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4 trendy indoor plants for your home

A trendy plant for a green and fresh home decor. Plants have the power to change the atmosphere of a room. Indeed, they are a good way to add color and freshness in our interiors while allowing to purify the ambient air.

Today, we invite you to discover the 4 most trendy plants of the year. Calathea orbifolia, rubber plant, Chinese money plant or leaf fiddle fig, let’s have a look at these stylish houseplants !

The calathea orbifolia

The Calathea orbifolia is a plant that does not require much light. Indeed this plant just needs a room with a little light. The plant can withstand the winter sun but not all day !

trendy indoor plant calathea orbifolia

The watering of calathea is different according to the seasons. During the summer it will be necessary to ensure that its substrate remains moist. Water your plant every 2 or 3 days. On the contrary, in winter water once every 2 weeks slightly and let the substrate dry between each watering.

The leaves of calathea orbifolia require regular maintenance. To clean the leaves that tend to retain dust, you can use a damp sponge. Be careful, you must use non-calcareous water, otherwise you will only add unsightly stains to the leaves and a very harmful deposit of limescale to the plant.

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The rubber plant

The rubber plant, also known as Ficus elastica, is a plant that is suitable for any kind of interior. You have a minimalist and modern house or a vintage style decor ? No problem ! This plant has a beautiful look and even more interesting features, because of all ficus, rubber is the best to purify your home toxic gases.

trendy indoor plant rubber plant bedroom

We mainly know rubber in its variant with large, solid, dark green leaves. But there are also varieties with downy leaves. Rubber is a climbing plant, it doesn’t need a lot of space, except a little height.

Rubber belongs to the family Moraceae and is native to Asia, particularly India, Malaysia and Java. In nature, the plant can become a tree producing many aerial roots.

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The Chinese money plant

Called missionary plant or Chinese money plant, Pilea peperomioides, is a succulent perennial plant coming from southwestern China. With its bushy habit and its graphic look, it has become, for some time, very trendy as a houseplant, especially as it requires just a little maintenance.

trendy indoor plant rubber plant chinese money plant bedroom

The succulent leaves are arranged in spirals : they are between 3 and 10 cm long, have an elliptical shape, almost round, of pale green color.

The plant needs at least 10°C to feel good, which is why it is a perfect indoor plant.

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The fiddle leaf fig

The fiddle leaf fig is a small tree with broad leaves that can reach 3 meters high in our interiors and up to 12 meters in its natural environment, in the African forest from Liberia to Gabon. It is also the only region where Ficus lyrata occurs naturally.

trendy indoor plant rubber plant fiddle leaf fig

Its leaves, which give it its scientific name lyre, are alternate, coriaceous, bright green, wavy and have rather conspicuous yellow veins. It’s a perfect indoor plant that even supports sporadic watering.

During the growth period (spring and summer), the watering has to be regular (once a week approximately) but measured in order to not asphyxiate the roots. In the fall, gently space the waterings until the winter, when a simple influx of water once a month should be enough.

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