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Trends : How to use velvet in your home decor ?

Adding a velvet touch into your home decor. This fall, velvet is the favorite fabric of all interior design lovers who want to soften their homes. Glamorous yet modern, deep and soft, velvet has many qualities.

The time when velvet was old fashion is over, this material is now super trendy. Today, we would like to share with you some inspirations to use this fabric in your home. Then, you will find our picks at the end of the post.

Velvet, the trendy material of the year

When you’re thinking about velvet, it probably brings you back 30 years in the past in your grand parent’s house. Velvet was basically everywhere : on the sofa, the table lamp shades, the cushions,… And, let’s be honest, it was often a bit dodgy.

Today, after a lot of progress in fabric technology, velvet is set to be one of the biggest trends of the year. Soft and easy to clean, today’s velvets are available in a full range of colors. If you walk in any interior design shop, you will find a lot of different products designed with this kind of fabric.

You are looking for some ideas to use it in your home decor ? Great ! You will find below many inspirations to use velvet in your living room or in your bedroom. Let’s have a look !

How to use velvet in your home decor ?

If there’s one fabric that can add an touch of luxury and elegance to a room it has to be velvet. How to use it in your living room ? Which velvet color to choose for your bedroom ? Let’s answers a few questions about this trendy material.

Using velvet in the living room

First of all, the most obvious way to add some velvet in your living room will be with the sofa.

If you love rich and saturated colors sofas, a green velvet one will be perfect. Its deep color will add an elegant style to your room. Moreover, it won’t be necessary to change the rest of your living room decor as this kind of color works well with most of the styles of interior design.

velvet home decor trend living room

If you’re looking for something edgier (yes, it’s possible), you can mix a pink velvet sofa with blush pink walls and add some greenery. Obviously, the atmosphere will be slightly more feminine, but the final look will be beautiful.

Our tip : don’t use any brass in your room decor to avoid creating something too kitsch. Instead, you can use some wooden furniture to add a more natural touch. A coffee or a side table made of wood will be a really good choice.

If you don’t want to replace your sofa, you can add a velvet touch in your living room with a small ottoman. You won’t need a lot of effort to find something that fits perfectly with your room decor. Every big interior design brands have released their own ottoman. Some of them have a shiny brass base, others have quite original designs, and if you’re looking for something with a vintage look, you have to go for the velvet fringed ottomans.

Whatever you looking for, don’t miss our velvet furniture picks at the end of this post !

1. Nouw / 2. Vt Wonen / 3. Urban Outfitters / 4. Sostrene Grene / 5. Sf Girl

A touch of velvet in your bedroom decor

In your bedroom, there are so many ways to use velvet. With a beautiful headboard, a nice quilt, some soft cushions or curtains, it is really easy to upgrade your room decor with this trendy fabric.

First, we are really fond of the emerald velvet headboard (which is a full bed actually) found on the Sf Girl’s blog. This soft material and the deep color match perfectly with the wooden bedside tables and the brass ceiling lights.

velvet home decor trend bedroom

Like Mandy Moore (who is the owner of this bedroom – yes, the actress), bring some light in your room decor using white bed linens. It will create a very interesting contrast.

If you don’t want something too deep, choose light reflecting textures. For example, a blush pink velvet blanket will bring a little bit of spring into your bedroom all year round.

Finally, if you’re looking for an Art Deco style bedroom, you are allowed to go velvet crazy and add it at each corner of your room. You can introduce some dark blue velvet curtains to cover your windows. Then, a beautiful blush pink headboard will match perfectly with a kingsize green quilt. Finally, add some brass accessories (a pendant light for example) to complete your Art Deco look.

1. Sf Girl / 2. Vicky Harrison / 3. Gypstan / 4. Pinterest / 5. Bonjour Fete

Our selection of velvet furniture and home accessories

You’ve made your mind, you definitively need some velvet in your home. Great ! So we have decided to propose you a selection of the best velvet furniture and home accessories you will surely fall in love with !

Velvet furniture

You’re looking for beautiful velvet furniture ? You will find below our 6 favorite ones ! Let’s have a look !

Our favorite velvet furniture

With a beautiful, full shape and stylish fluted back, the Westbury velvet chair from Cox and Cox is one of our favorite. The soft blush fabric will catch the natural light and create an elegant atmosphere in your room. It is perfect to add a feminine touch to your interior without changing all your furniture.

Then, we fell in love with the elegant Jasper midnight blue velvet armchair. Reinterpreting the look of retro armchairs with a more contemporary design, this piece of furniture clearly breaks all the rules of interior design. Its deep and cozy seat will give you a really comfortable spot to read your favorite books or drink a cup of tea.

The shopping list

01. Forest green velvet occasional sofa from Cox and Cox / 02. Abigail velvet footstool from Maisons du Monde / 03. Calligaris bed base with velvet headboard from 2 Modern

04. Westbury chair from Cox and Cox / 05. Blue velvet wall panel from Etsy / 06. Jasper midnight blue velvet armchair from Maisons du Monde

Velvet home accessories

Now, it’s time to discover our 6 favorite velvet home accessories. Cushions, lamp, pendant light, or kingsize quilt,… you will probably love them all !

Our favorite velvet accessories for your home

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, you will love the cotton velvet king size quilt sold by Cox and Cox. The vintage look of this blush eiderdown will match perfectly with wooden furniture and brass accents.

Then, to bring an eccentric look to your home, you could add the beautiful Gatsby peacock blue velvet pendant light from Maisons du Monde. We really love the retro style of this light brought by the colored fringes.

The shopping list

01. Guitou rug from La Redoute / 02. Velvet kingsize quilt from Cox and Cox / 03. Blush velvet cushion cover from Etsy

04. Gatsby velvet pendant light from Maisons du Monde / 05. Saralena velvet cushion from Ikea / 06. Oversized brass and blush ball table lamp from Cox and Cox

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