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Pink and Yellow color combination decor

How to combine pink and yellow colors for your interior design ? Pink and yellow might be one of the best color combination to try now. You want to nail the pink and yellow color scheme like a pro ? Then you are going to love the few ideas I will share with you today.

I’ve built the perfect selection to inspire you and give you the right tips on how to infill those two colors in your interior. In your bedroom, living room or even dining room, the pink and yellow combination is just the trend to follow. A good combination of it will bring freshness and elegance to your interior design !

Pink and Yellow bedroom

Let’s start with the bedroom, the pink and yellow combo is perfect to pimp a boring bedroom. With the right combination and the right color palette you can easily transform the room.

pink yellow decor bedroom

A first option is to combine a pale pink linen bedspread with something else in the room that will repeat the color. It could be a piece of art with pink predominance to put above your bed. The principle here is to create a subtile color echo. You can add two or three dark yellow cushions to finish the look.

If you are looking to create a cosy vibe, you can paint one of your wall’s bedroom in pink (or all). In this option, selecting the right pink shade is key ! Choose a dark vibrant saturated pink for a rich and intense atmosphere and match it with mustard velvet cushion. Or go for a light pale pink for a trendy boho style.

White bedsheets will balance the room and keep it from being too crazy.

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Pink and Yellow Living room

Pink and yellow color combination also works perfectly in a living room. You can go straight to colorful furnitures like a sofa or start easy with decorative accessories if you are not ready yet to change all your furnitures !

pink yellow decor living room

A nice mustard velvet sofa will match perfectly with small pink patterned cushions and a pink Eames like armchair. It can be combined with several pink or yellow decorative accessories like blankets, throws, knitted footstool …

Once again here, the principle is to let one color visually dominate the other. For example here, a big yellow sofa and small pink cushions, or the way around.

My Tip : Like on the last picture, don’t hesitate to echo the dominant color with fresh flowers. It’s both invigorating and elegant.

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Pink and Yellow Dining room

Last but not least, I let you discover my selection of 3 different dining rooms. They are perfect example of pink and yellow combination.

Your interior is slightly too white, neutral, common ? Bring in some bright pink and yellow colors. Pink chairs, a bunch of fresh flowers and a yellow metallic pendant lamp will make a perfect combination.

pink yellow decor dining room

Not keen to change your furnitures ? Another option is to add an accent wall. On the second picture, the wall is a perfect mix and match of two colors combination. The bi-color option is something quite easy to undertake. At Shake we really loved this affordable and graphic modern look.

If you are on a budget and want to makeover the dining room, we recommend you to replace your dining room chairs. You’ll easily find quite affordable options of pink and yellow chairs. We can guarantee it will immediately spice up your dining room !

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