical wallpaper Mooui / 2. Tropical bedroom Mooui / 3. Kid hammock tropical bedroom Amomooui 

Exotic tropical bedroom decor accessories and furniture

With tropical style, pick up natural materials such as wood and bamboo and create a fun and unique bedroom for your kid. Those bedroom decorations are an ideal setting for their games. From house beds, hanging beds to hammocks, there are plenty of very creative furniture and accessories you can find online. Let your imagination drive you and improvise !

tropical kid bedroom wall decoration animal

Animals, exotic fruits like pineapple and coconut are essentials. We love the animal masks on the wall above and the flamingo stuffed animal head below. Complete your kid bedroom setting with some love messages and positive quotes banner on the walls.

The vintage pink rattan bed below is just a little wonder and the coconut round cushion is just so fun. If this picture inspires you, don’t hesitate to go on the Four Cheeky Monkeys blog to discover the entire bedroom.
Finally, you can either go for a very nature centric look or a cool exotic beach style inspired by the surf and the sand. Whatever the final style you choose, a tropical themed bedroom invites our kids to laugh, play and create.

1. Floral colorful tropical kid bedroom Mooui / 2. Bright colors and flamingo tuffed animal head Kinderdecoration / 3. True hawaian style bedroom Foor Cheeky Monkeys

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