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Trends : The boho chic style in your home

A boho chic touch in your home decor. The boho chic trend is one of the most popular on the decorating stage. Colored or monochrome, it’s really easy to make it yours. Indeed, there are no specific rules to create a boho style interior. It’s all about the vibe you feel. It means you can basically use everything you want like textured rugs, vintage wooden furniture, colorful cushions or natural style home accessories.

Want to add a boho chic touch into your home ? Let’s discover some tips and decorating ideas that should allow you to get there really easily.

The boho chic trend by room

How to add a boho chic note into your living room ?

The first rule to remember if you want to create a boho chic decoration in your living room is that there is no rule ! Indeed, the more your decor will be eclectic and colorful, the more the bohemian atmosphere will invade the space. You will be able to mix wooden vintage furniture with colorful textiles. Baskets can be hung on the wall or posters and canvases of different styles.

boho chic trend decor living room

If you don’t want a full range of colors, you can also opt for a monochrome boho chic style. To do this, bet on the combination of black and white, perfect to give a very graphic side to your bohemian atmosphere. You can for example associate a black pattern Berber rug with beautiful vintage wood furniture. Want something warmer ? Focus on leather furniture and home accessories. A small ottoman or a vintage armchair are really easy to find.

Finally, don’t forget that plants are really important to create a real boho chic decor. Mix different species of plants. You can for example add a giant cactus, a ficus, hanging plants or pretty colorful bouquets.

1. Boho chic and eclectic living room decor Hustopia / 2. Monochrome boho chic living room Draumesider / 3. A lot of plants in a bohemian style living room The Selby

The boho chic style in your bedroom

In the bedroom, to keep a relaxing atmosphere, avoid applying the previous tips. Indeed, the accumulation of colors, patterns, materials, furniture and other accessories could make your room a little stuffy.

However, it is quite possible to play with boho chic codes in a more refined version.

boho chic trend decor living room white bedroom

Thus, focus on white and light colors. Beige, off-white or very bright gray are preferred. For example, you can use them on your bed with pretty bed linen. This natural note is perfectly in the spirit of bohemian decorations.

Then don’t hesitate to choose a patined wooden bed or headboard. The Indian handmade headboards are for example perfect to create a boho chic decoration in a room. Whatever the piece you will choose, prefer something made of light wood to keep the bedroom bright.

Finally, add some color with a few cushions, a small multicolored carpet or nice plants that you can place near your windows.

1. A bright boho chic bedroom decor in white Futurist Architecture / 2. A mix of rugs for a bohemian style bedroom Wovenabode / 3. Oriental vintage headboard into a boho chic bedroom Pinterest

The key elements of contemporary boho chic style

What colors to use in a bohemian decor ?

As we pointed out above, there is not really a color code to respect when it comes to creating a boho chic decor. However, two types of associations are more used than others.

boho chic trend decor living room colorful bedroom

On one side you have the colorful boho chic style. In this case, the range of colors goes from red to yellow, green, blue or purple. They are mixed without any dominant color.

This type of decoration will suit those who want a rich and eclectic interior.

On the other hand, the monochrome boho chic style. Black and white are the two main colors used. In order to make it warmer, notes of beige and off-white can be added here and there.

1. A colorful boho style bedroom Style Caster / 2. Warm and sunny boho chic home decor Pinterest / 3. Black and white boho decor Skovbon

The key materials

About materials, boho chic interiors are mostly based on natural elements. Thus, the plastic is to be completely banned and the wood is a real must have.

Choose it rather aged for an even warmer style. For example, you can choose a small vintage stool to place in your living room or a buffet found in your favorite flea market. Avoid repainting your piece of furniture in order to keep its beautiful vintage look.

boho chic trend decor living room vintage table

Then the leather is also perfect to add a warm note to your bohemian interior. To do this, you will find easily beautiful oriental ottomans to add near your coffee table. Again, the older the leather is, the better the result will be.

Finally, when it comes to textiles make the most of natural materials : linen, cotton or wool are perfect !

1. Monochrome boho chic interior design Pinterest / 2. Vintage wooden table in a boho chic dining room VKV visuals / 3. A oriental leather ottoman for a bohemian look Carlaypage

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