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Trends : the comeback of terrazzo

How to use terrazzo in your home ? Since the beginning of the year, we observe the huge come back of terrazzo in interior design. While it was used only for floors in the past, it’s today one of the most voguish material for home accessories and furniture.

Worldwide designers are creating a full range of colors terrazzo-like patterns and take it in a more contemporary and inspirational direction. For your bathroom or kitchen, to decorate your living room, on the walls,… terrazzo can be used everywhere. This article explains to you where and how to use terrazzo in your interior.

What is terrazzo ?

Terrazzo is a composite material made of chips of marble, quartz, glass or granite poured with a cementitious binder.

Traditionally sold as flooring and really trendy from the 1920’s to the 1940’s, the popularity has since declined. But today, the terrazzo is back in style and has even replaced the marble trend which was at the top for the last couple of years.

How to use terrazzo in your home ?

You love it but you don’t really know how to use terrazzo in your home ? No worries, we are here to help. Take a glance at the bits of advice and inspiring ideas of this article and no doubt you will find the right inspiration for each room !

Using terrazzo in the kitchen or the bathroom

The most common rooms to use terrazzo in your home are probably the kitchen and the bathroom. This material is perfect for the floors (of course) but also to create beautiful worktops and backsplashes.

terrazzo kitchen worktop

On the first picture, terrazzo has been used in a white and minimalist kitchen.  Helene and Julien (a couple of french interior designers) have decided to bring color in the room with a terrazzo worktop and backsplash. The plywood cabinets and the white kitchen doors match perfectly with the hues of the composite material. We love their choice !

Terrazzo is a material you can basically use in every kind of kitchen. Even better, you can combine the colors of your Terrazzo worktop with your kitchen cabinets doors. Terrazzo is available in a full range of colors and if you want something more specific, it is really easy to find a manufacturer who can create a custom one.

When it comes to flooring and wall tiles, terrazzo is just the perfect way to add a luxury touch in the bathroom. The possibilities are almost endless and it is a good method to add color, style, and elegance to your room.

Combined with colorful walls, terrazzo is a good choice to create contrasts in the bathroom. If you prefer something more discrete, you can use some light Terrazzo pattern wall tiles and mix it with a soft concrete floor.

1. Heju / 2. Avenue Lifestyle / 3. Dzek Dzek Dzek / 4. Domino / 5. Zunica

Some beautiful terrazzo wallpapers

If you’re looking to change the look of your room without the commitment of bringing terrazzo flooring into your home, we have some solution for you. One of them is to go for a temporary option and use a terrazzo wallpaper. What do you say about the terrazzo wallpaper below ? Beautiful isn’t it ?

Wallpaper is a good this way to easily embrace the terrazzo trend and makeover your room walls at a quite affordable cost.

terrazzo wallpaper

There are many types of terrazzo wallpapers available online. How could you not find your heart’s desire ? but if you need a little more help, take a gander at our selection at the end of the article.

Some of them are really similar to the original pattern of the material, others are more contemporary with huge and colorful chunks.

Terrazzo wallpapers are also a great unconventional option for a kids bedroom. Our tip is to just cover up one feature wall and you are done. The result is quite stunning, don’t you think ? The added bonus is that the colors and pattern will stimulate your child but the overall look is not childish at all.

Another advice is to match the shades of the terrazzo blend with the hues of the room’s accessories. Choose curtains, cushions or even furniture which pick up the colorful chunks of the wallpaper.

The terrazzo wallpapers we have selected below are quite unique and most of them are designed by independent artist, designer, and family businesses.

1. Papermint / 2. Design Milk / 3. Tlc Interiors / 4. Papermint / 5. Pixers

Our selection of terrazzo home accessories and wallpapers

Now it’s time to discover our selection of home accessories and wallpapers we found online. Dishes, print, clock, wallpaper,… you will find so many ways to use terrazzo in your home ! Hope you’ll like it !

Terrazzo home accessories

Let’s begin with some beautiful terrazzo like home accessories ! Home accessories are often the best way to start embracing a trend without doing any false step !

Our favorite terrazzo home accessories

First, we are quite fond of the pink terrazzo bamboo cups created by Ferm Living. It is perfect to brighten up your mealtimes. Made from natural bamboo fibers, this cups can also be a good choice for your kids as they are quite unbreakable !

Then, the Retza terrazzo chopping board sold by La Redoute will help you keep things contemporary in your kitchen. We really like the stylish effect of this board and if you want to customize it, you can add a nice leather strap to hang it above your worktop.

Finally, we couldn’t miss to show you the white terrazzo clock from Maisons du Monde. This light and modern wall clock is definitively a good way to add a trendy terrazzo touch to your living room.

The shopping list

01. Ferm Living terrazzo bamboo cup from 2 Modern / 02. Terrazzo print from The Printable Concept / 03. Retza terrazzo chopping board from La Redoute

01. Ferm Living terrazzo tin boxes from 2 Modern / 02. Handmade terrazzo ceramic cup from Maevo Studio / 03. White terrazzo clock from Maisons du Monde

Terrazzo wallpapers

If you’re looking for beautiful terrazzo wallpapers, you will surely love the ones we have selected below.

Our favorite terrazzo wallpapers

Our first crush is for the blue terrazzo wallpaper found in the Livettes’ shop on Etsy. The color of this paper is just so beautiful. Our idea would be to use it in a bedroom as a statement wall.

Then, we really love the paper sold by Made of Sundays. With its little chunks of colors, it’s a great choice to add some fun and style to any kind of room.

Looking for something more discrete ? the terrazzo wallpaper from The Lovely Wall is the one you need. The design of this paper is based on one color only.

The shopping list

01. Terrazzo wallpaper from Livettes / 02. Blue terrazzo wallpaper from Livettes / 03. Terrazzo colorful wallpaper from Made of Sundays

01. Yellow terrazzo wall decal from The Lovely Wall / 02. Pink terrazzo wallpaper from BC Magic / 03. Terrazzo wall sticker from Keren Denis

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